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A shiny concrete paint can increase the brightness and safety of a space

Epoxy coating for protection and strength

Epoxy coating is a hard-wearing, chemical and acid resistant layer which is an ideal coating for many different surfaces. Also called epoxy paint, it is a two component system (similar to polyurethane paint) which forms a liquid plastic when the components are combined, and then dries solid. These components are an epoxy resin (an adhesive), and a curing agent or hardener. Together they create a powerfully adhesive coating, perfect for creating durable surfaces to suit your needs. Epoxy paint creates tough surfaces which are resistant to abrasion, chemicals and acids, as well as being easy to clean and attractive.

Durable and flexible: Epoxy coating to suit all your needs

Applying an epoxy floor coating

Applying an epoxy floor coating

The most common use for epoxy coatings is flooring systems. Because they are so durable and resistant as well as being low maintenance, they have endless applications in homes, industries, schools, hospitals, and laboratories. Epoxy floorings can also be decorative, with many colours and designs available.

The corrosion resistant properties of epoxy resin paint make it perfect for coating and protecting metals. In this capacity they are used for:

  • lining cargo tanks and providing tank coating on cargo ships, not only to prevent corrosion but also contamination between cargoes
  • coating steel structures such as pipelines and water treatment plants
  • primers or sealers for coating boats

If you don’t happen own to a steel pipeline, epoxy paints also work as excellent swimming pool paints and coatings.

Epoxy coating cheat sheet

Self leveling floor coating: Suitable for damaged concrete as a primer, and as a topcoat on new and old concrete surfaces. Also known as self smoothing epoxy floor coating.

Epoxy resin flooring for home and industry

Epoxy resin flooring for home and industry

Self dispersing epoxy paint: Suitable for areas which endure heavy mechanical loads and abrasion. Excellent mechanical strength, also available containing quartz sand to create an anti slip surface.

Mortar epoxy floor coating: The strongest epoxy floor coating common in industrial applications. Also used for repairing cracks in concrete before coating.

Epoxy terrazzo paint: Decorative epoxy floor used in hallways and building entrances. Easy to clean.

Antistatic epoxy coating: Used in areas which require an absolutely static free environment, for example where static sensitive electronic components are present such as laboratories, hospitals, and electronics equipment manufacturing plants.

Vapor barrier epoxy paint: This is applied directly onto concrete floors to provide an impenetrable surface that reduces vapor transmission to nearly zero. These epoxy coatings are typically applied prior to adding the final flooring surface such as sheet vinyl, tile, carpet, or hardwood floors.

100% solids epoxy floors: This is the most durable epoxy, lasting up to 20 years even when subjected to heavy human traffic or on surfaces exposed to heat, abrasions and chemicals. It also only needs one coat, as it dries to the thickness at which it is applied.

Buying epoxy coating UK

Have you considered all the options and worked out what coating is right for you? If you are still not sure, check out our pages on epoxy flooring, self-leveling epoxy, and polyurethane paints for more information, or our garage floor paints page for more specific details.

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