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No more stinky streets and dirty walls

Do you also know the stains on walls and the nasty smell hanging around after the weekend? Someone took a leak against your house… again. Fortunately there is a solution; anti urine coating.

It’s pee back time!

Anti pee paint is an easily applicable coating which creates a liquid repellent barrier on the surface. Not only does it prevent the urine from adhering to the surface, but it also splashes it back towards the source. It literally pees back! Therefore, it is also known as pee back coating.

Lately, several cities have applied urine repellent coating in the most popular “unofficial toilets” as a means to fight public urination.

But did you know that also you can buy anti pee paint?

Here you find all the information you need if you are planning to buy urine repellent paint.

Benefits and applications of anti urine coating

As public urination is becoming an ever-greater problem, more and more solutions are developed. Not only is urination a problem in the city centres but also in residential areas where night time passers-by search for relief next to buildings, lampposts and trees.

Most of the anti urine coatings are applicable on a wide range of surfaces. It is however, always good to take the manufacturer’s advice regarding substrates. The most common substrates include wood, metal, concrete, masonry and bricks.

Bear also in mind that urine repellent coating is a protective top layer and therefore, usually applied on another coating.

Anti pee paint

Urine resistant paint splashes the liquid back towards the source

But what does it do exactly?

The anti urine coating fights the urination problem and contributes to common welfare by:

  • Preventing the urine from soaking into walls and other surfaces;
  • Reducing offensive stains;
  • Preventing foul odours;
  • Reducing the risk of spreading infectious diseases;
  • Making the overall environment aesthetically more pleasant.

And the best part?

When a sneaky leaker sees their chance and decides to empty their bladder against a surface with pee back coating, they’ll be surprised. They surface namely pees back and guarantees wet pants and shoes for the offender. The coating aims at reducing public urination by simply making it risky business.

Availability of anti urine paint in the UK

Every year UK authorities spend over a billion pounds to clean the walls offended by public urination. Not to mention the amounts home owners pay. Fortunately, after testing and pilot projects the anti urine paint has arrived in Britain and it is to remarkably reduce cleaning costs. But where to buy anti pee paint?

We’ll tell you.

As the coating has not yet been long on the market, the availability may seem limited; not if you know where to look for it. Most of the anti urine coating suppliers offer their products online. Depending on the project, it may be wise to requests quotes and compare prices.

In the UK there are several suppliers; Ultra Tech International and Orange NanoTech, to mention few.

Brand Coating type Price (RRP)*
Ultra Ever Dry Anti pee paint bottom coat for Ultra Ever Dry top coat £77 per litre
Ultra Ever Dry Anti pee paint top coat to be applied on Ultra Ever Dry bottom coat £137 per litre
Orange PeeBack Super hydrophobic urine repellent paint  £ 57,74 per litre

*Note that the prices above are merely indications and shipping costs are possible.

Urine repellent coating in action in the UK

Pee repellent paint was first used in Hamburg, Germany, then in San Francisco, USA and now it has arrived in the UK!

Public urination is without, a doubt, a chronic problem in the UK. It is seen on a daily basis, although it is illegal and followed be a fine in every region and county. Most of the offenders do not feel ashamed of taking a wee in public every now and then. Commonly, this takes place near buildings, alongside roads or behind trees and bushes.

anti urine coating

A sneaky leaker in action.

Anti pee paint brings us a step closer to cleaner environment by fighting public urination.

But does anti pee paint really help?

Sure it does, but it does not solve the problem completely. Pee repellent coating does discourage people to urinate on publicly. It also prevents spoiling the aesthetics and hygiene of surrounding environment, to certain extent. 

Urinating is a natural phenomenon and cannot be postponed forever. Therefore, it is good to remember that there are three types of leakers on the streets, ant the coating affects them differently.

  • The weekend party people on their way home
  • Rough sleepers in need of a toilet
  • Dogs keeping track of their territory

Take for example dogs, they won’t stop peeing in public just because the wall pees back. An increased number of dog parks might however, provide a solution. And rough sleepers then? They also need to empty their bladder somewhere. Here, it is thus important to make sure there are enough public toilets, accessible also night time.

Even though anti  urine coating might not eliminate the problem, it definitely lessens the nuisance cause by it: walls will be free from stinky and ugly stains and the smell in general will be reduced.

Pee back coating in Hackney Council UK

You can encounter urine repellent coating for example in the London borough of Hackney. Where night time drinkers urinating on walls get a special surprise; the wall pees back! Next to repelling the urine, the barrier also prevents it soaking into the surface. Hackney Council used to spend over £100,000 a year cleaning urine off council-owned buildings and pavements but eventually got fed up with it.  It was the first UK council to use the anti pee paint. It was applied in “wetspots” Shoreditch and Dalston although the specific sites have been kept secret by the borough.

The technology behind urine repellent coating

So, a wall that doesn’t get dirty, won’t smell and even pees back! It all sounds amazing, but how is it possible? The answer is nanotechnology.

Let’s start with the basics.

Nanotechnology allows developing coatings that have properties created by nano-scale surface structure, which is not visible to the human eye. In coatings, the nano particles bond and become one with the substrate instead of laying on it. Thanks to these structures, urine resistant paint is a super hydrophobic coating with oleophobic properties. Hydrophobic literally means “afraid of water”, the coating thus pushes liquids away. Oleophobic, in turn, means “afraid of oils”, hence  anti urine coating also repels other liquids; also those that contain oils.

There’s more to it…

The oleophobic properties  allow the coating to be somewhat self cleaning due to the fact that no contamination adheres to it. A variation of pee back coating is also suitable for example as anti graffiti solution.

Urine repellent coating can also be used on different materials to prevent ice, corrosion and bacteria. It can even be applied to clothing and cars to enable them to be ‘self-cleaning’

The hydrophobic shield makes the surface non-porous and waterproof. Therefore, anti pee paint lets droplets bounce right off.

See it yourself!

In this video Mark Shaw explains and shows how anti urine paint works.

Do you want to know more about Anti urine Coating?
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      Coating Expert says:

      We would be happy to advise you! Please contact us by sending an e-mail to sales@ayold.com. If you enclose a little more details about the amount of peeback paint you wish to purchase, we can match your inquiry to the right coating partner.

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