Tank linings and coatings

Applying tank lining with a spray

Save time and money with the right kind of industrial tank coating

Water, chemical, foodstuff and any other storage or cargo tank requires a coating system to perform optimally. On the one hand, the tank exterior requires protection from environmental hazards such as salt water or humidity; on the other hand, tank lining coatings are needed to protect the tank’s inner surface and the cargo from one another, which reduces need for maintenance.

Tank coating is thus any  coating applied on or in a tank; tank lining in turn, refers to the coatings applier on the inner surfaces.

Here you will read about the many benefits of industrial tank coatings, different lining – and tank types as well as gain inside information on product and service availability and how to choose “the one”.

Did you know: re-coating your tank is only 10% of the costs of replacing the tank!

Choose the tank lining that suits your tank

Tank lining coatings are designed for forming a barrier between the tank and the content; this can have two purposes namely, protecting the tank and the cargo from one another, or maintaining hygiene standards. The latter is very common for water storage tank liners.

5 questions to finding the perfect tank lining

We advise you to answer these five questions to identify the most suitable tank lining system.

  1. What is stored?  Chemicals, foodstuffs, water etc.
  2. How long will the storage be? 
  3. What’s the temperature (environment and cargo)? Chemical resistance of some coatings may change as the temperature changes.
  4. What is the maximum possible downtime? 
  5. Are there local restrictions or regulations? In some markets there are specific restrictions and legislation that you need to consider when specifying tank linings.

Warning: The incorrect choice of tank lining may lead to softening, contamination or even failure of the coating.

One doesn’t fit all: each tank requires a specific coating

In the UK the most tanks are used either for storing or transporting a spectrum of substances. Mild steel tanks are the most common but also other materials such as fibreglass and concrete are becoming more and more popular. So, let’s look at the different tanks and the tank linings they require.

Water tank lining keeps the water fresh

The most water tanks in the UK are for storing potable water. This means that the water tank has to be coated with certified water storage tank liners that keep the water inside clean. These coatings often have properties that prevent the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms.

Protect your cargo with cargo tank linings

When choosing a lining for cargo tank or container, the first thing to consider is the nature of the cargo.  Petroleum cargo tanks for example require a chemical resistant lining whereas hot substances need a heat resistant tank lining.

Ideally a cargo tank liner saves you costs in terms of lower need for maintenance and flexible operations.

An average cargo tank lining system lasts about 10 years before and it helps switch from one cargo to the next with minimal downtime.

Careful there: Some coatings absorb or retain tiny amounts of the cargo leading to cargo contamination when another substance is delivered in the same container. Therefore, it is crucial to do your research and choose for the most suitable tank lining for your cargo tank.

Storage tank linings for content protection

A storage tank is a container for a substance for a longer period of time. Thus, you do not need to worry about the lining absorbing tiny amounts of the substance. However, if you wish to store something else in the container, be sure to appropriately clean the tank, and apply another lining if the nature of the new content requires it.

There are two things the lining mustn’t do:

  • Softening and eroding
  • Releasing chemicals into the cargo

Tank coating and lining products in the UK

Tank lining Tank type Product Manufacturer
Tank lining for foodstuff cargoes  Mild steel tanks  Interline 704  International (AkzoNobel)
Cargo tank lining for neutral cargoes such as petroleum products and solvents  Mild steel tanks  Interline 344  International (AkzoNobel)
Sulfuric acid resistant tank coating  Steel and concrete tanks  Ceilcoat 2000 Flakeline  International (AkzoNobel)
Low VOC aboveground and underground storage tank lining  Steel and concrete tanks  Enviroline 124  International (AkzoNobel)
Chemical resistant tank lining for steel tanks  Steel tanks  Hempadur 15500  Hempel
Bulk oil cargo tank lining  Steel tanks  Hempadur 15460  Hempel
High temperature and chemical resistant tank lining; also as hot water tank lining  Steel tanks  Hempadur 85671  Hempel
Oil and fuel storage tank lining  Steel tanks  Hempadur 35760  Hempel

For more information on tank lining applications and products, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you find the best coating solution for your tank!

Tank lining and coating contractors in the UK

Not only is the coating selection important, but also applying it. To ensure maximum durability of the coatings we highly recommend experienced coating experts for application in the United Kingdom. Applying industrial tank coating is very complex, and different cargoes require specific coatings.

Some tank coating manufacturers and applicators provide certification for the product and the coating service to ensure the tank meets the requirements.

For example the following contractors are specialists in industrial tank painting and lining in the UK.

AreaCompanyLining types
NorfolkCorroless EasternBolted tank lining, steel tank lining, fibreglass tank lining, concrete tank lining, anaerobic digester lining, water tank lining
SussexSpecialist CoatingsWater tank lining, brewery tank liner
LondonProject LiningsWater storage tank liner, chemical storage tank liner, wet and dry foodstuff storage tank lining
BirminghamCOVACWater tank lining
Area Company Lining types
Norfolk Corroless Eastern Bolted tank lining, steel tank lining, fibreglass tank lining, concrete tank lining, anaerobic digester lining, water tank lining
Sussex Specialist Coatings Water tank lining, brewery tank liner
London Project Linings Water storage tank liner, chemical storage tank liner, wet and dry foodstuff storage tank lining
Birmingham  COVAC Water tank lining

All these companies carry out tank lining projects throughout the UK. If you however, would like information on other contractors near you, contact us; we’ll find the best contractor for applying tank lining on your tank.

UK regulations for primary and secondary containment tank coatings

Inspecting tank coatings inside a tank

Tank lining inspection is important in terms of detecting deterioration before damage occurs.

Regarding tank coating, UK governmental parties are actively involved; the tank coating and lining inspection are a standard part of the procedure for testing and inspection of UK tanks. Furthermore, shipyard requirements have an effect on the tank lining coatings; the regulations very from region to region.

Tank coatings are especially important when the carriage of the tanks meets the classification of dangerous goods. This counts for primary and secondary containment tanks as well as for cargo containers.

Primary containment refers to a tank or another container where the hazardous substance is usually stored. The secondary containment exists for in case the primary tank fails. Even though the secondary container may never be of use, it must be present.

Not only must these tanks be coated with suitable products, but the tank coating also must be inspected regularly to enable detecting any damage (such as corrosion) before it causes major incidents.