25 best interior paint brands in the UK

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Prepare yourself for finding the right interior paint

The UK is full of hardware stores, designer shops and decorators’ paradises which all offer different kinds of interior paints. Some are focused on one brand, others offer multiple brand paints and the rest have a paint brand of their own. So, how should you know which one is the best interior paint for your project?

Sometimes trying to find the right interior paint is like searching for a needle in a haystack. One may easily get lost in the multitude of brands and the almost limitless colour ranges. If you are planning to buy interior paint, first ask yourself: “what do I expect from the paint?”. Once that is clear, you are ready to head to the paint department and begin your search for the right brand.

The best of the best interior paint brands in the UK

Even though you may know what you want from the paint, finding the best interior paint brand may cause headache. There you stand at the paint shelves, and stare at tens of paint tins all made for the same purpose promising what you are looking for.

To make it easier for you to pick the best one, we have created a list of 25 most sold interior paint brands in the UK. In the table below, you will find the answer to when the brands are a good idea.

Paint BrandGood idea if…Example product and litre price (RRP)
Abigail Ahern…you are looking for dark interior paints with natural pigments.Abigail Ahern Matt Emulsion – Madison Grey – £13.00
Annie Sloan… your furniture needs an update: you can choose from a range of well adhering chalk paints.Chalk Paint – Paloma – £19.00
Auro… an ecological option is what you need: Auro offers a wide selection of solvent- free paints with natural ingredients.Auro 321 Classic Emulsion – Mint – £11.00
Bedec… you need an environmentally friendly, water based paint for any surface.MSP Multi Surface Paint Satin – Ivy Green – £11.00
Blackfriar… specialist paints and wood care products are on your list: wood oils, floor varnishes and heat resistant paints all belong to Blackfriar’s assortment.Matt Black Paint – Black – £30.00
Chiselwood… your kitchen is need of an update: this kitchen manufacturer has recently launched their own paint line.Intelligent Eggshell – Ice Cube – £29.00
Craig & Rose… the ideal look for your home requires vintage colours, special effects or if you are looking for trade paint.Concrete Effect – Onyx Edge – £20.00
Crown… you are not quite sure what you need: Crown paint has such a huge selection of paints for all surfaces – something for everyone.Feature Wall Paint – Quick Kiss – £11.00
Designers Guild… designer paint is your desire. Perfect Matt Emulsion – Stucco White No. 5 – £23.00
Dulux… you want quality retail or trade paint in a certain colour.Dulux Matt Emulsion Paint – Willow Tree – £6.50
EarthBorn… eco-friendliness is the requirement for the paint: these are available in timeless colours.Clay Paint – Woodsmoke – £14.00
Ecos… asthma and allergies limit your paint choice: Ecos offers completely odourless and solvent free paints.Lakeland Matt Paint – White – £8.50
Farrow & Ball… if you look for a luxurious paint that will make your neighbour jealous: F&B offers high quality paints for many surfaces in a wide spectrum of colours. Estate Emulsion – India Yellow – £32.00
Fired Earth… it comes down to colour: Fired Earth finds you the right colour for every room.The Paint Collection – Mercury – £22.00
Francesca’s Lime Wash… your home goals include limewash and chalky emulsion on interior walls and ceilings.Limewash in dark colours – £25.00
Johnstone’s… well, whatever you are planning to paint. Johnstone’s offers almost any interior coating for nearly any surface. Matt Paint – Magnolia – £4.00 (trade paint)
Laura Ashley… the interior walls need a boost or it’s time to update the wooden furniture.Decorative Furniture Paint – Pale Duck Egg – £22.00
The Little Greene Paint Company… “Colours of England” speak to you, all solvent free, naturally. Intelligent Matt Emulsion – Light Bronze Green – £48.00
Nutshell Natural Paints… 100 colours is enough to choose from. Eco Friendly Interior Paint – Buckingham – £25.50
Paint by Conran… you want to bring the outside to the inside: Paint by Conran’s colour palette is inspired by British plants and landscapes.Eggshell – Aloe Spike – £21.50
Paint & Paper Library… the colour you want falls under the category Aqua, CItrus or Rosa.Architects Matt – Squid Ink – £21.00
Rose of Jericho… you’d like a traditional, classic or Italian paint mixed with earth and artists’ pigments. Vinyl Matt Emulsion – Eau de Nil – £12.00
Sanderson… you want to compare colours: Sanderson’s pastel to mid range colour palette includes 1, 352 colours.SAND Water Based Emulsion – Yellow Birch – £28.00
Siecle… you agree that “colour makes people happy”: Sciele is a paint that focuses on colour, and only colour.If you are curious for Sielce paint, you’d better visit their shop in London to see it yourself.
Zoffany… bright and intensive colours are your passion: Zoffany has it in emulsion, low sheen eggshell and gloss.ZOFF Elite Emulsion – Purple Tulip – £19.50

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