Aluminium exterior with aluminium coating

Aluminium coating against corrosion

Aluminium is a metal with high tendency to corrode, and fast. Bare aluminium starts corroding the moment it becomes exposed to oxygen. However, corrosion on aluminium (aluminium oxide) protects the surface from further corrosion but it can go too far. Fortunately aluminium coating stops or controls the process. Even though aluminium oxide is protective, it changes the metal’s properties and may lead to surface failure. Therefore, applying aluminium coating is highly recommended.

Now the thing is, there are many ways to coat aluminium;  you can choose for a chemical solutions or organic coatings. In this article you will find the differences between the aluminium coatings and possible suppliers of coating services.

Extreme surface durability with aluminium coating

A laptop casing finished by anodising

Anodising is used in consumer electronics due to its abrasion resistance and durability.


Anodising is an electrochemical process which makes aluminium corrode faster; hence it creates a protective layer of aluminium oxide on the substrate. The anodising process forms a hard but porous, extremely durable and weather resistant surface. An anodised surface, however, requires a sealer to prevent too far going corrosion.

4 reasons to anodise

Now if we look at the advantages of aluminium coating by anodising, we can see that in many cases it is a better option than powder or conventional painting. The advantages namely are:

  1. Less expensive than painting (coil coating as an exception)
  2. Better resistance to abrasion
  3. Cannot peel off or flake
  4. Not affected by UV radiation at all

The only drawback of coating aluminium by anodising is that the surface is not resistant to chemicals. Naturally, an aluminium sealer improves the situation but it also wears off eventually. Therefore, anodising is not the best option for objects that may undergo exposure to chemicals. 

UK anodising companies

Colour anodisingManchester
Alpha anodisingHigh Wycombe
AFC anodisingHampshire

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Another form of chemical aluminium coating is chromating, also known as Alocrom or Alodine. This aluminium coating process converts the aluminium surface into a layer of chrome changing the surface properties. Chromate coating on aluminum (Alocrom). Chromateing aluminium can be done as a primer for other coatings, a decorative finish or aluminium corrosion treatment.

aluminium wheel treated with chromate coating for aluminium

Chromating is a suitable aluminium coating method for rims.

Advantages of Alocrom

  • Does not change the original weight of the aluminium
  • Doe not flake or peel
  • Makes normally non-conductive aluminium electrically conductive
  • Prevents corrosion
  • Creates a decorative finish in the colour of light gold

Aluminium chromating companies UK

Metro Aluminium Treatment SpecialistMiddlesex
Metal FinishingDorset


Organic aluminium coatings

Organic coatings cover powder and liquid coatings in general. There are several types of organic resins that result in highly durable coatings on aluminium; these include for example PVDF coatings which contain a minimum of 70% polyvinylidene. Other possible coatings include epoxies, polyester , acrylic and fluoropolymer paints. The main advantage of organic aluminium coatings is that their properties can be modified to fit the purpose; they can be made antibacterial, water repellent or even light emitting.

an aluminium wheel where aluminium coating is applied to.

Aluminium rims can also be coated with powder or liquid paint.

When you should choose between powder and liquid paints; our general advice is to go for powder if possible. Note however, that sometimes liquid paint application is more convenient; especially when it comes to re-coating or repairing damage.

What you should know about coating aluminium

  • Surface preparation defines the success of the coating
  • Organic coatings fade eventually; some faster than others
  • Painting aluminium always changes the original weight

Aluminium coating companies UK

As thorough surface preparation plays a key part in coating aluminium, it wise to let larger surfaces or volumes applied by a professional. Here you’ll find some companies who do aluminium coating in the UK.

Superior Paint and Powder CoatingCoventry
Powdertech CorbyCorby

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