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Coating inspection tools and equipment

Toolkits and equipment you need for coating inspection Every stage of the coating process requires absolute control and inspection to make sure the coating eventually complies to given specifications. It all starts with inspecting the substrate and monitoring climate conditions, and ends with testing the coating film thickness (wet and dry) and surface properties.  The […]

Oleophobic coating kit

Keep your screens clean with oleophobic coating spray Everyone hates that moment when they turn off their smartphone and suddenly, out of nowhere, hundreds of dirty fingerprints appear, smeared across the screen and silently accusing. Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer these scourges anymore. All you need is an oleophobic coating kit. Oleophobic sprays are […]

25 best interior paint brands in the UK

Prepare yourself for finding the right interior paint The UK is full of hardware stores, designer shops and decorators’ paradises which all offer different kinds of interior paints. Some are focused on one brand, others offer multiple brand paints and the rest have a paint brand of their own. So, how should you know which […]

Industrial pipe coating

Effective pipe coating selection extends the pipeline lifetime Industrial pipe coating products are developed to protect the interiors and exteriors of pipes without letting the internal lining affect the substance delivered by the pipe.  Choosing the right coating, which matches the purpose of the pipe and its location, is crucial to guarantee the longest possible […]

Graffiti removal

Fast graffiti removal returns the value of your property Graffiti is a nuisance which decreases the value of real estate and may affect the environment negatively. Even though graffiti removal is rather expensive, it is a necessary means to maintain pleasant and safe feeling in city centres and neighbourhoods. Property owners and councils suffer the […]

Dip coating metal

Dip coating metal is more common than you might think Dip coating is an efficient method of applying plastic coatings on metal surfaces. Dip coating metal is most often realised with thermoplastic powders which are molten in a fluidised bed, where the objects are dipped and receive a seamless thick film coating. Dip coating metal […]

Non stick coating for metal

Non stick metal coating comes with unique properties Non stick is a property needed in many applications from moulds and other fasteners to pots and pans. A non stick coating for metal is usually a fluoropolymer compound which provides the substrate with the following properties: Low coefficient of friction: range of 0.05 to 0.20 Temperature […]

Paint for bathroom

Paint for bathroom instead of tiles A special paint for bathrooms makes it possible to use coating instead of traditional tiles to cover bathroom floors, walls and ceilings. The best coating for bathroom is usually an epoxy due to the fact that the humid and warm environment does not affect it. It is also suitable […]

Xylan coating UK

 Excellent non-stick and lubrication with Xylan coating Xylan® coating is a registered brand of Whitford for a fluoropolymer coating (PTFE coating). Xylan coating is usually applied as a liquid paint and it is known for its characteristics such as: Excellent anti-stick properties which makes surfaces easy to clean; Resistance to extreme temperatures (-250°C -to 285°C) which […]

Glass coating for cars

Glass coating for cars lets them shine like new Imagine, that you didn’t need to take your car to the wash so often. And you didn’t need to pay for waxing every now and then. And you still would have a car that shines like it were new. Sounds too good to be true, but […]

Waterproofing wall coating

Fight external deterioration and moisture with waterproofing wall coating Applying waterproofing wall coating on your brick or masonry wall is an ideal solution for protecting the wall from external wear and tear. The main purpose of a waterproofing wall coating is to make porous external walls impervious to water without drastically changing its appearance. The […]

Abrasive blasting – Sandblasting

Sandblasting – the most common form of abrasive blasting Abrasive blasting refers to modifying or cleaning a surface by blowing abrasive grit with high pressure towards the surface. The pressure and the grit together abrade the surface in a controlled manner. Abrasive blasting exists in different forms which differ from each other by the grit […]

Powder coating offshore

Protecting offshore structures with high quality powder coating Extreme durability and corrosion resistance are the benefits of powder coating. Therefore, powder is also suitable for coating structures that end up in the offshore environment. Powder coating offshore structures is usually done before assembling the structures due to the fact that the process is not really […]

Concrete effect wall paint UK

Concrete effect wall paint creates an industrial look It is not concrete, but it sure looks like it! It is concrete effect wall paint which creates an industrial concrete look on almost any interior wall. A wall paint is not anymore only about the colour and gloss but now you can also play around with […]

Heating coating

Heating coating that will warm your clothing Winter is coming. But don’t worry, with the new heating coating developed by researchers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst (UMass) you won’t get cold!  This new coating contains a metal-free conductive polymer which allows for low-voltage heat generation. It can electrically heat up any piece of fabric […]

Coating Inspection

Coating inspection: Maintain highest quality standards Problems can arise during the pre-treatment, application and curing phases of a coating job. Coating jobs that at first seem perfect can begin to fail. There are so many variables in any coating application, from the envrionment to the material itself, that getting a perfect job is a highly […]

DPBR coating

Adidas has the answer for Oktoberfest: DPBR coating The weather is chilling and so is the beer; Oktoberfest is on its way, and just in time Adidas has released the perfect shoe to go with your stein. The new München “Oktoberfest” sneaker comes with a secret weapon, a special DPBR coating (durable puke and beer repellent) […]

Aluminium coating

Aluminium coating against corrosion Aluminium is a metal with high tendency to corrode, and fast. Bare aluminium starts corroding the moment it becomes exposed to oxygen. However, corrosion on aluminium (aluminium oxide) protects the surface from further corrosion but it can go too far. Fortunately aluminium coating stops or controls the process. Even though aluminium […]

Titanium Nitride Coating

Titanium Nitride Coating for many purposes Titanium nitride coating, also known as TiN coating is a hard ceramic coating which belongs to the group of PVD coatings. It namely, is applied in a Physical Vapour Deposition. TiN coatings are suitable for most metals and some plastics and ceramic surfaces; they remarkably increase surface properties. Titanium […]

Copper Coating

Copper Coating for protection, conductivity & decoration Copper coating is done by electroplating and therefore also known as copper plating. It is widely used in industrial application for example in the offshore, electronics and general manufacturing industries. More specifically, copper coatings are applied on threaded connections, couplings, risers, and alloy drill pipes. In this article you […]

Phosphate coating UK

Phosphate coating, the most common pretreatment for metal Phosphate coating, results from a chemical reaction between metal surface (usually steel) and a chemical substance which contains phosphoric acid; the substance converts the metal  surface into a thin coating layer. Phosphate coatings are almost exclusively used as pretreatment for preparing metals substrates for further coating. The […]

Conversion coating

Conversion coatings form a basis for durable coating systems Conversion coating is a chemical substance which reacts with metal substrates converting the surfaces into coating layers. In general, these coatings are suitable for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, yet the solutions differ from each other. There are two main reasons to use conversion coatings; Protecting the […]

Whiteboard paint

Whiteboard paint improves communication and makes space for creativity Allow creativity to take over in offices, classrooms and anywhere else where it can improve communication! We are all familiar with whiteboards; you can write down your ideas, share a thought with colleagues or leave message to classmates. Nice, but the space is limited… You can […]


Industrial powder coatings

Improve your processes with industrial powder coatings Industrial powder coatings cover over 15 % of the British coating industry; and it’s no wonder. Powder coatings are efficient to apply and they provide extreme durability. Therefore, the industrial powder coatings are used in industries such as general manufacture, automotive and marine. Here we will dig deeper […]

Powder coating Scotland

Powder coating Scotland Powder coating is applied to thousands of products across many markets. It is tough, durable, cost and waste efficient, more environmentally friendly than the alternatives and comes in a dazzling range of colours and finishes. In Scotland, powder coating is used in industries including marine, agriculture, construction, renewable energy, and gas and […]

Powder coating Manchester

Powder Coating Manchester The demand for powder coatings is fast growing in the UK, also in the area of Greater Manchester. It is no wonder; powder coatings are cost efficient and provide the most durable coating systems on a great variety of substrates. However, starting up a powder coating line, requires a high initial investment; […]

Powder coating Birmingham

Get powder coating Birmingham and West Midlands Powder coating is the most common coating method in Birmingham and West Midlands, due to the fact that the most important industry in the area is basic metals and metal products. In Birmingham, for example, you can find Birmingham Powder Coatings Ltd. a company for industrial powder coating […]

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Powder coating

Powder coating: What, why, where Every day you come into contact with powder coating, whether on household appliances, cars, bicycles or electronic products. This reason powder coating is on thousands of products is simple: it is extremely durable, and as well as that it provides an attractive finish. It can protect the hardest-wearing machinery and […]

Damp proof paint

Protect you home with damp proof paint Damp is the curse of many houses in the UK; the humid climate is not the least of reasons for it. Taking care of damp problems is crucial due to the fact that when prolonged, it can result in mould in the house, which is a more serious […]

Outdoor paint | Exterior paint

Quick guide to buying outdoor paint You wish to change the colour of your masonry facade or give a fresh look to you garden furniture. For that you will need outdoor paint which is strong enough to endure exposure to rain, heat, UV rays and other natural phenomena. However, choosing the best outdoor paint is […]


Epoxy flooring

Epoxy flooring: durable, long-lasting, beautiful If you are searching for a flooring solution that will cope with the most demanding situations in style, as well as being durable and easy to clean, epoxy flooring is for you. Epoxy flooring is a coating suitable for heavy duty industrial areas, commercial buildings, and even for at home. […]


Garage floor paint

Garage floor paint for the looks and protection Vehicle garage floors are subject to many factors that damage the surface as it ages; oil and grease spills, abrasion, and heavy mechanical loads all affect the surface durability. The aging of the floor can be slowed down and maintenance postponed by applying garage floor paint, which […]

Roof coating Birmingham

Roof coating services in Birmingham and surroundings A roof coating project in Birmingham, often requires a professional contractor to do the job. Therefore, to make finding a contractor easy for you, we have made a list; in the table below you will find few roof coating companies who carry out roof repairs, industrial roof coating […]

Roof coatings Scotland

Protective roof coatings on top of Scotland Roof coatings are an often argued topic; is it really worth the investment to apply roof coatings. Naturally, opinions differ but remember this; if you are not a fan of frequent roof maintenance and want to avoid replacing your roof as long as possible; you might consider roof […]

Roof coating

Roof coating, cheaper than replacing the roof Roof coating is a protective coating which extends the durability of new roofs, and is suitable for repairing roof damage. Roof is one of the most important parts of a building and it therefore, requires proper protection. The fact is, if you do not maintain the roof, it […]

Anti Corrosion Coating

Protect steel from rust with anti corrosion coating The estimated global cost of metal corrosion is trillions of pounds. Corrosion is caused by a chemical reaction between a metal and its environment, typically producing an oxide or a salt of the original metal. The long and the short of it is: the metal is weakened, and […]

Metal coating UK

Industrial metal coating for protection and maximum durability Industrial metal coatings aim at cost efficient solutions which protect the substrates from deterioration by providing maximum durability with minimum need for maintenance. In general metal coating can refer to either coatings which consist of or contain metal, or to coatings which are suitable for metal surfaces. In […]

Non VOC Paint

Hypoallergenic paint Paints and coatings are chemical products which often contain formaldehyde, heavy metals or other Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) which may contribute to allergic reactions. Therefore, especially people who suffer from asthma or allergies or are sensitive to chemicals should carefully consider which coating products to apply in their homes. The consideration is also […]

Oleophobic coating

Oleophobic coating improves performance and increases reliability Oleophobic coating refers to a coating product which forms a film that has the ability to repel oils and oily substances. Oleophobic literally means “afraid of oils”; the effect is visible when the coated surface becomes exposed to oils; instead of sticking to the surface and becoming a […]


Non-conductive coating

Most organic coatings are non-conductive due to the fact that they do not contain conductive metals. Thus, as a standard coatings are non-conductive. However, special conductive coatings exist. They are made by adding conductive metals such as copper or zinc in the paint recipe. Non-conductive coating is suitable, for instance, for electrical insulation purposes in […]


Kashima coating

Kashima coating for your bike’s fork tubes and rear shocks Mountain bike and motorcycle lovers are always looking for the best coating for their bikes to improve their performance. Kashima coating provides that searched-for thing: it combines all the qualities and characteristics you most desire for fitting out the bike you love, with a beautiful […]

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Anti slip paint

Anti slip paint for increasing safety on floors In the UK, slips and trips cause more than the third of all injuries during working hours, and over 40% of injuries to the members of the public. Most of these injuries happen as a result of contaminated floor surfaces. They are also the reason behind long […]

Antifouling Paint UK

Antifouling paint for higher durability and efficiency Antifouling paint is a special kind of coating or paint mostly present in the maritime industry on ship hulls. The ship bottoms are most of the time under water. Therefore the design of the coating repels microorganisms, shells and plants. The antifouling products are also available for consumers. […]

Tank linings and coatings

Save time and money with the right kind of industrial tank coating Water, chemical, foodstuff and any other storage or cargo tank requires a coating system to perform optimally. On the one hand, the tank exterior requires protection from environmental hazards such as salt water or humidity; on the other hand, tank lining coatings are […]

Hygiene coatings

Hygiene coatings approved for the food & beverage industry The food and beverage industry is one of the most regulated businesses in the UK. It has to follow strict quality, safety and sanitary controls throughout the processes. Food & beverage hygiene coatings are especially designed for applications where hygiene is in a key position; they […]


Intumescent paint for wood

Prevent fire with intumescent paint for wood Intumescent paint for wood is one of the newer developments in the coating industry. It is a coating, especially developed for wood, that protects wooden structures from fire. Intumescent paints in general,  when exposed to extreme heat, will expand and form a foam which then solidifies, creating an […]

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Polyurethane paint

Polyurethane paint can be modified to suit your project Polyurethane coating (PU coating) is essentially liquid plastic which dries to form a paint-like film on the substrate. As a result, it is hard-wearing and resistant to damage, thus it is particularly applicable as industrial and architectural coatings. Polyurethane paint and other PU coatings are protective coatings […]


Anti Graffiti Paint

Combat vandalism & return the value of your property with anti graffiti paint Graffiti is a form of modern street art, however, it can also be a nuisance for counties and property owners. Graffiti namely decreases the value of buildings and may create an unpleasant environment. Therefore, unwanted graffiti should be got rid of as […]

Anti climb paint

Let them think twice before climbing your property Burglaries count for about 38% of all the crime committed in England and Wales, and the number is increasing! People in the UK are also becoming more and more concerned about burglaries and break-ins and the police and media provide tips and tops for preventing burglaries. “One of the […]

Swimming pool paint UK

Special swimming pool coatings for safety & durability Swimming pool coatings form a protective layer on swimming pool floors and the inner walls of pools. The swimming pool paint prevents bacteria and other microorganisms from bonding to the pool surface. This makes the pool easy to clean and eliminates microorganisms which may be hazardous to health. […]