Anti Graffiti Paint

anti graffiti paint

Cleaning graffiti can be easy!

Again new graffiti on your property and not for the first time? You know the cleaning is going to cost you an arm and a leg and you will pay it just to find new “art work” on your property, and again pay for cleaning.  Luckily there is an end to this! Anti graffiti paint makes cleaning graffiti easy, reduces costs and contributes to preventing new graffiti attacks.

Anti graffiti coatings are designed to prevent graffiti from adhering to the substrate by forming a barrier between the graffiti paint and the intended substrate. This means that removing graffiti becomes easier; sometimes even water and soap are enough.

Good to know: not removing graffiti decreases the value of the property, and negatively affect the surroundings.

In this article we will share our expertise in anti graffiti coatings with you, and assist you in finding the best anti graffiti paint for your project.

Prevent graffiti attacks

The purpose of graffiti is to be seen. That is why the locations at most risk include public property, private property next to public places, easy-to-reach objects (such as signs) and highly visible places like signs on the motorway.

Graffiti paint, is solvent based and adheres extremely well; therefore, the costs of removing graffiti can be ridiculously high. However, not if the substrate is protected by anti graffiti paint.

The coating itself does not guarantee that graffiti will never be placed on the surface again, however, applying graffiti paint becomes less attractive when the piece of art will not stay on the surface but will be easily and quickly removed.

It takes a stubborn tagger to keep smearing the same surface over and over again.

Protective systems for any surface

In general, anti graffiti systems are applicable on many substrate materials such as concrete, metal, wood and bricks. The coatings are usually suitable for treated and untreated, older and new surfaces. However, when a new wall needs graffiti protection, it is wise to wait three days before applying the coating.

But what kind of coating?

There are two different types of anti graffiti systems; permanent anti graffiti coating for surfaces at high risk of graffiti and temporary (sacrificial) anti graffiti system for areas where graffiti does not need to be removed frequently.

Let’s dig a little deeper…

And find the answer for: how does anti graffiti paint work?

anti graffiti coatingTemporary anti graffiti paint

Semi permanent anti-graffiti paint is also called B-wax due to the fact that the composition and function of the coating resemble a wax layer. A semi permanent or temporary anti graffiti paint creates a polymer intermediate barrier on the wall. The graffiti attaches to the barrier instead of the wall itself. When cleaning the wall, the graffiti and the sacrificial wax layer will come off.

This makes it an easy cleaning job. Unfortunately, after the removal, it is necessary to apply a new layer of anti graffiti coating to activate the protection again.


anti graffiti paint for metalPermanent anti graffiti coating

Thanks to nanotechnology, the permanent coating has water and oil repelling properties which do not let the unwanted “artwork” adhere into it. The nano particles in a permanent coating additionally, ensure a hard protective layer. As a result, removing the graffiti does not damage the substrate.

The coating layer does not need to be applied again after removal;  it remains effective for 3-8 years (50 to 70 cleaning rounds).

Permanent anti graffiti paint offers durable protection but is initially more expensive than temporary coatings; on the long run it however, is more beneficial.


More than protection from graffiti

The main purpose of anti graffiti paint is to protect surfaces from permanent graffiti. However, the coating also functions as a generally protective layer on walls, doors and other surfaces at risk of graffiti attacks. Besides protecting from graffiti and permanent markers, the coating also offers:

Anti graffiti coating

Not only does anti-graffiti coating allow easy removal of graffiti but also life long protection from other hazards.

  • UV protection and weather resistance;
  • An environmentally friendly and safe to apply solution;
  • Water-borne consistency;
  • Weather resistance and surface durability;
  • Protection from stains, oil and water but at the same time lets the surface breath;
  • Non-cracking surface;
  • Non-yellowing (when high quality!) result.

It all sounds good, but how much does anti graffiti paint cost really?

Let’s see…

Anti graffiti paint products and prices in the UK

The UK market of anti graffiti systems offers both, temporary and permanent coating solutions. The anti graffiti paint price depends on the system and substrate. Temporary systems are often cheaper than permanent ones. Temporary systems might, however, prove to be more expensive on the long run due to potential removal of the system and re-coating. Therefore, permanent systems are especially suitable for areas of high graffiti risk.

Anti graffiti spray and paint

The following anti graffiti coatings are applicable with brush, roller or spray.

Brand Product Packaging Price
 Coo-Var  WB101 anti-graffiti coating, 2 component system  1 Kg  £43.94
 Mathys  Pegagraff Hydro 2 component anti graffiti system for almost all painted surfaces, elastomeric coatings being an exception.  5 L  £91.88
 Dulux Trade  Anti graffiti finish, part 3 of 3-part system consisting of sealer, primer and finish, 2 component system  5 L  £167.62
Rust-Oleum GraffitiShield Polycoat, solvent free clear permanent anti graffiti coating for non-absorbent and solvent sensitive substrates but also for surfaces treated with  acrylic dispersion paints. Coating porous and textured surfaces is possible.  5 L  £209.16
Graffiti Magic  Clear antigraffiti coating for concrete, brick, stone, render, metal, timber and cladding. Also most previously painted surfaces are suitable.  2.5 L  £65.62
 Thermoguard  Vandalguard, clear single pack anti graffiti paint for bare or coated stone, brick, concrete, timber, render and metal.  5 L  £159.60

Note that these anti graffiti paint prices are merely indications, and we cannot guarantee you will be able to purchase for these prices.

anti graffiti paintrust-oleum polycoat anti graffiti coatingdulux anti graffiti paintanti graffiti paintanti graffiti paintVandal guard anti graffiti for wood

But where to find the products?

Consumers often purchase anti graffiti coating online, however, also several hardware stores offer these products. For larger applications, thus mainly businesses, it is recommendable to request custom quotes to find the best price and applicator; as large surfaces are usually coated by professional painters.

Here’s a tip for application:Sometimes it comes in handy to hire a specialist for applying anti graffiti coatings especially on larger surfaces. However, you can also apply the protective system yourself for example by using the Rust-Oleum GraffitiShield pump spray which guarantees professional results.

No more graffiti on metal surfaces

Most anti graffiti systems are applicable on metal surfaces such as exteriors of trains, tubes and buses as well as metal doors and sidings.

The coatings however, often require a primer or existing coating surface to guarantee adhesion.

Anti graffiti paint for metal surfaces has also other benefits besides easy graffiti removal. Coating metal namely, further protects the surface from dirt and increases its durability. The anti graffiti coatings for metal are most often permanent systems even though also wax solutions are available.

You can even protect wood from graffiti!

Wood is usually a permeable material which absorbs graffiti paint and ink of permanent markers. These kinds of  “art” is not always welcome and removal should happen as soon as possible. Anti graffiti paint for wood prevents graffiti paint and ink from bonding to the wooden surface; it stays on the coating layer instead.

Wooden surfaces at risk of graffiti:

anti graffiti wood paint


anti graffiti coating for wood

Fences & gates

Anti graffiti coating for wood


wood anti graffiti paint

Street furniture

The coating does however, not prevent wood from becoming grey. Greying is natural for wood when it ages. Anti graffiti paint for wood is usually available as transparent, clear system and as opaque and semi opaque.

When greying is not desired, a coloured system is recommended; it will not stop greying, but the grey surface will be out of sight.

Not only does the paint offer protection against graffiti but also generally extends the life span of the wooden surface.

There are special anti graffiti systems for soft- and hardwood, however, finding the right product often requires expert consultancy. This is to make sure, the product is suitable for the substrate; incompatibility may lead to removal and recoating costs.

Protect brick and concrete from graffiti

anti graffiti paint

Bricks have a somewhat different and quite porous structure which is also less absorptive and less permeable. Anti-graffiti coating is therefore, recommended only for clay bricks. Coatings that are suitable for bricks present in the interior of a place may or may not be suitable for bricks present in the exterior. These coatings are applied over bricks to keep graffiti and dirt on their surfaces easily removable. Usually colourless coatings are preferred to be used on brick masonry.

Since anti-graffiti paint on bricks provide a kind of barrier to graffiti paint and other types of stains, they also provide resistance or barrier effect against water evaporation. So drying occurs via evaporation through the brick’s back face. Hence, it’s important to leave the cavity behind the brick vented for moisture removal.

Additional measures for protection and prevention

Anti-graffiti paint is an effective way for graffiti protection and prevention. However, there is more you can do to discourage taggers to place their art on your property.

  • Planting of bushes and vegetation to cut access to public and private walls.
  • Prompt reporting on vandalism
  • Hire a professional street artist to make a beautiful graffiti piece so others will not paint over it. A very famous outdoor urban artist in London is of course Banksy.
  • Making use of materials that make graffiti painting difficult (e.g. trellising).
  • Educating people about graffiti vandalism

And what if the damage is already done?

We recommend to clean the surface as soon as possible to prevent attracting further graffiti. The longer you wait, the deeper the paint penetrates the surface, making it more difficult to remove. There are different cleaning methods for surfaces without an anti graffiti systems.

Local anti graffiti coatings and removal services

3 easy ways to clean graffiti

anti graffiti paint remove

Paint it over

A proved and low coast method to get rid of graffiti is to just paint over it. It is however not the best method. Over time the graffiti will start to show through and when you use this method regularly on the same surface it will start to peel. It can also look weird if other parts of the building do not have the same colour of paint. When you do opt for this method, make sure to treat it with a coating afterwards.

anti graffiti paint remove

Remove it chemically

Instead of camouflaging the graffiti you can also opt to chemically remove it. Effective, but can be damaging to the surface. The harsh chemicals will strip the paint along and are not very environmental friendly ether.


anti graffiti coating

Use organic products

A safe and environmental friendly solution is the removal through organic products.

Note that this method is effective depending on the substrate and graffiti paint.


After removing the graffiti, anti graffiti paint is a considerable option; if another graffiti attack is to take place, removing the “artwork” quickly is possible. The costs of the removal will also be remarkably lower.

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