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Automotive Coatings

Automotive coating provides protection and decoration The automotive coating industry is far larger than which colour to paint your car. Every surface in a vehicle from the bodywork and under body to the exhaust and even the glass surfaces needs a specialised coating to last and perform its best. The automotive coatings market can be […]

Coating Consultancy | Coating Advisory

Find the coating expertise you need with coating consultancy Navigating the range of available coatings and finding the right one for a project is not as straightforward as it might appear. It is not simply a matter of choosing a paint and slapping it on, there are many factors and elements to consider. A coating […]

Concrete Paint

Weatherproof and improve durability with concrete paint Concrete has been used in construction for literal millennia. It is the reason for the survival of so many Roman structures to this day, such as the Roman baths at Bath which include concrete in their construction. However, unprotected concrete will deteriorate when exposed to aggressive environments, like […]

Indestructible Coating

High performance protection and strength with indestructible coating What do the Pentagon, truck bedliners, oil platforms in the North Sea, and bulletproof vests have in common? The answer is indestructible coating. Indestructible coating came to fame as a viral sensation when a group of Australians coated a watermelon with it and dropped it from a […]

Water Resistant Coating

Improve your products & secure processes with water resistant coating Water resistance is a characteristic expected of many consumer goods, from electronics to shoes and fabrics. It is also required from industrial machinery and architectural structures. A water resistant coating is the most common solution for improving or creating water resistance in industrial and architectural projects. […]

Chemical Resistant Coatings

Chemical resistant coatings provide extreme substrate protection Nearly all coatings will be exposed to chemicals at some point, whether cleaning products, spills, or fumes. However most of these are mild, and the coating does not need a special formulation. Chemical resistant coatings or paints are designed to provide protection from the harshest of substances. They need […]

Marine Coating

Marine coating protects both you and your vessel The term “marine coating” covers a class of coatings all intended for use in the marine segment. These coatings include antifouling paints, deck paints, anti slip paints, bilge paint, boot-topping paints, and protective paints for structures in marine environments. Just as there are different types of marine […]

Rubber Coating

Rubber coating uses liquid rubber to protect and waterproof Liquid rubber coatings have been on the market for years now, but recent technological advances have both improved and expanded the range of rubber coating available. While traditionally liquid rubber has been applied as a waterproof roofing solution, there are now products which allow the excellent […]

Swimming pool paint UK

Swimming pool paint guarantees safety, hygiene & durability In the UK there is an ever-increasing number of pools. From the 800-odd spas, each with one or more swimming pools, to the growing number of private pools and baths; the demand for swimming pool paint is increasing. The damp environment of a swimming pool provides an […]

Tank Linings and Coatings

Save time and money with the right kind of industrial tank coating Protection-wise, tanks present a series of difficulties. Not only does their exterior need to be protected from the environment, but their interior needs protection too – both from and for the cargo or substance being stored. These substances can be anything from petrochemical […]

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Powder coating

Powder coating: What, why, where Every day you come into contact with powder coating, whether on household appliances, cars, bicycles or electronic products. This reason powder coating is on thousands of products is simple: it is extremely durable, and as well as that it provides an attractive finish. It can protect the hardest-wearing machinery and […]


Powder Coating Prices

Powder coating prices: here’s what you can expect So you are looking for powder coating prices. Whether you need commercial-scale application, want your rims or wheels powder coated, or are looking to apply it yourself, you have come to the right place. In this article we provide you with an overview of powder coating pricing […]


Non-conductive coating

Most organic coatings are non-conductive due to the fact that they do not contain conductive metals. Thus, as a standard coatings are non-conductive. However, special conductive coatings exist. They are made by adding conductive metals such as copper or zinc in the paint recipe. Non-conductive coating is suitable, for instance, for electrical insulation purposes in […]


Anti Graffiti Paint

Combat vandalism & protect the value of your property with anti graffiti paint Graffiti can be seen as a form of modern street art, but it can also be a nuisance for councils and property owners. Graffiti decreases the value of buildings and may create an unpleasant environment. Unwanted graffiti should be removed as soon […]


Industrial powder coatings

Improve your processes with industrial powder coatings Industrial powder coatings cover over 15 % of the British coating industry; and it’s no wonder. Powder coatings are efficient to apply and they provide extreme durability. Therefore, the industrial powder coatings are used in industries such as general manufacture, automotive and marine. Here we will dig deeper […]

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Polyurethane paint

Polyurethane paint can be modified to suit your project Polyurethane coating (PU coating) is essentially liquid plastic which dries to form a paint-like film on the substrate. As a result, it is hard-wearing and resistant to damage, thus it is particularly applicable as industrial and architectural coatings. Polyurethane paint and other PU coatings are protective coatings […]

Oleophobic coating

Oleophobic coating improves performance and increases reliability Oleophobic coating refers to a coating product which forms a film that has the ability to repel oils and oily substances. Oleophobic literally means “afraid of oils”; the effect is visible when the coated surface becomes exposed to oils; instead of sticking to the surface and becoming a […]


Epoxy flooring

Epoxy flooring: durable, long-lasting, beautiful If you are searching for a flooring solution that will cope with the most demanding situations in style, as well as being durable and easy to clean, epoxy flooring is for you. Epoxy flooring is a coating suitable for heavy duty industrial areas, commercial buildings, and even for at home. […]

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Anti Slip Paint

Increase safety and prevent accidents with anti slip paint Slips and trips are a serious problem, both at home and in the workplace. In the UK, slips and trips account for more than the third of all workplace injuries, and over 40% of accidents involve slips. If you are an employer, you have duty of […]


Garage floor paint

Garage floor paint for the looks and protection Vehicle garage floors are subject to many factors that damage the surface as it ages; oil and grease spills, abrasion, and heavy mechanical loads all affect the surface durability. The aging of the floor can be slowed down and maintenance postponed by applying garage floor paint, which […]


Powder coating manufacturers

Powder coating manufacturers in the UK As the powder coating market is enormous and ever growing, there are also many powder coating manufacturers who aim at producing the most durable powders for different sectors such as automotive industry, agriculture, wood processing and many more. If you are you looking for powder coating suppliers, this is […]

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Vantablack paint

The blackest black has a name: Vantablack paint We have all dreamed of making things invisible. And now, this might be possible! The special Vantablack paint from Surrey NanoSystems in the United Kingdom is the blackest black that exists today. It is so black it holds the Guinness World Record for the Darkest Man-made Substance. The name […]


Floor coating UK

Optimal protection with the right floor coating Floor coating serves as thin protective layers on existing floors and as thicker complete flooring systems. The thin layer floor coatings are usually not thicker than a millimetre, but the complete flooring systems may reach up to one centimetre in thickness. The most common floor coating for concrete […]

Hygiene coatings

Hygiene coatings approved for the food & beverage industry The food and beverage industry is one of the most regulated businesses in the UK. It must obey strict quality, safety and sanitary regulations for employees, processes, and environments. Food & beverage hygiene coatings are especially designed for applications where hygiene is of key importance; they […]

Colour of the year 2018

Colour of the year 2018 – from Gentle hues to shades of black It is time to take a look at the colour of the year 2018: what are the shades and the hues the trend-aware home decorators would die for? There is never just one colour of the year, but many interior paint brands […]

Roof coating UK

Extend the lifespan of your roof with roof coating A roof is one of the most important parts of a building. It protects the interior from the seasons, wind, sun, snow, and importantly in the UK, rain. Your roof needs to be a solid barrier between your building and the elements, and a roofing failure […]

Fireproof Paint for Steel

Why you need fireproof paint for steel Strength is one of the main reasons we use steel in building construction. Steel is a tough construction material, used in buildings across the country from the Birmingham Bullring to Canary Wharf. However, this strength is challenged by the severe heat of a fire. In a fire, it […]

Polyurea Coating

Provide heavy duty protection with polyurea coating Polyurea coating has been on the UK market since the 1980s, but its durability, flexibility, and versatility means that new applications for this coating are being found all the time. It is currently used across industries for waterproofing, corrosion protection, containment of water as well as chemical and […]

Fireproof Paint

Fireproof paint and what you need to know about it Fireproof paint, or other fireproof construction and lining materials, have been compulsory for years now in office buildings, entrance halls, public buildings, parking garages and governmental buildings. In the UK the general rule is: the higher the building, the longer the material needs to withstand […]

Graphene anti-corrosion coating

The future of revolutionary Graphene anti-corrosion coating Graphene, the wonder material of the 21st century, has been predicted to be the next breakthrough in the sector of corrosion protection. This most conductive, thinnest and lightest coating the world has ever seen is now being researched for making graphene anti-corrosion coating for steel structures. The prototypes of […]

Coating inspection tools and equipment

Toolkits and equipment you need for coating inspection Every stage of the coating process requires absolute control and inspection to make sure the coating eventually complies to given specifications. It all starts with inspecting the substrate and monitoring climate conditions, and ends with testing the coating film thickness (wet and dry) and surface properties.  The […]

Anti Corrosion Coating

Protect steel from rust with anti corrosion coating Anti corrosion coating acts as a barrier between a metal and its environment, increasing its durability and lifespan. The estimated global cost of metal corrosion damage is trillions of pounds. The good news is, a lot of this loss can be prevented by being proactive, and choosing the […]

Why opt for anti bacterial paint for floors

Meet the hygiene standards with anti bacterial paint for floors The number one reason to opt for anti bacterial paint for floors is that the hygiene industry businesses such as hospitals, food processing plants and pharmaceutical facilities must meet the strict requirements set for hygiene and sanitation. Anti bacterial flooring forms the basis for sanitary […]

5 different acid resistant flooring options

Choose the most suitable from the 5 different acid resistant flooring option Environments where acids and other chemicals are or may be present require acid resistant flooring. There are essentially, five different options to realise a floor with sufficient acid resistance. These options are suitable depending on the acids and duration of exposure. Let us […]

Fungi Shield anti bacterial paint

Blackfriar Fungi Shield anti bacterial paint keeps interior surfaces mould free Are you worried about humidity in your house? And the potential fungi problems they may bring along? You can now protect the surfaces at risk of mould and bacteria with Blackfriar Fungi Shield anti bacterial paint. This wall and ceiling paint is water based […]

Paint like a pro – is trade paint really better?

Amateur gone professional with trade paint Have you ever wondered why the professional decorators’ paint job always results in a better finish than yours, even though you do everything by the book? We know the answer. It is all about the paint: you most likely do your paint shopping at a retailer’s who sells retail […]

Best exterior masonry paint brands

The UK’s best masonry paint brands meet the requirements Masonry paint is an exterior wall coating solution suitable for masonry, bricks, stone and rendered surfaces. It is one of the most common coatings used for exterior painting. Even though the paint is very common, the amount of top brands in the uk is surprisingly small. […]

Top 7 best outdoor paint brands UK

Paint exteriors with one of the top 7 best outdoor paint brands in the UK The facade of you your home, your garden furniture and the shed on the backyard, all need a lick of paint every now and then. The multitude of paint brands and products may be confusing, and make the choice much […]

Protect Your Property With Anti Vandal Paint

Use anti vandal paint to prevent intruders Anti vandal paint (or anti vandal grease) does exactly what it says on the tin: this paint is designed to prevent vandals or intruders accessing a property, scaling fences, roofs, or shimmying up drainpipes. The way it works is by providing a finish that is permanently slippery, stopping […]

How to Get a Vantablack Sample

Why you want to buy Vantablack Since Vantablack burst onto the scene in 2014, not only has it been the new black, but it has been the only black. Blacker than black, Vantablack absorbs 99.96% of visible light; an object coated in the substance loses all definition and appears two-dimensional, like a black void. Although originally developed […]

How damp resistant paint works

Combating damp with paint Damp is a well known, but less welcome, visitor in many British homes; it sneaks in from cracks in the exterior masonry or unnoticeably rises from the ground. When the damp starts doing visible damage, we often try to combat the problem with the easiest solution we can think of: paint. […]

Measure Powder Coating Thickness

Measure powder coating thickness to obtain optimal results Powder coatings are often considered one of the most efficient and durable industrial coatings. However to guarantee durability and optimal functioning it is crucial to measure powder coating thickness before and after cure. Coatings are namely designed for a purpose; the best product performance is obtained by […]

Thermoplastic Dip Coating

Thermoplastic dip coating for bulk production Thermoplastic dip coating is done by dipping objects in a fluidised bed of thermoplastic powder. The application takes place in a metal box with an open top and a fine gauze on the bottom, so fine that the plastic powder does not fall through it. As air is added […]

Polyurethane paint for metal

Reduce costs and increase efficiency with polyurethane paint for metal Polyurethane coatings (PU paints) are one of the most common types of industrial paint for metal due to their versatility and numerous benefits. Applying polyurethane paint for metal can save costs and remarkably increase efficiency as follows. Applicable direct-to-metal: saves in labour and material costs […]

Oleophobic coating kit

Keep your screens clean with oleophobic coating spray Everyone hates that moment when they turn off their smartphone and suddenly, out of nowhere, hundreds of dirty fingerprints appear, smeared across the screen and silently accusing. Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer these scourges anymore. All you need is an oleophobic coating kit. Oleophobic sprays are […]

25 best interior paint brands in the UK

Prepare yourself for finding the right interior paint The UK is full of hardware stores, designer shops and decorators’ paradises which all offer different kinds of interior paints. Some are focused on one brand, others offer multiple brand paints and the rest have a paint brand of their own. So, how should you know which […]

Industrial pipe coating

Effective pipe coating selection extends the pipeline lifetime Industrial pipe coating products are developed to protect the interiors and exteriors of pipes without letting the internal lining affect the substance delivered by the pipe.  Choosing the right coating, which matches the purpose of the pipe and its location, is crucial to guarantee the longest possible […]

Graffiti removal

Fast graffiti removal returns the value of your property Graffiti is a nuisance which decreases the value of real estate and may affect the environment negatively. Even though graffiti removal is rather expensive, it is a necessary means to maintain pleasant and safe feeling in city centres and neighbourhoods. Property owners and councils suffer the […]