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Man falling on floor without non slip paint

Prevent accidents with non slip paints

Most accidents that happen at work or at home are caused by slipping or falling. Usual problem areas include steps/stairs, bathrooms, wash down places, walkways and crowded aisles.  An employee slipping during working hours can lead to inconvenience regarding sick leave, health care costs and insurance policies. To prevent accidents and high liability costs, many businesses apply non slip coating.

However, the anti slip coatings are also becoming more and more popular among home owners to reduce the risk of accidents in bathrooms for example.

Increasing safety with opaque and clear anti slip coating

Safety is thus the main reason to make use of a anti slip paint. The coating is effective on slippery substrates (metal, concrete, wood etc.) and it is also applicable on uneven and cracked areas.

Non slip coatings are suitable for:

Anti Slip on Ship and boat decks

Anti Slip on Ship and boat decks

non slip coating for swimming pools

Wellness, swimming pools & gyms non slip paint products

anti slip paint for walkways and stairs

Anti slip for galleries, balconies & bridges

Anti slip surface for factory flooring

Anti slip surface for factory flooring

non slip coating for stairs

Non slip coating for stairs

anti slip coating

Garages & workshops (Anti Slip)

Off shore platforms non slip solutions

Off shore platforms non slip solutions

non slip for restaurants

Non slip for kitchens, animal shelters & barber shops

Non slip products and prices

A wide range of anti slip coatings is available online and in hardware shops which specialize in bathrooms, flooring systems or safety coatings in general. The price of the coating systems varies from   £5 to £110 per litre depending on the brand of the paint and the surface material and location.

Indication on anti slip paint prices:

Brand Coating type RRP Price
Cuprinol Non slip coating / stain 9,60 £/l
Leyland Trade Non slip paint coating 7,00 £/l
Osmo Anti slip paint / oil  21,44 £/l
Protecta Kote Safe Kote Anti slip coating 16,50 £/l

Note that when you want to coat a larger area, it is always wise to request several quotes and compare their services and prices.

Any surface can be made slip proof

anti slip coating concreteConcrete (Non slip Paint Guidance)

Anti slip coating for concrete firstly ensures safety but also brings other benefits along. This type of non slip floor coating is water and dirt repellent, so it’s easy to clean! The non slip coatings for concrete is available in different colours, which makes it also aesthetically appealing.

anti slip coatingMetal (Anti Slip Guidance)

Anti slip paint for metal is often a two component coating system. Adding anti slip rubber beads or granular component roughens the substrate. The coatings are also water resistant and solvent-free wit low VOC values. The coating is easy to clean, practically odourless, resistant to chemicals and can withstand mechanical loads. Unlike non slip coating for bathrooms, coating for metal has a fairly long drying time. Read more about anti slip paint for metal.

Wooden surfaces can be very slippery

Wooden surfaces tend to become slippery when they get wet. We all know what it is to walk on wooden decking after rain! Slipping or falling is no surprise. Fortunately, these falls and slips can be reduced by applying special non slip paint for wood. There are suitable coating systems for all types of wood (hard and soft) and wooden surfaces. Furthermore, non slip coating for wood is suitable for inside and outside use. Wooden structures which are often coated with anti slip wood paint systems include decking, floors and stairs.

The main benefit of anti slip coating for wood is naturally the non-slip property. Yet, this is not the only benefit. Non slip paint for wood also:

  • Creates a water repellent barrier
  • Increases surface durability
  • Protects from weathering
  • Reduces effects of UV light on the surface

Just follow these easy steps to apply anti slip paint

Man applying anti slip paint on wood


Prior to application of the non slip coating, it is important to use crack filler for small cracks, voids and joints in the wood. After filling the cracks, tape all the joints and prime coat them. Afterwards, the surface is ready for anti slip wood paint. However, if the intention is to paint over an existing coat, first remove all the loose material and sand the glossy parts by washing with TSP solution and later rinsing with water.


Anti slip paint for wood is often a two component systems. Therefore, the following steps focus on such an application.

  1. Make sure the surface is completely dry before applying.
  2. Mix the components (beads with resin) and stir well.
  3. Coat the edges of the area with a mini roller or paint brush.
  4. Coat the rest of the area with a bigger roller.
  5. Apply another layer if need be. Do not apply before the first layer is completely dry!

Prevent accidents on decking

Wooden decking is very popular due to its naturally beautiful looks. However, once the decking is wet, it becomes extremely slippery. Therefore, some decking panels have a striped texture which reduces the risk of slipping. However, the texture changes the appearance of the decking and does not remove the risk of falling. Therefore, anti slip paint for wood is often applied on decking as well. There are several types of anti slip paint for decking. Unlike anti slip coating for concrete, the wood coatings do not usually contain visible roughening aggregate. The right choice is dependent on the looks you want for your decking.

The following options are available:

  • Non slip decking stain; lightly coloured, grains remain visible
  • Anti slip paint for decking; usually opaque, strongly affects the appearance of the wood
  • Clear anti slip lacquers; a glossy finish which does not affect the appearance
  • Anti slip wood oils; transparent or lightly naturally coloured finish

Making wooden stairs anti slip

Making wooden stairs anti slip can be done in a couple of ways. Namely, with an anti slip wood coating or strips and tape. In general, strips and tape are a less expensive option and recommended especially for stairs that are subject to extreme abrasion. The strips wear like coating, but they are cheaper to remove and re-apply. However, making wood stairs anti slip at home, can perfectly be done by applying a coating. The advantage of coatings is also that they are available as clear coats and do not affect the appearance of the stairs unlike strips and tape.

The anti slip coatings for wood in general, are usually also suitable for making wood stairs anti slip. For example non slip decking stain can be used for making exterior wooden stairs anti slip. The abrasion resistance of the coating is in a key role when choosing a product for stairs. Naturally, you should also make sure that the product is suitable for interiors or exteriors depending on your application.

Products & prices for non slip wooden surfaces

In addition to the traditional non skid paint, there are also other anti slip coatings for wood such as stains, oils and varnishes. These are often suitable for decking and other exterior applications. The following table gives price indications on a couple of products.

BrandCoating typePriceIntended use
Osmo Anti Slip Polyx OilWater resistant anti slip decking oil for wood 2.5 L £76.09Suitable for all wooden floors, solid or plank wood, cork and strip parquet flooring. Also applicable on furniture.
Cuprinol Anti Slip Decking Stain Natural OakSlip resistant stain 5 L £30.00Suitable for all types of wood in exteriors.

Anti slip paint products availability in the UK

Are you looking for an anti-slip coating for larger industrial floors? The you might not want to apply the coating yourself but rather hire a, anti slip painting service to do the job. Fortunately, there are several companies who offer anti slip painting services in the UK. For example Countrywide provides painting services for commercial and industrial floors, including non-slip coating of those floors.

From tape and strips to sprays and mats

Sometimes applying a non slip coating is not convenient; there is need for a temporary solution or the coating would wear off due to heavy traffic. Therefore, there are alternatives for the coating. For example anti slip walkway systems can be created by using one of the following products.

anti slip paint is an alternative for anti slip coating

Anti slip tape

Anti slip tape is often used on stairs. The self adhesive tape is cheap, easy to apply and available in different colours and patterns. It is suitable for marking walkways, zebra crossings or pedestrian routes.

Using anti slip strips on stairs or steps

Anti slip strips

Anti slip strips are somewhat coarser than coatings and tapes. Because of this they are common on steep roads, slopes and bridges. They are thus mainly used on metal and concrete substrates. The metal anti slip strips are available online and in most hardware stores.

Portable, anti slip mat as temporary solution

Anti slip mats

Anti slip mats are easy to install yourself. They are clearly visible on the floor and are available in many colors. The mats are mildew and algae resistant and have an insulating effect. Also, they are comfortable to walk on, and have the advantage that they can be placed temporarily. During the autumn and winter months the mats are ideal on balconies and walkways of sky resorts.

Anti slip spray for small surfaces

Anti slip sprays

Anti slip spray is a fast and easy to apply solution for small surfaces. For example in a bathtub or shower. It is also available for many different surfaces including wood, tiles and concrete.

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