Anti Climb Paint – The Greasy Solution to Prevent Intruders

Anti climb paint makes the difference

Every year hundreds of thousands of Brits fall victim to unlawful entry crimes and burglaries. According to the police, homes with no security measures are five times more likely to be burgled than those with just simple security measures. Even small things can make a big difference. If you are concerned for the safety of your property, or are tired of vandals accessing your property with ease, you need a vandal deterrent like anti climb paint.

Anti climb paint (also ‘anti vandal grease’ and anti intruder paint) is a “paint that never dries” – it forms a thick and oily surface layer over whatever it is painted on. This greasy and slippery surface makes it difficult for intruders to gain foothold on the surface. To look at, anti climb paint resembles a layer of smooth glossy paint; it is only when touched that you can tell all is not as it seems.

The top anti climb paint products in the UK

Below are four of the top anti climb paint/anti-vandal paint products available in the UK. These are all non-drying, vandal grease type coatings designed to protect your property. Legally, you need to post warning signs when you use this coating, so anti vandal paint signs are a necessary part of any purchase.  Further down in this article we describe the benefits and application of anti vandal paint, and where you can find more products.

Anti climb paint
Blackfriar Anti Climb Paint – Black Semi Matt
Everbuild Anti Climb Paint – Black
Anti climb paint warning sign
Anti Climb Paint – Legal Warning Signs
Anti climb paint
NVP Anti Climb Paint – Black, Red or Grey
Anti vandal paint
Coo-var Vandalene Anti Climb Paint

Protect your property with anti vandal paint

The benefits of an anti vandal paint may seem self explanatory, but it does more than just make a wall slippery. You can use it to protect your home, or it also works for commercial buildings, schools, depots, factories, churches, and more:

  • It can be applied to walls, downpipes, poles, roof tiles, brick, concrete… anything an intruder might think to climb
  • If the intruder keeps on trying, anti climb paint will stick to their hands, clothes, anything that touches it – and conveniently leave fingerprints
  • It is unaffected by either the heat or the cold, as well as being water repellent, and lasts up to 3 years
  • It doubles up as a grafitti proof coating, as graffiti can simply be rubbed into the non drying paint

How to apply anti climb paint for the best result

Anti climb paint is easy to apply, but you need to be very careful about getting it on any surface you do not want to make permanently slippery. To avoid splashes it is best to apply the coating with a brush or with a renderer’s mitt, rubbing the coating into place – thick layers are best. You will probably need to throw away the brush/glove/clothing that gets splashed. The coating comes in black, brown, green, and beige.

Warning about anti climb paint

Anti climb paint warning signs can scare of people that want to enter your property without an invite

Apply a warning when using anti vandal paint

Preventing burglaries with anti intruder paint on your own property is completely legal. However, there are several factors you should take into consideration.

  • Anti climb paint warning signs where paint is applied – acts as a further deterrent, but also a property occupier has a duty of care for those who enter their property
  • Paint applied at least 2 metres high – any lower and there is a chance of accidentally touching it, either for you or for an innocent passerby

In the UK any householder has a duty of care to anyone on their property whether they are there legally or trespassing. Householders also have a duty to make sure no one on their property gets injuries from foreseeable hazard. For example, when an intruder tries to enter the property and falls and hurts himself after encountering anti climb paint, the householder can be held liable if the intruder was not given a clear warning about the upcoming hazard.

Additionally, under the Highways act, any harm for people or animals using the highway must be prevented. This means that using anti intruder paint on a boundary with a highway, the householder must make sure the paint affects no one using the highway.

If you have any doubts about the legality of your anti vandal paint application, contact the local police crime prevention officer for advice.

Anti climb paint products and availability in the UK

Some hardware stores offer anti intruder paint products and the products are available online.

Anti intruder paint is usually available in black and gray. Some manufacturers also offer a brick red variation. There is no clear anti vandal grease due to the fact that it would not be as effective as the ones with pigments; it would not leave visible stains on clothing making it more difficult to identify the person behind the trespass attempt.

Anti intruder paint products in the UK include the following.

BrandProductCoveragePrice (RRP)
Blackfriar ProfessionalAnti Climb Paint2m2 per L£15-20/L
Coo-VarVandalene Anti Climb Paint1-2m2 per L£20-25/L
New Venture ProductsAnti Climb Paint1m2 per L£10/L
TorAnti Climb Paint1m2 per L£30-40/5L

Protect against all vandalism: Anti graffiti and anti pee

Vandalism does not require entry to your property. As anyone with a doorway in a busy nightlife area can attest, people do not need to break into your backyard to vandalise your property. Thankfully there are solutions for two of the most offensive forms of vandalism: anti graffiti paint and anti pee paint.

Anti graffiti paint

Anti graffiti paint coats a substrate with an impermeable barrier which protects it from direct contact with unwanted paint. If someone does graffiti the surface, the substrate beneath is protected and the graffiti can be easily cleaned away. Anti graffiti paint can be permanent or sacrificial, and is applicable on all types of substrate. For a thorough overview of anti graffiti coating and prices, head over to our anti graffiti paint page.

Anti pee paint

Public urination is a big, smelly problem. Properties in the splash zone suffer from stinks, stains, and deterioration. Cities in particular suffer from this problem, but they are fighting back – or rather, peeing back. Using a superhyrophobic coating, you can paint your property in an anti pee paint that waterproofs and protects your substrate but also sends the urine back at the urinator. For more information about anti pee paint, including where to buy it in the UK, head to our anti pee coating page.

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