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Powder coating prices: here’s what you can expect

Looking for powder coating prices; do you wish to let rims or wheels powder coated, or are you looking to apply them yourself? Whatever the case, you may still be wondering; how much does powder coating cost? You have come to the right place!

In this article we provide you with an overview of powder coating pricing for industrial applications, do-it-yourself jobs and powder coating services.

Powder coating prices are always dependent on the type of powder and application method. Also the object and the volume of powder have an impact on the price; usually, the kilo price of the powder decreases when the volume increases. It is thus, more beneficial for bigger projects than for small objects.

Determining the prices of industrial powder coatings

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When it comes to industrial powder coating applications, the powders are usually directly inquired from the manufacture. Additionally the prices can vary enormously depending on the manufacture, type of powder and the nature of the contract with the supplier.

Therefore, it is best to contact the supplier for price tailored quotes for bigger projects.

See our overview of powder coating manufacturers in the UK.

Overview of average powder coating costs in UK

The average powder coating costs in UK is dependent on what you wish to let coated and where you let it done. London, for example, has its own unique pricing. Keep in mind that the cheapest is not always the best!

There are powder coating applicators of different quality regarding the powders and equipment they use.

To give an indication on powder coating pricing, we put together a powder coating price list including the most common items that are brought to powder coating paint shops. These prices are merely indications and not exact prices. They however, create an ideal of how much does powder coating cost.

Category Part Powder coat cost
Car parts Axles £150
Car parts Drums £25
Car parts Suspension arms (bottom/ top) £15
Car parts Prop shaft £50 (excl. re-balancing)
 Car parts Gear box casing £60
 Car parts Rocker cover £30- £50
 Car parts Wheels From £45
 Car parts Brake plate £28
 Car parts Bumber From £35
 Motorcycle parts Frame coating Up to £300
 Motorcycle parts Wheels (front and rear) From £95
 Motorcycle parts Wheel rim only From £40
 Motorcycle parts Sissy bar £27
 Motorcycle parts Head lamp shell £23
 Motorcycle parts Engine covers from £18
 Motorcycle parts Brake rotor (disc) £22- £37
 Bicycle parts Frame coating from  £45
 Bicycle parts Front forks £18- £65
 Bicycle parts Rims up to 18″  £12- £30
 Bicycle parts Rims up to 26″  £14- £35
 Garden furniture Table and four chairs from £300
 Mild steel Beams and plates  £35 per sq m
 Mild steel Galvanized steel £25 per sq m
 Mild steel Aluminium/ stainless steel sheet £15 per sq m

Costs of powder coating at home

When you wish to carry it out yourself, the costs of powder coating at home is formed by:

  • Surface preparation; for example sand blasting and acetone bath
  • Coating equipment; spray gun, protection means and earthing system
  • Coating powder
  • Curing equipment; curing oven, a professional one, or regular – or toaster oven

Powder coating masks

Equipment pricing

In the following table you can find some products and prices such as spray guns and ovens. Note that the prices are only indications and given excluding possible shipping costs.

When it comes to powder coating equipment pricing, it is complicated to define the actual price mainly due to the possibility for shipping costs.

Equipment: Spray guns Brand Price
 10-30 PSI powder coating system  Epic Series  USD 76.99  (about £59.60) + shipping costs
 Powder Coating System starter pack incl. powder and spray gun  Easy Coat  £239.00
  Powder coating system, industrial spray  WANXIN  USD 360.05 (about £279.20) + shipping costs
 Powder coating cup gun  Red Line USD 375.00 (about £290.80)  + shipping costs
Equipment: Ovens Brand Price
Powder coating curing oven  Eastwood   USD 99.99 + shipping costs
 Industrial powder coating oven 2 metres long  UK Powder Coating  £5,950.00
Equipment: Accessories Brand Price
 Mask & goggles  Electrostatic Magic £9.99
 High temperature green polyester masking tape  Electrostatic Magic £6.99

Powder coating powder price list

Planning to buy powder coating powder itself? Take a look into the following powder coating price list to get an idea of the different types of powders and prices.

Metallic shades are often more expensive than non-metallic.

Brand Product Pricing Packaging Where to buy?
 Prismatic Powders  Super Chrome Polyurethane solid tone powder  USD 19.95 (about £15.50) + shipping costs  1 lb (about 0.45 kg) Prismaticpowders.com
 Prismatic Powders  Mixed Berry Polyurethane top coat powder  USD 17.56 ( about £13.60) + shipping costs  1 lb (about 0.45 kg) Prismaticpowders.com
 Symphony Coatings  BS 14C39GL Gloss – Holly Green – Polyester powder  £106.56  (incl. VAT)  20 Kg  Powderpoint.co.uk
 Symphony Coatings  Black Stipple Semi-Gloss 60% BS00E53 – Epoxy polyester powder  £140.57 (incl. VAT)  20 Kg  Powderpoint.co.uk
 Thermaset  Grey aluminium matt/ RAL 9007 – Polyester powder  £228.00 (incl VAT)  20 Kg  Powdercoatingpowder.co.uk
 Thermaset  Light pink gloss/ RAL 3015 – Polyester powder  £127.80 (incl. VAT)  20 Kg  Powdercoatingpowder.co.uk
 Electrostatic Magic  Antique Copper polyester powder  £174.99 (incl. VAT)  5 Kg  Electrostaticmagic.co.uk
 Electrostatic Magic  Cobolt Candy translucent polyester powder, requires base coat
to determine colour
 £9.99 (incl. VAT)  250 g  Electrostaticmagic.co.uk


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