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European Coil Coating Association – ECCA

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The UK is also part of the European Coil Coating Association (ECCA). The ECCA sets quality performance standards, promotes coil coatings from environmental, cost effective and quality perspectives as well as increases coil coating awareness by providing education and training. The association in the UK represents the British coil coating companies and runs a program for university design students.

List of coil coating manufacturers in the UK

You can find many coil coating manufacturers in the UK, we selected 4 with the most variety of special coatings and services to treat metal and steel.

Company / ManufacturerSpecialistAddress
Cooper Coated Coil Ltd (Coil Coating Manufacturing)Coil Coating: Non-stick, Heat Resistant, Wear Resistant, Adhesive Coating and Decorative Coatings38 – 39 Planetary Industrial Estate Wolverhampton, UK WV13 3XB
Coilcolor LtdTypes of Coil Coating: Anti-Corrosion, Scratch Resistant and Colour / Decorative CoatingsWhitehead Estate, Docks Way, Newport, Gwent, NP20 2NW
Capital Coated Steel LtdCoil Coating: Decorative CoatingsNorth Blackvein Industrial Estate Wattsville, Newport NP11 7PX
Henkel Ltd. Coil Coating: Industrial Adhesives (Abrasion Resistant, Anti-Corrosion, Decorative, Chemical Resistant, Corrosion Protection, Hot Seal, Weldable and Underbody)Wood Lane End Hemel Hempstead, Herts HP2 4RQ United Kingdom

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  • Read our metal coating guidance in the UK if you are looking for any other types of metal coating and manufacturers.

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