Oleophobic coating

oleophobic coating on window repels oils and water

Oleophobic coating improves performance and increases reliability

Oleophobic coating refers to a coating product which forms a film that has the ability to repel oils and oily substances. Oleophobic literally means “afraid of oils”; the effect is visible when the coated surface becomes exposed to oils; instead of sticking to the surface and becoming a smudge, the oil “droplets” roll off the surface.

This effect in industrial oleophobic coating can be a game changer in several sectors including pipelines, machine building and medical industries. The coating namely, makes surfaces easy to clean, or even self cleaning, water repellent and resistant to oils and chemicals.

After reading this article, you will know whether oleophobic coating can improve your processes; better yet, you’ll know what kind of product you need.

Two coatings to achieve an oleophobic surface

Essentially there are two coatings that result in an oil repelling surface:

  1. Fluoropolymer coatings
  2. Nano-structured coatings

The big difference between the two is the film thickness. Where fluoropolymer coatings usually form a thick low-friction film, nanocoatings result in an optically clear, thin film which has minor effect on weight and size.

4 sectors in which oleophobic coatings make a difference

Oleophobic coatings are suitable for most metals, plastics and glass. They are the most effective in grimy and oily environments where the oils and dirt may affect the functioning of a machine or piece of equipment.

In the following we’ll take a closer look at the five sectors where oleophobic coatings are essential.

1. Medical equipment

Oleophobic coatings are very common in medical equipment such as surgeon’s knives and needles to keep them clean and reduces the risk of residue of contaminants on the equipment.
Suitable coatings: nano-structured oleophobic coatings.

2. Pipes and tubes

Also pipes and tubes benefit from oleophobic properties: the coatings can be applied on the exterior of for example pipelines and as a lining on the inside. The exterior coatings keep the surface clean and prolong the operational life of the pipes and tubes. The oleophobic linings for their part, improve the flow of fluids in the pipes.
Suitable coatings: usually fluoropolymer coatings, but nanocoatings are also applicable especially inside the pipes and tubes.

3. Machine components

Machine building is one of the sectors where the use of oleophobic coatings can remarkably increase efficiency: the coating namely makes sure that oil or other contaminants have no chance to hinder the functioning of the machine. This results in improved reliability of the machines and decrease in overall downtime.

industrial oleophobic coating on a smartphone screen vs. no coating

Oleophobic coating does not let the oil adhere to the surface and form a smudge.

Suitable coatings: traditionally fluoropolymers, but more and more nano-oleophobic coating due to light weight and thin film.

4. Consumer goods

Anti-smudge and anti-fingerprint coatings are the oleophobics applied on consumer goods such as screens of smart devices. Also other consumer goods such as cookware may have oleophobic properties. They even come in handy kits for do it yourself purposes.
Suitable coatings: fluoropolymers and nanocoatings, however, nano’s are more often used for the oleophobic purposes, especially on devices and screens.

The leaders in industrial (nano) oleophobic coatings

The oleophobic coatings that rely on nanotechnology are the future of machine building and hygienic equipment. Therefore, we have compiled a brief overview of the industrial oleophobic coating manufacturers of this moment; and some products they offer.

Oleophobic coating manufacturerProduct range

  • Metal Repellency Treatment
  • Multi Surface Oleophobic Treatment
  • Glass Repellency Treatment

Rust-Oleum NeverWet

  • NeverWetOleophobic Repelling Treatment


  • FluoroSyl Anti Fingerprint Coating for Glass
  • FluoroPel Oleophobic Membrane Coating

In case you require any additional information on oleophobic coatings, manufacturers or applications, feel free to contact us. Our coating specialists are happy to help.

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    I have 2 part painted mdf kitchen doors in dark navy. It shows every finger print. No handles just push open… any suggestion for an anti fingerprint treatment? There is 8 doors. Thanks martina

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    I am interested in one of your product, wipes or fusso kit, that I could use as protection from dirt and grease on glasses.
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    Dear Coating.co.uk,

    I would like to apply oelophobic coating on the pastic screen protector of my mobile phone that results in a smooth and transparent display that does not collect grease.
    It should last at least a year or so.

    Could you recommend some good and affordable products for this purpose?



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