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Anti climb paint: let them think twice before climbing your property

Burglaries count for about 38% of all the crime committed in England and Wales, and the number is increasing! People in the UK are also becoming more and more concerned about burglaries and break-ins and the police and media provide tips and tops for preventing burglaries. One of the most effective ways is to make it difficult for an intruder to enter your property is using anti climb paint.”

Anti climb paint, also known as anti vandal grease, is a non-drying coating solution which prevents gaining foothold on the surface; thus makes climbing difficult and prevents unwanted entries. By appearance, anti climb resembles a smooth glossy paint layer however, it is not dry! This anti intruder paint is an oily coating or grease which never dries. It is usually applied in thick layers to guarantee the effect. The surface remains slippery making it almost impossible to hold or stand on.

Applying anti climb paint & anti climb grease


Applying anti climb paint on your fences will make it more difficult for intruders to set foot on your property

The most common application method of anti vandal grease or paint is stiff brush. However, the coating is also applicable with a trowel or simply by hand wearing a protective glove. Be sure to apply thick layers of  the coating to guarantee maximum effect. Thin layers of anti intruder paint are less durable and by far not as effective as thick greasy layers. That’s also why it’s often called anti vandal grease.

The best places to apply anti vandal paint

Non-drying paint has the most effect when it is placed above certain height from the ground. The general guidelines advise to apply it at least 2.4. metres from the ground; however sometimes 2 metres is already high enough.  This is partially to make sure no innocent passer-by accidentally touches it. On the other hand, the anti climb paint has the most effect when the intruder climbs a couple of metres before encountering the oily paint. Plus you can identify the intruder later on; they will namely be marked by the paint!

Advantages of anti climb paint

It goes without saying that the main benefit of anti climb paint is preventing climbing and so, entering properties. However, not only does it make entry difficult but it also “marks” the one who tried. The paint namely leaves a permanent stain in clothing.

Additionally, the paint remains effective throughout the year, for temperature fluctuation does not affect its adherence or slippery properties. In general, the high-season for burglaries is in the winter due to longer nights and coverage offered by the darkness.

Most of the anti vandal paints remain effective for 1-3 years, after which re-coating is recommended to guarantee effectivity. Fortunately, the re-application is just as easy as the first time; the surface does not require any preparation; removing the old paint is also not necessary.

Apply a warning when using anti climb paint

Preventing burglaries with anti intruder paint on your own property is completely legal. However, there are several factors you should take into consideration.

  • Anti climb paint warning signs where paint is applied
  • Paint applied at least 2 metres high
Warning about anti climb paint

Anti climb paint warning signs can scare of people that want to enter your property without an invite

In the UK any householder has a duty of care to anyone on their property whether they are there legally or trespassing. Householders also have a duty to make sure no one on their property gets injuries from foreseeable hazard. For example, when an intruder tries to entre the property and falls and hurts himself after encountering anti climb paint, the householder can be held liable if the intruder was not given a clear warning about the upcoming hazard.

Additionally, under the Highways act, any harm for people or animals using the highway must be prevented. This means that using anti intruder paint on a boundary with a highway, the householder must make sure the paint affects no one using the highway.

If you have any doubts about the legality of your anti vandal paint application, contact the local police crime prevention officer for advice.

Anti climb paint products and availability in the UK

Some hardware stores offer anti intruder paint products and the products are available online.

Anti intruder paint is usually available in black and gray. Some manufacturers also offer a brick red variation. There is no clear anti vandal grease due to the fact that it would not be as effective as the ones with pigments; it would not leave visible stains on clothing making it more difficult to identify the person behind the trespass attempt.

Anti intruder paint manufacturers in the UK include:

  • Blackfriar
  • Coo-Var
  • New Venture Products

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