Anti slip coating for concrete

anti slip coating

Anti slip coating for concrete is a must!

Without anti slip coating for concrete, floors in garages, parking lots and factories could be extremely slippery. Fortunately such a solution as concrete anti slip coating exists. Creating anti slip concrete can prevent many accidents in public places, factories and workshops; why not also at home.

Most of the accidents that happen during working hours on the work floor are due to slips and falls. These often lead to injuries which need time to heal and result in sick leave and thus, reduction in workforce. Preventing such injuries is easy with anti slip concrete paint. The coating solutions are often water borne and almost odourless systems. Additionally, the application is fast. Consequently, the application causes minimum “down-time” on the work floor. Additionally, a concrete anti slip paint is a cost effective option due to the fact that it prevents accidents and therefore, saves costs that might occur from injured employees.

Different types of anti slip coating for concrete floors

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Anti slip coating reduces slippery surfaces at home, work & in public places.

There are several different coatings for anti slip and other anti slip solutions. Some possible solutions are:

  • Concrete anti slip coating where roughening particles are added later
  • Anti slip concrete paint with roughening particles
  • Non slip treatment which uses the surfaces properties for non slip purposes
  • Anti slip tape, strips and mats

The most suitable solution is dependent on the surface’s shape, size and condition. There are mainly two types of anti slip paint for concrete: firstly it is possible to apply a coating which contains aggregate of particles (2K systems). However, it is also common to first apply a coating and sprinkling the particle aggregate on it afterwards. Furthermore, non slip treatments which slightly dissolve silica form the concrete making it less slippery. Furthermore, when the anti slip surface does not need to be consistent, different tapes, strips and mats with anti slip function can be applicable.

Products & prices in the UK

The concrete anti slip coating prices are dependent on application purpose as well as on surface size and condition. Here are some examples of non slip concrete coating products and prices. Do not hesitate to contact us for further price and product information. We are happy to help!

BrandCoating typePrice (RRP)Intended use
Anti Slip Watco Concrete Floor PaintAnti slip concrete floor paint 5 L£91.70Floor coating for large and slippery concrete areas. Suitable for bare and painted concrete, metal and wood
Resincoat Anti Slip Floor PaintNon abrasive anti slip 1 Kg£59.90 Heavy duty epoxy resin for concrete floors in wet conditions such as kitchens, pools and dispatch areas

Safety in the bathroom; anti slip coating for concrete and tiles

Each year thousands of accidents happen when falling in the shower or bathroom. Figures indicate annually more than 80,000 accidents in the UK only. The groups most at risk are the elderly
and children. Of course, wherever there is water on the floor there is chance of slipping. For example, in saunas, bathrooms, swimming pools and steps, shower rooms at home or in the gym.

Fortunately, there is a solution: anti slip paint for tiles in the bathroom. Anti slip coating makes smooth surfaces rougher. This makes, for example, tiles in the bathroom less slippery and prevents falls. The coating therefore, falls into the category of security coatings. What many people do not know is that anti slip coating for the bathroom not only is suitable for tile flooring and tiles, but also for the shower, the bathtub and for example the concrete floor of a walk-in shower. The right coating adheres well to smooth surfaces such as acrylic baths and shower trays. The coating is often transparent, and thus does not affect the appearance of the bathroom.

Alternatives to anti slip coatings for concrete

Anti slip coatings are not the only non slip solution for concrete. Sometimes, anti slip strips or mats might be more suitable options for creating an anti slip concrete surface. When small areas (such as ramps) are dangerously slippery, strips or mats may be useful and more cost effective than coating. However, coatings often create a more durable, chemical resistant surface which endures heavy mechanical loads and abrasion better than other anti slip solutions. Here are some examples of alternatives for anti slip coating accompanied by price indications.

BrandProduct typePrice (RRP)Intended use
Apetape Self adhesive black anti slip tape 50mmx18m£7.30Suitable for stairs (wooden, metal concrete etc.), work areas, machinery, bathrooms etc.
Rubber Matting CompanyNon slip rubber for decking£15.00 Non slip mat for decking for both dry and wet areas, all materials
Rubber Matting companyChecker plate non slip rubber flooring. 10mx1.2mx4mm£210.00A rubber flooring for heavy duty areas.

Anti slip coating for concrete steps

In stairs, the risk of slippages always increases. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the stairs are not slippery. Luckily, also concrete steps and stairs can be treated with an anti slip system. Non slip paint for concrete steps is similar to other anti slip concrete coatings. Most of the anti slip coatings for concrete are namely, suitable also for concrete stairs and steps. Nonetheless, in some cases anti slip tape or strips may be a more efficient solutions due to the fact that stairs are usually subject to abrasion by foot traffic.

Strips and tape wear similarly to coatings but they are easier and cheaper to remove and re-apply.  Applying non slip paint for concrete steps at home however,  is no problem due to the fact that the traffic is remarkably less than in commercial and industrial buildings.

Anti slip coating applied in stairs

Application of anti slip coating for concrete

Anti slip paint for concrete is suitable for:

  • unsealed, non-painted concrete
  • sealed, non painted concrete
  • sealed, painted concrete

An anti slip treatment which makes use of properties of concrete applicable only on unsealed surfaces. The system is usually a water borne clear coat which allows controlled dissolving of silica from the surface. Thus, when the silica dissolves, the concrete surface becomes rougher. Consequently, the surface is not anymore so slippery.

Other non slip concrete coatings are suitable for all sealed surfaces. If the surface is not sealed, it is crucial to apply a sealer before bringing on an anti slip paint system. The anti slip applications usually take place with a paint brush and roller.

Anti slip coating for concrete is do it yourself

For most DIY anti slip concrete coating applications you need gloves, paint brush, roller, mixing stick and a scuttle. The following instructions will help you with applying an anti slip epoxy system for new concrete. The concrete must be at least a month old before applying a anti slip concrete coating.

  1. Make sure the surface is clean and dry. Remove any grease or oil chemically.
  2. Mask around the area to avoid any undesirable paint stains.
  3. Mix the epoxy system (2 components). Do NOT mix more than one unit at the time due to the fast hardening of epoxy coatings.
  4. Pour the mixture in the scuttle.
  5. Paint around the masked area with a paint brush.
  6. Apply the prime coat with a roller, this seals the surface.
  7. Apply the second layer only when the first one is completely dry.

Antislip floor coating experts in the UK

Next to anti slip coating manufacturers, there are also many companies specialised in applying the coatings in the UK. Help of antislip floor coating experts is especially advisable for applications on bigger areas such as public parking lots, factories and workshops.

One of the UK based antislip coating floor coating experts with a great reach is Countrywide, which is a specialist in industrial and commercial floor coating applications.

Tailored advice on anti slip coatings for concrete

As concrete can be a difficult surface to treat and the product range is wide, our coating specialists are here to help you! Do not hesitate to contact us for advice on choosing or applying the product. We are also happy to provide you with a quotation on an anti slip coating for concrete products and application.

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