Car Coatings

red and blue cars with car paint and car protection coating

Car coatings for protection and looks

The purpose of car coatings is to protect the vehicle from all hazards it might encounter and reduce the need for coating maintenance. The automotive coatings applied during manufacture aim at this, however, the protection can be enhanced later on by other car coating products. The second purpose of car coatings naturally is the looks: the car paints defines the appearance of the car and can even be used for creating custom looks.

Car coatings in general refer to all coatings used during the manufacture and coatings applied to the car later on. In this article we will take a look at the following types of car coating:

  • Automotive paints and vehicle refinishes for car exteriors;
  • Car paint protection coatings (glass and ceramic nano coatings).

Types of car paint to choose from

There are mainly two different processes for coating car. Firstly, automotive coatings are applied on cars and other vehicles during the production phase. Secondly, coating car after production is done with vehicle refinishes.

When one is buying a new car, after choosing the brand and type, the most difficult decision is choosing the colour. The range of standard colours is already wide but it is also possible to order a different colour due to the fact that car paints, just like other coatings, can be tinted with different mixtures of pigments. And it’s not even only the colour you must choose; you should also decide on the finish.

The types of car paint finishes are:

Types of car paint: solid (up left), metallic (up right), pearlescent (down left) and matt paint (down right).

Types of car paint: solid (up left), metallic (up right), pearlescent (down left) and matt paint (down right).

  • Solid paint;
    the non-cost option usually available in solid shades of white, black, blue and red;
  • Metallic car paint;
    the shinier variant of solid paint containing metal (usually aluminium) powder to give it extra shine;
  • Pearlescent paint;
    even shinier due to ceramic flakes used in the coating mixture;
  • Matt finishes;
    available for some niche vehicles usually in black or grey colour;
  • Special paints;
    created by a combination of effects too numerous to categorise individually, largely consisting of layering paints on top of each other.

In addition to the car paint that defines the colour and finish, each car receives a clear coating that seals the paint and provides additional protection.

Longer shine with Car Paint Protection Coating

Even though cars have a protective clear coat as a standard, you can enhance the protection even more by applying a car coating that protects the underlying paint. You could of course use the traditional waxes and sealants; but you can also choose for glass or ceramic car coating, the newest sensation in the car industry!

These coatings are extremely durable and even resistant to small scratches! They exist as two types:

  1. Glass coating
  2. Ceramic coating

What is good to know is that these car coatings are not truly made of glass or ceramics; the purpose of the names is solely to communicate the toughness of the coatings to the public.

Advantages of car paint protection coatings

  1. Paint Protection
  2. Resistant to light scratches
  3. Enhanced shine
  4. Dirt, bird feces and chemical spills will no longer harm the paint
  5. Protection against colour fading (due to UV rays)

Ceramic car coating

Ceramic car coating in turn, is less durable; application provides shine and protection for 6 to 8 months, after which you should reapply. Ceramic coating also protects the car repelling water and preventing contamination on the surface.

Car coating is worth the money

It is know that the ceramic and glass car coatings are available at rather high price. It is not only the product that costs a lot but also the application. Especially the glass coating requires thorough surface preparation prior to application. This is hardly possible in a regular garage: you really need a dust free environment. Therefore, it is the best to let a certified car paint shop do the job.

All the trouble and costs make one thing whether the car coatings are worth it at all; we say they are worth every penny! This is supposing that you have the commitment to maintain the coating accordingly.

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