Anti reflective coating

anti reflective coating

Prevent reflection with AR coating

Anti reflective coating (AR coating) is a transparent protective coating layer which prevents reflection. Normally you can put this in glasses by using anti reflective coating spray. It is suitable for applications on glass, lenses and displays. When it comes to glass and lenses, it is possible to coat both sides of the object depending on the purpose of the coating. Anti reflective coatings are especially useful when it comes to increasing safety.

Industries that use AR coating or anti reflective glass

Anti reflection coatings are widely used across many industries. Not only is it applicable for improving vision but also for application that involve heat reflection. The following industries make use of anti reflection coatings:


Anti reflective coated glass is used to give art its most powerful display

  • Optical industry (on eye- and sunglasses and camera- as well as other lenses)
  • Medical industry and laboratories (for example on lenses and anti reflective glass)
  • Solar industry (on solar panels)
  • Agriculture (on greenhouses)
  • Consumer goods (displays of televisions, PC and smart devices among other appliances)
  • Architecture (on glass panels, windows and solar panels)

5 reasons to use anti reflective coating spray:

  1. Improves vision
  2. Increases contrast
  3. Eyes become more visible (behind glasses)
  4. The one wearing the glasses does not see her own eyes reflected from the lenses
  5. Reduces reflection of sun light and wet surfaces.

Increasing safety with anti reflective coatings

Reflections and glare cause temporary blinding in eyes and makes the vision significantly worse for a moment. In some cases this can be critical and have serious consequences. For example in traffic, drivers can be blinded by sunlight or headlights of other cars and lose vision for few (critical) seconds. Anti reflection coating can reduce the effect of the reflection by blocking some of the light. The coating is applicable on car windows and mirrors such as the  rear view mirror which often reflects light from the cars driving behind. There are also night time driving glasses with anti reflection coating on the market. Often the anti reflection glasses are a cheaper option than coating the car windows.

Anti reflective coating spray for consumers

It is also possible to bring anti reflective effect on screens and windows by applying protectors which prevent the surface from fingerprints and reflections. These screen protectors are available online for example from Amazon for relatively low price. The thin protecting films are cheaper and easier to apply than an anti reflective coating spray. The end result also is often better.

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