Kashima coating

Kashima coat for bikers’ fork tubes and rear shocks

Mountain bike and motorcycle lovers are always looking for the best coating for their bikes to improve their performance. The ideal coating would be a unique system which absorbs shocks and can withstands high pressure on fork tubes. Finally, there is a solution that pleases most bikers: Kashima coating!

Kashima is a hard but lubricating coating which is resistant to abrasion and therefore, more durable than traditional coatings for forks and shock bodies. It however, is also more expensive. If you are still wondering whether Kashima is worth the investment, you have come to the right place.

Here you will read about Kashima coating and its benefits as well as who sells it and where to get it.

What is Kashima coating actually?

Kashima coating is an invention of the Japanese Miyaki Company. They managed to create the coating by lubricating molybdenum disulphide to aluminium with assistance of an electrical current. This reaction resulted in a new kind of extremely liquid and smooth anodic coating which also fills all the tiny imperfections on the surface, making it smoother than alternative coatings.

kashima coat

“Kashima coating has better lubrication and corrosion resistance compared to other common types of coating such as Teflon, graphite, and tungsten disulphide.”

Furthermore, Kashima coating remains functional in extreme weather conditions and it has, in general, longer life expectancy. It also never exfoliates. Next to extreme durability, the main purpose of the coating is thus reducing friction and providing a smoother ride.

5 reasons to go Kashima

Many mountain bikers are already sold on the many benefits Kashima coating has on rough terrain. They are also praising the coating for its abrasion resistance and properties to keep the fork flawless and clean.

  1. Extreme durability and minimum need for maintenance
  2. Outstanding corrosion resistance
  3. Shock insulation
  4. Smooth surface, smoother than any other coating creates
  5. Appealing appearance

Regularly applying a new layer of coating to your mountain bike or motorcycle is a thing of the past. You only need one layer of Kashima to create a durable layer with many benefits. Other coatings used in the automotive, motor and bicycle industry, such as TiNitride and DLC (Diamond Like Coating) were not invented specifically for aluminium surfaces and have more disadvantages.kashima coating

But is it really worth the money?

“Kashima coating is the best currently available coating for fork tubes and shock bodies. Especially when maximum performance of a bicycle or motorcycle is required.”

According to experts, Kashima coat is the best you can get for your bike. However, at the end it’s all about your own experience. Some say they do not notice any other difference but the colour whereas others claim the coating changes everything.

“Kashima coating seems to work best on off-road vehicles which are often ridden. Occasional Sunday riders usually do not notice any difference besides the golden colour.”

It also depends on where you let the coating applied. On fork tubes and shock bodies it seems to work just fine. However, we would not recommend it for rear shocks since they generally have low amounts of friction and negligible durability concerns. This does not mean that Kashima would not be suitable, it is just not worth it; for another coating will do the same job.

On forks they are worth it if you ride a lot in harsh weather or road conditions; you will notice the difference. It is also a good option to extend periods between maintenance and regular service intervals.

kashima coating

Kashima coating service and distributors in the UK

Within the bike industry FoxShox has the exclusive license to distribute the coating, also in the UK.  It is possible to purchase Fox products with Kashima coating or to make use of coating services to Kashima up your bike. In the UK the following companies provide Kashima products and services.

Company Address Phone
Mojo Suspension Hoodoo Ltd 2 RBF Business Centre
Pontymister Industrial Estate
Risca, Newport
NP11 6NP
+44 (0) 163 361 5815
G Force suspension services 2 Wanless Ln,
Hexham NE46 1BZ
 +44 (0) 778 711 6492
Exxtreme MX info@exxtrememx.com  –

Kashima coating cost

The cost of Kashima is a hot topic among bikers for it is more expensive than regular anodising. The rather high pricing is a result of limited availability and unique properties which make the ride smoother and reduce the need for maintenance.

“So, here’s the deal: you pay a little more for a Kashima coat which lasts longer than other coatings meaning that you don’t pay that often for maintenance.” 

On the long run, Kashima coating may even turn out to be cheaper than anodising or other coatings that require regular maintenance. In the following table you will find some Kashima price indications.

Service/ product Price
 Kashima coating on fork tubes £400
 Kashima coating on shock body £375
 Kashima coating on shock body and fork tubes  £550
 Transfer post with Kashima coat  £320
 Sleeve assy with Kashima coat  £63 – £70
 FOX air shock with Kashima  £600


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  1. Ovidiu Dedeaga
    Ovidiu Dedeaga says:

    I have an old factory superbike fork , a WP RCMA 5000.
    can you please tell me if you can recoat 9kashima , DLC or ti nitride )the stanchions or the fork inner tubes and service the thing ( seals and bushing) ?
    thank you very much


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