Anti slip surfaces

anti slip surfaces

Anti slip increases safety at work in the UK

The most injuries that happen during working hours are causes of slips and falls on floors, stairs or other surfaces. These incidents may lead to inconvenience regarding sick leaves and insurance policies if it seems like not everything has been done to prevent the incidents.  Therefore, it is wise to install anti slip surfaces on work floors and factories.

Employer’s responsibility

According to the British Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in the UK the employer must make sure that employees, visitors and other people who may be on the premises are safe from harm. This leads thus to controlling the risk for slips and trips so that no one slips or falls. Consequently, at the event of discovering risks, they must be eliminated. For example installing appropriate anti slip surfaces in the working environment is an option and a step closer to risk elimination.

Anti slip surfaces mean that normally slippery surfaces become rougher and thus, not so slippery. There are numerous different ways of making a surface anti slip.

Choose the right anti slip solution

The right choice for the non slip surface is dependent on the performance requirements, budget and the surface size and material. Non slip coating is the most flexible anti slip surface solution due to the fact that it is suitable for many different substrates and it can have additional surface protecting properties. For example an anti slip paint for metal is usually also anti corrosive and applying non slip paint for wood structures prevents alga formation. Furthermore, sometimes an non slip paint for concrete uses the substrate’s own properties to make the surface anti slip. The coatings are among the most expensive non skid systems when it comes to installation costs. However, comparing to other solutions, the coatings are the most durable and require the least maintenance.

Nevertheless, sometimes another anti slip solution may be more convenient. For example if you want to make stairs anti slip, you  might use self adhering mats or tape; for those solutions are usually cheaper and easy to remove. Furthermore, you can use anti slip strips when the surface requires extremely high anti slip function but complete surface covering is not necessary.

anti slip surface

What kind of anti slip surfaces are there?

Non skid coatings

There are multiple anti slip surface options depending on the budget, environment and the size of the surface. The non skid systems include several types of coatings and anti slip mats, tapes and strips. The non slip surface coating is the most common solution for making surfaces anti slip. There are initially three types of non slip surface coatings.

  • A two component non slip surface coating consisting of the resin and the roughening elements such as rubber beads
  • A one pot non skid system which includes the roughening particles
  • A clear coat on which the rubber beads are added after application

Other anti slip surfaces

The other non skid systems are more common on smaller very specific areas. However, for example an anti slip mat can cover complete floors.

  • Non slip tape is common on stairs and it is an easy to apply, cheap anti slip solution available in different colours and textures
  • Anti slip strips are usually rougher than coatings and tapes and therefore they are common on steep roads and slopes and bridges
  • Non skid mats cover floors for example garages and factories. However, there are also smaller mats for households and other non-industrial uses. These mats are easy to remove and store. For example they can be placed on the floors during winter an autumn and stored during the spring and summer months.

Safety on board: ship decks anti slip surface

anti slip surfacesWhen creating safety on board, ship deck anti slip systems are a crucial part of the project. The decks are subject to rain and sea/sweet water depending on the ship. The decks usually have an epoxy coating, which can however, be very slippery when wet. Therefore, it is crucial to create for ship decks anti slip surface. This is possible for example with a two component anti slip deck coating. The coating is however applicable only when the anti slip surface is installed at the same time with floor coating. If the floor coating already exists, the toughening particles can be added and coated with a clear coat which makes them “stick” to the surface. The end result is a rough non slip deck paint.

Next to anti slip deck coating, also other ship decks anti slip systems are applicable, especially when only parts of the surface require anti slip function. Non slip strips can be sufficient ship deck anti slip systems, when no full coverage is required. The strips provide a local, durable anti slip solution. As temporary ship decks anti slip systems, non skid mats are also applicable. They however, do not guarantee the best slip proof surface.

Bridge anti slip surfaces

anti slip surfacesIt is also possible to give a foot bridge anti slip surface by applying a non slip solution. There are different ways to create bridge anti slip surfaces. A non slip surface coating is an option, yet it may not be the most durable solution; for bridges are constantly subject to abrasion through masses of people walking on them.

Other solutions include strips, tape and panels. Tape to make a bridge anti slip surface, may also not be suitable due to the abrasion and risk of weathering. Therefore, the best ways of making anti slip treating bridges are panels and strips; they are also more abrasion resistant and in general more durable than coatings. The strips are however, ideal only for bridges which do not require a complete coverage. On the other hand, when you want to make a complete foot bridge anti slip surface, non slip panels are the best option. The panels are available in different colours and textures.

Anti slip painting services London

For example Countrywide industrial coatings provide anti slip painting services in London. Not only are the company’s services available in London, but also in the rest of the country. Countrywide is specialised in commercial and industrial floors. Installing an anti slip surface at home, can fortunately be carried out by a non professional. For bigger surfaces, one should contact anti slip painting services.