Seed coating

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Protect seeds and your investment

Simply put a seed coating is spraying a synthetic polymer on a seed resulting in a thin cover. The coating adheres to the seed and prevents loss of nutrients, plant hormones and also fungicides. Some of the newest seed coatings are temperature dependent and water resistant. Most of all people use this coating to control the timing of germination and seedling emergence. In conclusion we could say that seed coating is a form of enhancement. According to a September 2014 report on seed coatings from Markets and Markets, the existing seed coatings market is valued at £785.554 million and will probably reach £1.41 billion by 2019. While growing at a compound annual growth rate of 7.5 percent from 2014 to 2019.

The importance of seed coating

As more and more enhancements are added to the seed, it needs a strong and reliable coating to keep it all in. Therefore, seed coatings are firstly used to prevent loss of nutrients and enhancement benefits. Secondly to promote good germination. Furthermore it protects seeds from environmental stress and temperature differences and field conditions. As a result you get a stronger and healthier crop and a better chance of a successful harvest. In conclusion you can use seed coatings for:

  • Delaying germination

    green seeds in coating process

    Seed coating protects the seeds and guarantee a good harvest

  • Enhancing optimal crossing of genes of hybrid seeds
  • Speeding up plant cycles
  • Increasing storing time
  • Protect seeds from environmental stress
  • Keeping precious nutrients locked in
  • Product identification (available in many colours!)

Seed coating process and technology

The most commonly used coating for seeds film coating. The film coating formulation is based on polymers and have complex compositions due to tailored solutions for specific purposes. The process consists of the application of a thin coating layer onto the seed by continuous spray coaters. Other techniques consist of application by rotary batch coating machines or side vented drum coaters. Also, there are formulations in different colours and finishes (mat, glossy) can be added to the coating seed treatment to code different seeds.

Difference between seed coating and priming

With seed priming thy soak the seed in a nutrient solution. Because of this the nutrients penetrate into the seed before germination begins. Priming enhances the seed from the inside. While coating protects the seed from the outside. For example to increase storing time and survival in different conditions.

Seed coating companies UK

DuPont (UK) Ltd | 4th Floor, Kings Court London Road, Stevenage SG1 2NG Hertfordshire

Maxicrop (UK) ltd | P.O. Box 6027 Corby

Bayer Cropscience | 230 Science Park, Cambridge CB4 0WB, United Kingdom

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