Roof coating

roofs in london with roof coatings

Roof coating, cheaper than replacing the roof

Roof coating is a protective coating which extends the durability of new roofs, and is suitable for repairing roof damage. Roof is one of the most important parts of a building and it therefore, requires proper protection. The fact is, if you do not maintain the roof, it is likely to fail!

But is roof coating any good? There are several good quality roof coatings on the market which last about ten years before the require any maintenance. On the other hand, there are also those products which are fine up to 5 years. Therefore, it is thus crucial to decide on a high quality product with proven technology.

Even though the price of those products may be above the average, the 10 year protection pays it all back. Roof coatings are, thus, worth every penny, when the product is of high quality.

Roof maintenance with a coating can be significantly cheaper than replacing the roof. A roof coating job can be done for a couple of thousand pounds whereas a new roof can easily cost some £5000.

Benefits of  your roof coating

Man applying roof coating with a spray on a metal roof

Applying roof coating on steel sheet roof

Roof coatings bring along many benefits including:

  • Protection against mould and fungi
  • Waterproof surface which prevents damage
  • UV resistance to extend life time

Not  only are roof coatings beneficial due to the protective properties but also due to their cost efficiency. A roof without a coating requires regularly maintenance, approximately every five years. A high quality roof coating can guarantee 10 to 15 years maintenance free surface!

Waterproof roof coating prevents leaking

One of the many crucial properties of roof paint is waterproofing. Roofs are naturally subject to all weather conditions; they must endure everything from heavy rain to hot sunshine. Waterproof roof paint is often also UV resistant and therefore beneficial. Aquashield waterproof roof paint for example is ideal for fixing roof damage; for it contains fibers which fill gaps and cracks on the roof making the surface even and waterproof.  For extreme durability there are also coatings on plastic base. These coatings have a life expectancy of 15 years.

Industrial roof coatings in the UK

In general, industrial roof coatings are slightly more durable than the ones available for consumers.
The roof coatings systems consist of several coating layers. If the coating takes place on older roof, it first requires a fungicidal wash which removes any mould and moss. Secondly the surface always requires a primer, for example chlorinated rubber primer is suitable for porous mineral surfaces. The industrial metal roof coatings for their part require a coating which improves adhesion.

Also the industrial roof coatings must be waterproof. There are one and two component systems for waterproofing roofs; some of those are also suitable for repairs that must instantly be waterproof.

Applying industrial roof coating is almost without an exception a job for professional coaters.

Roof coating company Address Phone
 Asbestos Cement Roof Coatings | Industrial roof coating services accross the UK Station Rd Industrial Estate, South Woodchester, Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL5 5EQ 01453872850
Countrywide | Commercial and industrial roof coating services “countrywide” 11a Hollingbourne Avenue, Bexleyheath, Kent, DA7 5EU 01322436974
Homeshield Coating Ltd | Protecting Britain’s home Units 33-34 Phoenix Business Park, Telford Street, Newport, NP19 0LW 01322436974

Indication of roof coating prices

Replacing a roof can turn out to be very costly. The costs depend on the area; for example around London, replacing a roof costs £4300 on average whereas the price in the North of the country is £3600. The costs for coating a roof are lower even though they usually include cleaning costs. In the UK the average price for roof cleaning is £480 and the coating costs lie between £1500 and £2500 depending on the contractor. When the roof coating job is not let done by a professional, only the costs of equipment and the roof paint are involved. The prices of roof paint for consumers start from £15.00.

Roof coating jobs and services

No matter if the roof is pitched or flat; there is always a suitable coating solution. Roof coating jobs can be carried out by non professionals; however, many applications are more suitable for professional roof painters.

Therefore, we provide a list of roof coatings companies in:

Roof coatings are often two component systems; and the application takes place off the ground, namely on the roof. Therefore, special safety equipment and knowledge on coatings comes in handy. Therefore, many roof coating jobs are forwarded to roof coaters in the UK.