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four houses coated with exterior wood paint and outdoor paint for masonry

Quick guide to buying outdoor paint

You wish to change the colour of your masonry facade or give a fresh look to you garden furniture. For that you will need outdoor paint which is strong enough to endure exposure to rain, heat, UV rays and other natural phenomena. However, choosing the best outdoor paint is not that simple. There are numerous factors to consider before picking the paint; and the enormous product availability does not make it any easier.

Fortunately, you have found our outdoor paint buying guide which will help you pick the best product for your project!

The best outdoor paint is only 4 questions away

After answering the following questions, you will have an idea of the best outdoor paint for your project.

  • What material you wish to coat?
  • In what condition is the substrate?
  • What do you want to achieve by painting the substrate?
  • How long time do you have, to invest in the project?

The most common outdoor substrate types are wood and masonry. Depending on the state of the substrate, it may require time consuming preparation. Therefore, you might check if there are products that hide imperfections and don’t require much surface preparation, but still provide the wished colour, gloss and durability.

Tip: If your time is limited, choose for a quick drying outdoor paint.

Now, let’s look at the different substrates and the spectrum of products suitable for them.

Colour and character with outdoor paint

Wood is a naturally beautiful material which however, deteriorates fast outdoors if not protected appropriately. The outdoor wood paints are suitable for example for garden furniture, sheds, fences, doors, decking and playhouses. These garden paints and other treatments exist as paints, varnishes, oils and stains. Let’s see for what they are suitable.

Spruce up your fence and shed with outdoor paint

A shed with blue green opaque shed paint

Opaque shed paint is the most durable solution

Wooden fences and sheds can easily be given a new look, or minor damage and signs of aging can be fixed with a lick paint, or another coating. If you wish to give a colour to your shed or fence, you should go for garden paint. The shed paints are available in many different colours and can be tinted into a custom shade.

Tip: For the best looks choose for a shed paint with satin or matt finish.

If you wish for more natural look for your shed or fence, you should choose for a wood stain soaks into the wood and retains the wood grains visible, and still provides sufficient protection from the elements. Note that an opaque shed paint is always more resistant to UV light than semi-transparent systems.

Fence paint extra: If you are looking to quickly paint your fence, you might consider spray paint such as Cuprinol One Coat Sprayable Fence Treatment.

Outdoor paint to protect your decking

Decking is the part of your garden which is subject to foot traffic and therefore, it requires a special coating. The best option is to apply a decking coating that soaks into the wood. The two best options are thus, decking stain and nourishing decking oil. Regular garden paints are not recommended for decking due to the fact that they wear fast when subject to foot traffic.

Garden paint for furniture to let it live longer

Worn out wooden garden furniture doesn’t always mean it’s time to get a new set. You can also breathe life into the table and chairs by painting or otherwise treating them. Regardless of the look you wish to achieve, there is a product for your project!

Almost any product that goes with the name garden paint is suitable for wooden garden furniture. There are many brands, colours and shades to choose from, like Ronseal Garden Paint product line. Garden furniture paint is the best option when you want to colour your garden.

To keep the looks as natural as possible, consider applying varnish on the furniture. It however, forms a film on the wood, and gives a gloss. If you are aiming at a natural colour and texture, a garden furniture stain is a better option.

Choose the best outdoor paint for you project

Shed and fence paintCuprinolLess Mess Fence Care£ 2.00 per 1 L4.5 sq m
Garden paintWilkoGarden Colour£ 4.00 per 1 L10 sq m
Wood stainRonsealQuick Drying Woodstain£ 18.60 per 1 L18 sq m
Clear outdoor varnishWilkoQuick Dry Ultra Tough Varnish Clear£ 11.30 per 1 L12 sq m
Decking oilRonsealUltimate Decking Oil£ 4.00 per 1 L10 sq m
Decking oilWilkoDecking Oil Natural Oak£ 7.20 per 1 L11 sq m
Stain for garden furnitureCuprinolGarden Furniture Hardwood Stain£ 12.60 per 1 L20 sq m

Might you need any further information on these or other exterior wood paints and coatings, do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll provide you with an answer within one business day.

5 tips to succeed in painting exterior wood

  1. Never use an interior paint outdoors
  2. Preparation is the foundation for successful paint job
  3. Do not mix paints from different manufacturers
  4. Never ever paint on damp wood
  5. Check the weather forecast before you start painting.

Extra: invest in good quality primers and paint; often more expensive is better but absolutely worth it! However, remember that if you apply solvent borne primers, the other coatings must also be solvent borne. Same counts for water based paint; it is compatible only with water based primers.

Outdoor paint also works for masonry

Outdoor masonry paint can give a whole new look to your house or garage; as long as it has brick, pebbledash, concrete or stone walls. Masonry paint is available in many colours, more than you might think, actually; tinting is also possible.

flats treated with exterior masonry paint

Facade treated with smooth masonry paint for exterior

The best exterior masonry paint has three main characteristics:

  1. Flexibility
  2. Breathability
  3. Watertightness

These paints should retain the properties at all times; therefore such coatings usually have guaranteed 15  maintenance-free years.

Masonry paints exist in two main types:

Smooth masonry paint is the product for you, if you are coating a large surface that might get stains; it namely is easy and quick to apply. It is additionally, somewhat easier to clean than textured surfaces due to the smooth finish. This exterior paint is ideal for example in masonry houses in London.

Textured masonry paint in turn, provides more durability, and it is recommended for harsh environments as experienced on the coastal areas like in Aberdeen or Bournemouth. It is also ideal for covering little imperfections on the surface which makes it ideal for older houses.

Exterior masonry paint products in the UK

Smooth masonry paintWilko15 Year Smooth Masonry Paint Country Cream£ 3.40 per 1 L10 sq m
Smooth masonry paintSandtexUltra Smooth Masonry Paint Pure Brilliant White£ 7.20 per 1 L14 sq m
Waterproofing coatingRust-Oleum Mathys Murfill waterproofing coating£ 9.00 per Kg2 sq m
Textured masonry paintSandtexTextured Masonry Country Stone£ 6.20 per 1 L6.5 sq m
Textured masonry paintLeylandGranocryl Textured Masonry Paint£ 2.60 per 1 L5 sq m

Curious for more information? Share your project with us and we will find you the best masonry paint.

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