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Hypoallergenic paint

Paints and coatings are chemical products which often contain formaldehyde, heavy metals or other Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) which may contribute to allergic reactions. Therefore, especially people who suffer from asthma or allergies or are sensitive to chemicals should carefully consider which coating products to apply in their homes. The consideration is also important when choosing coatings for institutions, such as hospitals, where allergy friendly paint is a must.

In general waterborne low or non VOC paints are allergy friendlier than the solvent borne alternatives. Additionally, there are special hypoallergenic paint products which are especially developed for environments that require allergy friendliness. However, completely allergy free paint does not exist, due to the fact that people can have hypersensitivity to many different substances.

Allergy free paint for walls and ceilings

Solvent borne wall and ceiling paints require appropriate protection during application and can cause irritation even years after the paint has been dried. Some solvent based paints release toxic gasses in room temperature even five years after application. Therefore, especially people who suffer from allergies should choose for waterborne allergy friendly paint.

Allergy freindly paint


anti allergy paint


allergy free paint


non toxic paint


The anti-allergy coatings are good for many applications and are basically suitable for all interior walls and ceilings. They are required in hospitals but can also improve school environment. These coatings are also available for consumers to apply at home.

Even if there was no allergies at home, an anti allergy paint might be a smart solution for example for in the nursery or children’s rooms. Similar kind of paints are also suitable for furniture for especially in babies’ rooms. The allergy friendly paint finish is either matt or semi-matt.

Natural and non VOC paints in the UK

Also the coating industry considers human- and environmentally friendliness in production and use of the products. Even though solvent borne products are necessary for some applications, there are also plenty of alternatives on the market especially for applications on walls and ceilings. Many large paint manufacturers such as Akzo Nlbel, PPG and Sherwin Williams offer waterborne solutions which are hypoallergenic, thus allergy friendlier.

Additionally, there are some natural, completely non-toxic paint products on the market. These natural coatings do not contain any VOC and they are waterborne or based on natural oils such as linseed oil. In the UK these non toxic paints are available for example from Aglaia, Auro and earthBorn.

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