Powder coating

Yellow Powder coating sprayed on a metal substrate

All you need to know about powder coating in the UK

In a nutshell: powder coating is a coating which comes in a form of dry powder and melts on the substrate forming  an extremely durable layer. These coatings exist as thermosets, which are suitable for electrostatic spraying, and as thermoplastics which are applied by dipping the object in a fluidised bath.

Regardless the application method, powder coating results in a tough layer which prevents corrosion and protects the surface from weathering.

Due to the endless possibilities powder coatings provide, they are the most used industrial coatings in the UK. This article is your gateway to learning everything there is to know about powder coating.

6 good reasons to choose for powder coating

Still in doubt whether this coating solution is right for your project? Here are six good reasons to choose for powder!

  1. The coating process is easy to automatise (thus cost efficient on the long run); 
  2. Powders have a shorter curing time than liquid paints;
  3. The coatings remarkably increase durability and decrease need for maintenance;
  4. Powders do not contain solvents, hence they are eco-friendly;
  5. Powders are available in every colour of the rainbow although custom colours may cost more;
  6. Powder paint is suitable for wide range of metals such as steel; and now also for wood and other heat sensitive materials!

If you are looking for more information, we have it. From the costs, Experienced companies and where you can buy all the tools you need to set up your own coating line. Furthermore we can help you find your way in different solutions to powder coat difficult substrates like wood and mdf.

Find your specialist in the UK

Green powder coated metal objects hanging from the hooks after curing oven.

Powder coating requires special facilities to guarantee flawless coating.

Due to the fact that powdercoating process requires professional equipment and expertise in coating, it is usually done by an expert. There are facilities for small consumer projects such as coating rims, as well as for industrial coating needs.

To help you find suitable powder coating services near you, we have collected company data from different cities. Find the perfect company for your project in:

Here you have two options: you can either contact the companies in your area yourself or let us do it for you! We are happy to provide you with quotes from several companies in order to enable price comparison.

The world of powder coating and it’s biggest contributors

When we look at the powder coating playing field in the UK, there are several companies to be reckoned with. Here’s a list of the biggest manufacturers and application specialists with UK offices:

  • AkzoNobel
  • Powder coatings LTD
  • Valspar
  • Aspect powder coating
  • We do powder coating limited
  • GKL Coatings limited

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