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Antibacterial Coatings

The difference between anti-microbial and antibacterial coatings Anti-microbial coatings are very common across many industries. These coatings prevent forming and growth of any microorganisms such as algae, fungi and bacteria. Hygienic antibacterial coating for its part, is a form of antimicrobial paints but it is immune only to bacteria, not other microorganisms. Antibacterial coatings thus, eliminate […]

Anti slip paint for wood

Sure foot conditions with anti slip paint for wood Wood is a material often used for floors, decking and stairs, however, it may become dangerously slippery when wet or icy. It is of high importance to make sure that industrial and commercial wooden surfaces have safe foot conditions; also wooden decking and stairs at home […]

Anti reflective coating

Prevent reflection with AR coating Anti reflective coating (AR coating) is a transparent protective coating layer which prevents reflection. Normally you can put this in glasses by using anti reflective coating spray. It is suitable for applications on glass, lenses and displays. When it comes to glass and lenses, it is possible to coat both […]

Powder coating London

Powder coating London: an overview In a city the size of London, it is easy to get lost in the number of choices presented to you. Greater London has many powder coating facilities and suppliers, and the city is within reach of many more. So let us take some of the stress of it out […]

Intumescent paint

Intumescent paint: Coatings contribute to passive firefighting  Aside from active firefighting measures such as alarms and sprinkler systems, there are passive firefighting actions you can take to protect against fire. Some of these are the use of fire resistant and fire retardant paints. Intumescent paint is the former; a paint which resists fire by swelling […]

Fire resistant paint

Fire resistant paint: insulation against fire Fire resistant coatings belong the group of coatings designed to increase fire safety. A substrate treated with fire resistant paint will be insulated against fire, because of the particular way that it responds to extreme heat. Fire resistant paint is also known as intumescent paint due to the fact that it […]

Powder coating equipment UK

Powder coating equipment for the complete process If your company has its own powder coating line, or if you are planning to set up one, you need professional powder coating equipment. Powder coating equipment covers all machinery needed for powder painting process from start to finish: Pretreatment Powder application (guns, spray booths, fluid beds) Curing […]

Fire retardant paint

Increase your fire protection with fire retardant paint Everyone is concerned about the risk of fire, but thankfully there are fire safety coatings designed to provide extra protection and some peace of mind. Fire retardant paint works by increasing the threshold required to start a fire and preventing ignition and slowing the rate at which […]


Heat Resistant Coating

Heat resistant coating for high temperature protection When a substrate is subject to heat and rapid temperature fluctuations, it can lead to surface breakage and corrosion. Electrical and engine components, chimneys and ovens, pipework and chemical plants, all these are exposed to possibly damaging temperatures and conditions. A heat resistant coating (or thermal management coating) […]

Decorative coating

Beautify any object with decorative coating Generally, coatings have a universal use. Hundreds of different types of coatings and different application methods are available for industrial and decorative coatings. The latter often refers to the consumer coating market. Nonetheless, decorative coatings are also used in architecture and design in commercial buildings. Decorative coating is used, for modifying, polishing, aligning […]

Conformal coating UK

Conformal coating for ESD and other protection Conformal coating (also referred to as electronics coating) is commonly used for electronics protection. It is applied on printed circuit boards (PCB) and related equipment ,to prevent electrostatic discharge (ESD); the sudden electricity flow between two electrically charged components. The coating additionally, protects from harsh operating environments where […]

Coating meaning

Covering a substrate with a substance; coating meaning Coatings are substances which are applied on objects and surfaces to change the substrate’s properties or appearance as well as to protect it from wearing out. There are many different types of coatings and coating applications due to the fact that they are suitable for different substrates […]


Powder coating wood UK

Powder coating now also for wood Achieving a smooth, even surface on wood may be difficult due to the fact that liquid coatings tend to run, sag or dry unevenly in unfavourable circumstances. Additionally, governments are pushing towards lower VOC limits and more environmentally friendly products and processes. Therefore, powder coating wood is an option to […]


Wood coating

Protect wooden surfaces with the right coating Wood is a popular construction and building material not the least due to its beautiful, natural looks. Wood is however, also a cost efficient and durable material which is suitable for example for facades, floors walls and furniture. Therefore, the biggest user of wood coating is the wood […]

Conductive coating for steel

Conductive coatings in general Conductive coatings are electrically or thermally conductive substances of which purpose is to give or strengthen conductive properties on a surfaces.  The applications of these coatings  are usual on semi or non conductive substrates, such as plastic and glass, to make them conductive. Nevertheless, applying conductive coating for steel has also advantages, even […]

UV Instant coating

Minimal downtime and a durable floor wit UV instant coating Imagine a coating system that cures at the speed of light. That a floor is instantly dry and impact resistant only seconds after applying. A dream? Not with the patented Instant Coating from SolidLux. The manufacturer of SolidLux developed instant coating to be able to deliver fast curing industrial floor […]

Fluorescent paint UK

Light emitting fluorescent paint Luminous fluorescent paint is one of the most artistic types of light emitting paint; mainly due to the fact that it is available in many colours and colourful glow. The fluorescent paints are available with a wide range of pigments which guarantee the colour also in day light. The glow is […]

Stain block coating

Stain block coating prevents migration The main purpose of any stain block coating is to prevent stains from migrating from the existing surface to the new coating layer. Stain blocking coatings exist as different products which are applicable on different stages of the paint job. These coatings are: Block primer (application before topcoat) Stain sealer (first […]

Wind energy coatings | Turbine coatings

Wind power in the UK The United Kingdom is among the biggest producers of wind power in the European scale. There are many onshore and offshore wind farms in the UK, due the country’s ideal location. The UK’s biggest onshore wind farm Whitelee in Glasgow, Scotland is also the second biggest in Europe. Additionally, the […]

Emulsion paint

Emulsion paint for any wall in your home An emulsion refers to a fine dispersion of minute droplets of one liquid in another in which it is not soluble or miscible. Emulsion paint, for its part, is a type of decorative coating used for walls, and it consists of pigment bound in a synthetic resin which […]

Sustainable coatings

Make products durable using sustainable coatings When it comes to coatings, the product durability is one of the first thing we consider. The durability is directly linked to environmental sustainability of the products due to the fact that long lasting products reduce the need to re-coat surfaces.  This consequently leads to cutting down waste and […]

Types of coating in the UK

Coating – meaning and synonyms Coating refers to covering a surface or an object with another material. Nonetheless, a coating, as a noun, is covering substance, resulting in a coat. Covering is a synonym for coating. Furthermore, coatings are often referred to as paints even though paint is a type of coating. Other common coating […]

Self healing coating

Self healing coatings now & in the future No coating is a 100% immune to damage. The damage can be visible scratches, gaps or flaking on the layer or invisible corrosion between metal and the coating. To insure maximum protection and retain the looks, the damage must be repaired which costs time and money. Sometimes […]

Medical coatings

Medical coatings contribute to better healthcare Medical coatings refer to those applied on medical devices and equipment as well as surfaces in health care environments such as hospitals and dentist clinics. The equipment as any other products must be cost effective; however, the medical equipment also has to meet other requirements such as: Compliance to […]

Self smoothing epoxy coating

Self smoothing epoxy coating repairs even uneven floors When you picture an epoxy floor coating you are probably visualising a self smoothing epoxy coating. It is, namely, the most often used epoxy floor type. Self leveling epoxy coating is an excellent overlay for uneven floors, for it can repair run-down concrete and be used as a smooth […]

Primers, sealers and finishes

A paint job from start to finish As many know, a perfect finish often requires several layers of different products. The first layer applied on untreated surface is often a sealer or a primer paint. If one is applied, the other one is not needed. A finish is the top layer which is “finishing” the […]

Packaging coatings

The global and UK packaging coatings market Globally, the packaging coatings market is huge in size and has connections to a wide range of other industries. The worldwide packaging industry is rapidly growing and it is forecast to reach an annual revenue of $975 billion by 2018. Packaging coating is in close relation to the packaging industry and has […]

Solar panel coating

Coating for solar panels to reduce maintenance Solar power is a promising source of renewable energy and it is produced by capturing sun light with photovoltaic (PV) cell  panels. Researchers across the globe are looking to improve and protect these solar panels to increase their efficiency and durability to eventually allow maximum energy generation. The panels’ efficiency […]

Anti fungal paint

Reduce long term maintenance costs with anti fungal paint Fungi such as mould and mildew are a blight of many British buildings: 1 in 18 buildings suffer from damp problems of some sort in the UK. Therefore, anti fungal paint is a very good idea: it is suitable for new buildings to make sure they’ll […]

Paints and Coatings jobs

Become part of the fast moving coating industry The paints and coatings industry is one the most important industries of the United Kingdom. That is why it always offers many interesting paints and coatings jobs and opportunities for people with an interest in paints, coatings and chemicals. Many coating companies are looking for new talented […]

Line marking paint UK

Line marking paint for roads, factories and many more surfaces Line marking paint includes all coatings used for drawing lines on roads, sports fields and other surfaces such as factory floors. The type of line marking coating is dependent on the location and environment of the lines. For example grass line marking paint (for example […]

Industrial coatings

Achieve extreme durability with industrial coating Sometimes, it can be difficult to determine the best coating system for an application due to the extremely wide range of options. This counts also for industrial coatings, which are applied on goods during manufacture, or applied in industrial environments. What all industrial coatings have in common is that […]

Instant paintable caulk

Innovative instant paintable caulk Sealants and fillers are most often silicone sealants which unfortunately are not successfully paintable. Therefore, an acrylic filler is a wiser choice when you want to paint over it; these fillers however have a rather long drying time and they must absolutely be completely dry before painting on them. If you […]

Polyurethane foam UK

Polyurethane foam for sealing and insulating Polyurethane is a very versatile material which allows creative solutions in construction. PU foam is widely used in for example mattresses, car seats and thermal and sound insulation. Polyurethane foam spray is however, the most common in construction due to the fact that it works as a sealant on many […]

Sealants & Adhesives

Fill gaps and cracks with sealants Sealants are essential in construction and reparation in filling gaps, voids, joints and cracks. Different types of sealants are available depending on the type of construction; they may be flexible or rigid; non-sagging or self-levelling. Sealants form seal gaskets, strips or glands between panels or tiles.  They are used […]

Seed coating

Protect seeds and your investment Simply put a seed coating is spraying a synthetic polymer on a seed resulting in a thin cover. The coating adheres to the seed and prevents loss of nutrients, plant hormones and also fungicides. Some of the newest seed coatings are temperature dependent and water resistant. Most of all people […]


Wood cladding paint

Wood cladding paint increases durability Cladding refers to wall or roof panels which protect the material underneath it. Cladding is available in many materials of which wood is the most popular in residential buildings. Wood as a material is visually appealing, strong and long-lasting. Moreover, it is considerably sustainable comparing to some of its alternatives. However, […]

Specialty paint finishes

Specialty paint finishes offer off-the shelf solutions Not all products and projects are the same. Sometimes a special colour, effect or texture is required to get that perfect finish. If you are looking for a custom made solution, specialty paint finishes might just be what you are looking for! Specialty finishes are mostly active in three […]

Antimicrobial coating

Prevent microorganism from forming on different surfaces The demand for antimicrobial coating is ever increasing especially on the sector of health care where antimicrobial environment is a must! The coatings also contribute to cleaner inside air and reduce allergic reactions. The purpose of antimicrobial coatings is to prevent microorganism from forming on different surfaces. Therefore, it is […]

Roof coatings London

Increase durability with roof coatings in London In London there are common types of roofs being flat roofs and inverted pitched roofs, also know as the London roofs. These roofs require maintenance and roof coatings every now and then; leaking is the most common problem, but what causes it is: Too flat roof and inconvenient […]

Drone coating inspection

Futuristic coating inspections with drones The world’s leading coating manufacturer AkzoNobel is currently cooperating with Barrier Group, an operator of oils and gas tankers, and the UK based technology company DroneOps to realise drone coating inspection for ballast tanks and other difficult to reach areas. Akzo Nobel believes that in the future drones can provide […]

Photoluminescent paint

Photoluminescent paint glows in the dark Photoluminescent paint (PL paint) is a special coating system which is capable of glowing in the dark and low light circumstances.  It is usually strontium aluminate coating system, even though use of other materials is also possible. This unique coating charges up by natural or artificial UV light as well […]

Graphene coating

The miracle material of the 21st century – Graphene Graphene is a two dimensional carbon atom layer which is extremely strong, light, flexible as well as thermally and electrically conductive. Graphene coating naturally has similar properties. As a matter of fact, graphene is the strongest, lightest and most conductive substance ever discovered. Naturally, the material […]

Smog eating coating

Self cleaning, smog eating coating for skyscrapers The New York based engineering materials and solutions company, Arconic, envisioned a three-mile-high skyscraper covered in a smog eating coating. It is only 2017, but the company is already looking 45 years in the future. Arconic’s engineers worked with futurists to imagine the technologies that will be most favourable […]

UV resistant coating

2 definitions of UV coating UV coating can either refer to coatings which protect surfaces from ultra violet light by blocking it, or to coatings which cure under UV radiation. This article focuses on the first one; UV resistant coating. Industrial UV resistant exterior paint Ultra violet (UV) radiation is one of the main causes […]

Steel and cladding coatings

Cladding coatings for shop fronts and commercial buildings Cladding is a cover which protects exteriors of buildings and improves their looks. It is common on shop fronts and on other commercial buildings but is also becoming more and more popular on residential buildings. Cladding has both decorative and functional purposes: it protects the underlying material […]

Coating London

Coating London; it is everywhere One might not notice but coatings are everywhere. Especially in London: thanks to different types of coating London becomes safer, cleaner and cozier by day! Anti graffiti and pee back coatings protect public buildings, anti slip coating increases safety on streets and stairs and intumescent paint generally reduces fire hazard […]

Non slip paint for concrete

Non slip paint for concrete makes floors and steps safer Without non slip paint for concrete, floors in garages, parking lots and factories could be extremely slippery; so would stairs and steps. Fortunately such a solution as concrete anti slip coating exists. Creating anti slip concrete can prevent many accidents in public places, factories and workshops; why […]