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Anti Corrosion Spray

Protect metal with anti corrosion spray Metal or thermal spraying is a technology, which protects and greatly extends the life of a wide variety of products in the most hostile environments. Anti corrosion spray works great in situations where coatings are vital for longevity. The variety of metallised coatings is vast but can be broken […]


Powder coating prices

Powder coating prices: here’s what you can expect Looking for powder coating prices; do you wish to let rims or wheels powder coated, or are you looking to apply them yourself? Whatever the case, you may still be wondering; how much does powder coating cost? You have come to the right place! In this article we […]

Electroluminescent Paint | EL paint

Make any object function as light with paint Electroluminescent paint (EL paint) is a type of light emitting paint which allows any object to function as light. Electroluminescent refers to the ability of a substrate or substance to emit light when an electrical current passes through it. It’s easy to make electroluminescent coating yourself Electroluminescent […]


Paint brands UK

The spectrum of paint brands and companies in the UK No matter whether you are decorating your home, looking to give a fresh look to your office or wishing to make your shop more attractive, you will need paint; if not for protection, then for decoration. Usually for both. When looking for a paint product, […]

Aerospace coatings

Aerospace coatings and paint technology Aerospace coatings (sometimes referred to as aircraft paint or aviation coating) includes coatings for commercial and business aviation as well as for military air market, satellites and launch vehicles. Therefore, airplanes, helicopters, jets and other aircrafts flying above London are also aerospace coated. The aerospace coatings market covers OEM (original […]

Coil Coatings Manufacturers UK

European Coil Coating Association – ECCA The UK is also part of the European Coil Coating Association (ECCA). The ECCA sets quality performance standards, promotes coil coatings from environmental, cost effective and quality perspectives as well as increases coil coating awareness by providing education and training. The association in the UK represents the British coil coating […]

Yacht paint UK

Protective yacht paint for the British waters As a British boat owner you probably are continuously seeking the best coating solution to protect your vessel, and to achieve or retain the wished looks. In an ideal situation, all the maintenance is done before the new season starts; however, in practice it often does not go […]

Tesla roof tiles UK

Tesla Solar Roof tiles UK have arrived In 2016, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced his company’s newest energy innovation: the Solar Roof. Where traditional solar panels can detract from the beauty of a house, the Tesla Solar Roof integrates the solar cell with the roof tile itself, doing away with the need for clunky solar […]

Fireproof Paint

Fireproof paint for work and at home Coatings are in a crucial position when it comes to fire prevention and increasing safety in houses, commercial buildings, and institutes such as schools and hospitals. Unfortunately, completely fireproof paint does not exist; however, there are several types of fire coatings which slow down the burning process and protect […]


Nano coating UK

Make use of the water- and oil repelling properties of nano coating From automotive to food processing and from interiors to textile: a nano coating is useful in almost any sector. Not only does nano coating seal the car lacquer but also makes the windows of a skyscraper self-cleaning. In this article we will take […]

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Superhydrophobic coating UK

Afraid of water – Hydrophobic coating Nanotechnology allows development of hydrophobic and superhydrophobic coating. These are always waterproof and often also water repellent. Often the superhydrophobic coatings also have oleophobic properties meaning that they do not only repel water but also grease and oils. Superhydrophobic spray is suitable for many different applications. You can apply them […]

Intumescent paint London

Intumescent paint London; increase your fire safety As the Great Fire of London proved, even great cities are not immune to fire. Thankfully fire protection measures have improved since the 1600s, and now as well as fire regulations and drills, we have passive fire protection like fire resistant coatings. It’s time to get behind intumescent […]


Anti glare coating UK

Improved vision with anti-glare coating and spray Anti-glare coating is a special coating which prevents mirroring. Whereas automotive industry uses nano coatings and electronics sector has anti reflective coatings, anti-glare coatings are purely for the optical market. All the three types of coatings have more or less the same purpose; preventing reflections and mirroring. Antiglare coating, […]

Intumescent paint for steel

Increase fire safety with intumescent paint for steel Fire is a danger to buildings no matter what material they are made from. Steel may not burn, but the extreme heat of a blaze will damage it, weakening its structure and leading to building collapse. By protecting steelwork with intumescent paint for steel, up to 120 […]

Anti Graffiti Coatings London

Anti graffiti coating contractors and removal services in London If you require an anti graffiti system for a larger service, it may be wise to let the job done by a specialist. In London, an anti graffiti coating job can be let done for example by these two companies. Company Address Phone  J Radford Group […]

Anti slip paint for metal

Anti slip paint for metal increases safety Approximately 1 in 3 people aged 65-85 will fall at least once a year, and there are over a million non-fatal accidents each year, and thousands die as the result of a fall. Using anti slip coatings on surfaces can do more than just prevent accidents, it can […]

Conductive Coatings

Make non conductive materials, conductive Many materials have electrical conductive properties which work in their advantage. However, there are also non- and semi conductive materials such as plastic and glass which can be made electrically conductive. This happens through application of electrically conductive coating. The most common conductors include pure metals, metal alloys and ceramics. However, […]

Waterproof paint

Waterproof coatings for preventing damp Waterproofing spaces and surfaces does not need to be difficult. However, due to the wide scale of products and applications it is wise to do some research on which waterproof paint or coating is the best for your specific project. In this article you will find information on the most […]

Acid Resistant Paint

Protection from acids on any surface Acid proof coating is designed especially for industrial environments which frequently deal with acids in forms of immersion or occasional contact. The applications take place for instance in acid storage areas on walls and floors, and in acid containers internally and externally. There are different coatings suitable for many […]

Epoxy coating UK

Epoxy coating for protection and strength Epoxy coating is a hard-wearing, chemical and acid resistant layer which is an ideal coating for many different surfaces. Also called epoxy paint, it is a two component system (similar to polyurethane paint) which forms a liquid plastic when the components are combined, and then dries solid. These components […]

Glow in the dark paint

Give it a glow with luminous paint! Glow in the dark paint helps you create spectacular effects on almost any surface. Make your home decoration glow, or let light emitting stones lead the way through your garden; the sky’s the limit when it comes to creative uses of glow in the dark paint! To make […]

Antibacterial Coatings

The difference between anti-microbial and antibacterial coatings Anti-microbial coatings are very common across many industries. These coatings prevent forming and growth of any microorganisms such as algae, fungi and bacteria. Hygienic antibacterial coating for its part, is a form of antimicrobial paints but it is immune only to bacteria, not other microorganisms. Antibacterial coatings thus, eliminate […]

Anti reflective coating

Prevent reflection with AR coating Anti reflective coating (AR coating) is a transparent protective coating layer which prevents reflection. Normally you can put this in glasses by using anti reflective coating spray. It is suitable for applications on glass, lenses and displays. When it comes to glass and lenses, it is possible to coat both […]

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Vantablack paint

The blackest black has a name: Vantablack paint We have all dreamed of making things invisible. And now, this might be possible! The special Vantablack paint from Surrey NanoSystems in the United Kingdom is the blackest black that exists today. It is so black it holds the Guinness World Record for the Darkest Man-made Substance.  The […]

Anti slip surfaces

Anti slip increases safety at work in the UK The most injuries that happen during working hours are causes of slips and falls on floors, stairs or other surfaces. These incidents may lead to inconvenience regarding sick leaves and insurance policies if it seems like not everything has been done to prevent the incidents.  Therefore, it […]

Powder coating London

Powder coating London: an overview In a city the size of London, it is easy to get lost in the number of choices presented to you. Greater London has many powder coating facilities and suppliers, and the city is within reach of many more. So let us take some of the stress of it out […]

Concrete paint UK

Protective concrete paint increases surface durability Concrete is a common material in building and construction. However, it also is a material which requires appropriate protection to be durable. There is a suitable concrete paint for every application, you just need to find it! We’ve made it easy for you. Due to the multitude of different concrete […]


Powder coating manufacturers

Powder coating manufacturers in the UK As the powder coating market is enormous and ever growing, there are also many powder coating manufacturers who aim at producing the most durable powders for different sectors such as automotive industry, agriculture, wood processing and many more. If you are you looking for powder coating suppliers, this is […]

Intumescent paint

Intumescent paint: Coatings contribute to passive firefighting  Aside from active firefighting measures such as alarms and sprinkler systems, there are passive firefighting actions you can take to protect against fire. Some of these are the use of fire resistant and fire retardant paints. Intumescent paint is the former; a paint which resists fire by swelling […]

Fire resistant paint

Fire resistant paint: insulation against fire Fire resistant coatings belong the group of coatings designed to increase fire safety. A substrate treated with fire resistant paint will be insulated against fire, because of the particular way that it responds to extreme heat. Fire resistant paint is also known as intumescent paint due to the fact that it […]

Powder coating equipment UK

Powder coating equipment for the complete process If your company has its own powder coating line, or if you are planning to set up one, you need professional powder coating equipment. Powder coating equipment covers all machinery needed for powder painting process from start to finish: Pretreatment Powder application (guns, spray booths, fluid beds) Curing […]

Fire retardant paint

Increase your fire protection with fire retardant paint Everyone is concerned about the risk of fire, but thankfully there are fire safety coatings designed to provide extra protection and some peace of mind. Fire retardant paint works by increasing the threshold required to start a fire and preventing ignition and slowing the rate at which […]


High temperature coating

High temperature coating for heat protection When a substrate is continuously subject to extreme temperatures, choosing a heat resistant coating is crucial.  High and low temperatures namely, damage some coatings, which leads to premature maintenance and naturally, brings unexpected costs along. The same happens if the substrate remain untreated. High temperature coating can save you […]

Decorative coating

Beautify any object with decorative coating Generally, coatings have a universal use. Hundreds of different types of coatings and different application methods are available for industrial and decorative coatings. The latter often refers to the consumer coating market. Nonetheless, decorative coatings are also used in architecture and design in commercial buildings. Decorative coating is used, for modifying, polishing, aligning […]

Conformal coating UK

Conformal coating for ESD and other protection Conformal coating (also referred to as electronics coating) is commonly used for electronics protection. It is applied on printed circuit boards (PCB) and related equipment ,to prevent electrostatic discharge (ESD); the sudden electricity flow between two electrically charged components. The coating additionally, protects from harsh operating environments where […]

Coating meaning

Covering a substrate with a substance; coating meaning Coatings are substances which are applied on objects and surfaces to change the substrate’s properties or appearance as well as to protect it from wearing out. There are many different types of coatings and coating applications due to the fact that they are suitable for different substrates […]

Car Coatings

Car coatings for protection and looks The purpose of car coatings is to protect the vehicle from all hazards it might encounter and reduce the need for coating maintenance. The automotive coatings applied during manufacture aim at this, however, the protection can be enhanced later on by other car coating products. The second purpose of […]


Powder coating wood UK

Powder coating now also for wood Achieving a smooth, even surface on wood may be difficult due to the fact that liquid coatings tend to run, sag or dry unevenly in unfavourable circumstances. Additionally, governments are pushing towards lower VOC limits and more environmentally friendly products and processes. Therefore, powder coating wood is an option to […]


Wood coating

Protect wooden surfaces with the right coating Wood is a popular construction and building material not the least due to its beautiful, natural looks. Wood is however, also a cost efficient and durable material which is suitable for example for facades, floors walls and furniture. Therefore, the biggest user of wood coating is the wood […]

Conductive coating for steel

Conductive coatings in general Conductive coatings are electrically or thermally conductive substances of which purpose is to give or strengthen conductive properties on a surfaces.  The applications of these coatings  are usual on semi or non conductive substrates, such as plastic and glass, to make them conductive. Nevertheless, applying conductive coating for steel has also advantages, even […]

UV Instant coating

Minimal downtime and a durable floor wit UV instant coating Imagine a coating system that cures at the speed of light. That a floor is instantly dry and impact resistant only seconds after applying. A dream? Not with the patented Instant Coating from SolidLux. The manufacturer of SolidLux developed instant coating to be able to deliver fast curing industrial floor […]

Fluorescent paint UK

Light emitting fluorescent paint Luminous fluorescent paint is one of the most artistic types of light emitting paint; mainly due to the fact that it is available in many colours and colourful glow. The fluorescent paints are available with a wide range of pigments which guarantee the colour also in day light. The glow is […]

Stain block coating

Stain block coating prevents migration The main purpose of any stain block coating is to prevent stains from migrating from the existing surface to the new coating layer. Stain blocking coatings exist as different products which are applicable on different stages of the paint job. These coatings are: Block primer (application before topcoat) Stain sealer (first […]

Wind energy coatings | Turbine coatings

Wind power in the UK The United Kingdom is among the biggest producers of wind power in the European scale. There are many onshore and offshore wind farms in the UK, due the country’s ideal location. The UK’s biggest onshore wind farm Whitelee in Glasgow, Scotland is also the second biggest in Europe. Additionally, the […]

Emulsion paint

Emulsion paint for any wall in your home An emulsion refers to a fine dispersion of minute droplets of one liquid in another in which it is not soluble or miscible. Emulsion paint, for its part, is a type of decorative coating used for walls, and it consists of pigment bound in a synthetic resin which […]

Sustainable coatings

Make products durable using sustainable coatings When it comes to coatings, the product durability is one of the first thing we consider. The durability is directly linked to environmental sustainability of the products due to the fact that long lasting products reduce the need to re-coat surfaces.  This consequently leads to cutting down waste and […]

Types of coating in the UK

Coating – meaning and synonyms Coating refers to covering a surface or an object with another material. Nonetheless, a coating, as a noun, is covering substance, resulting in a coat. Covering is a synonym for coating. Furthermore, coatings are often referred to as paints even though paint is a type of coating. Other common coating […]

Self healing coating

Self healing coatings now & in the future No coating is a 100% immune to damage. The damage can be visible scratches, gaps or flaking on the layer or invisible corrosion between metal and the coating. To insure maximum protection and retain the looks, the damage must be repaired which costs time and money. Sometimes […]