Glass coating for cars

glass coating for cars on a blue mercedes

Glass coating for cars lets them shine like new

Imagine, that you didn’t need to take your car to the wash so often. And you didn’t need to pay for waxing every now and then. And you still would have a car that shines like it were new. Sounds too good to be true, but it doesn’t have to be; ever heard about glass coating for cars?

Glass coating is developed to protect car lacquer from external hazards such as salt, dust, sand, UV- radiation, rain etc.

Letting glass coating applied is one of the newest trends also in the UK. However, you might have heard that it is rather expensive and definitely tricky to apply. Here you will find the answer to the question “is glass coating for cars worth it?”.

Glass coating is not made of glass

Glass coating for car contains silicone dioxide which increases the exterior shine and repels dirt. The coating results in a durable wet look which is desired by many within the industry. Most glass coatings are also self cleaning!

Some glass coating manufacturers give their products up to 7 years guaranty. However, it is valid only if you can proof you have reapplied the coating according to instructions and washed your car regularly.

The big question: is glass coating worth it?

Whether glass coating for cars is the right option for you to protect your car paint, is something you need to decide yourself. We will however, help you a little by listing the pro’s and con’s. There are more pro’s than con’s!

The 5 advantages for Glass coating

  1. It is by far the most durable car paint protection coating;
  2. It protects the car from scratches;
  3. Your car will shine like it were new;
  4. The car won’t need washing that often: contaminants do not adhere;
  5. Neither the glass coating nor sunlight changes the colour of your car.

Glass coating for cars may seem like a good idea on first sight, but there are three main points that might make you think twice.

  1. Glass coating is significantly more expensive than regular wax;
  2. It must be applied by a professional due to the complicated preparation process;
  3. If the coating is applied wrong, the consequences may be costly.

The fact is that there are many glass coatings and at least as many applicators. It is good to remember that there are remarkable differences between the applicators. Thus, do not leave your car to be coated before doing some research on the applicator.

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