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Floor coating for decoration, protection & durability

Floors are often subject to heavy mechanical loads, abrasion as well as dirt and other contamination.  Therefore, it is crucial to protect floors with appropriate floor coatings, which also increases surface durability. The looks of a floor can also be affected by adding applying coatings. Floor costings however don’t only refer to the floor paint; the top layer of floors, but includes also systems underneath the topcoat such as damp proofing coatings and floor sealers.

The most common floor coating applications takes place on existing floors as a durable topcoat. However, there are also floor coating suitable for applications on on untreated, painted and damaged surfaces.

Functional industrial floor coatings

Naturally, also the industrial floor coatings are designed to protect the floor. However, especially in industrial environments, the floor coatings tend to have also functional and safety increasing properties.  Example of such coatings include for example:

  • Antibacterial coatings for floors (and walls) for example in the food & beverage industry
  • Non slip coating to increase safety in factories, workshops and other work places
  • Anti-static coating

Garage floor coating

Epoxy & polyurethane coatings for garage floors

Epoxy & polyurethane coatings for garage floors

A suitable floor coating for concrete garage floor significantly increases the durability of the surface and makes it resistant to abrasion and heavy loads when necessary. Thre are mainly two types of floor coatings for concrete; garage floors are most often concrete, therefore, these coatings are also suitable as garage floor coating.

Epoxy floor coating

Epoxy coatings are ideal for floors in factory environments and garages. The coating makes the floor chemical and abrasion resistant. Epoxy floor coating is always a 2K system. They are suitable to use either as a primer on uneven concrete or as a matt top coat on existing floors.

PU floor paint

Polyurethane (PU) coatings are often 2 component (2K) systems. They are however also available as 1 pot products, which supports user friendliness. These floor coatings are most common in office buildings, schools and apartments but they are also applicable on garage floors. PU paint is often a cheaper flooring option than epoxy but it is also less durable on areas with heavy abrasion and mechanical loads.

Epoxy and PU coatings are also suitable as industrial floor coatings.

Wood floor finishes

Wood is a beautiful, natural flooring material and therefore very popular. It however, also needs protection. Floor paint for wood can also change the appearance of the floor by providing a glossy finish. Nonetheless, the coating must be suitable for the wood floor type, otherwise floor paint may cause more harm than benefits.  What makes the difference, is choosing the right product and proper preparation of the surface.

The floor paint for wood consists of three categories; penetrating, semi penetrating and surface coatings. For example, Danish oil is a penetrating wood finish where as hard wax oil is a semi penetrating solution. The surface coatings include floor varnishes.

Floor coatings London, UK contractors and suppliers

When it comes to floor coating London availability is the best in the UK even though the products are available across the country. The floor paint UK prices are dependent on the product type and volume of the order. There are also differences in floor coating for concrete and for wood.

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