The Best Anti Rust Sprays for Corrosion Protection

Corrosion is an issue affecting everyone from kids cycling round their paper round to big industry. Not only is rust unattractive, nothing gums up the works like rusting components. Rust is also deteriorating the metal on which it blooms. Thankfully you can prevent rust from getting a foothold, or stop rust in its tracks, with a simple-to-use anti rust spray for metal (also called an anti corrosion spray). There are a number of products available, and not all of them perform the same function. They can be divided into:

  1. Rust inhibitors – An anti corrosion spray or paint treats the surface of your metal to protect it from exposure to the substances that cause rust. This protective layer resists water, oxygen, and other elements that lead to rust.
  2. Rust treatments –  A rust treatment will counteract rust, working to break down the bond between the rust and the metal so you can easily scrub it away.
  3. Rust primers – If you want to repaint an old piece or just don’t want to have to deal with all the rust cleaning, there are also rust preventative primers which you can apply straight onto the rust. Better than a plaster, it will stop the rust spreading and prevent rust forming anew.

5 of the top products for rust prevention and treatment

Below are 5 of the best anti corrosion sprays available in the UK. They include rust inhibitors, rust treatments, rust primers, or combination products. Whether you need an anti corrosion spray for cars, bikes, household items or tools, this list has the product for you.

Anti rust spray
WD-40 Original Spray

The Original Wonder Spray – WD-40

“Just whack some WD-40 on it” has been the go-to trusty cure-all for a huge range of problems for decades now – the list actually has a whopping 2000+ uses! Top of the list is rust prevention and treatment:

  • To remove rust – Spray the rusted surface with WD-40, enough to soak it, and allow to sit for 10 minutes. This will loosen the rust from the metal. Take a wire brush and clean the rust away, wiping clean any residue. Protect against future rust by spraying with a final coat of WD-40.
  • To prevent rust – Simply spray WD-40 onto the areas you want to protect from rust and you’re done! It remains effective even after it appears to dry.

Anti corrosion spray
XCP Professional Rust Blocker

AA Trusted Corrosion Protection – XCP Rust Blocker

XCP’s Professional line is trusted by The AA and the Honda Racing British Superbike Team. It is one of the best anti corrosion spray for cars and motorbikes. The product is a rust inhibitor, providing a long lasting protective barrier against corrosion.

  • It dries to a soft, clear film which resists cracking
  • Can be used on engine components, suspension units, undercarriage, box sections, chrome, chains, motors, shafts, and more
  • Easy to use – simply spray uniformly to the desired film thickness and leave to dry! Can even be buffed back if you change your mind.

Anti rust spray
Rustoleum Rust Reformer

Apply Direct to Rust – Rustoleum Rust Reformer

If you are looking to repaint and update an old rusty metal object – a fireplace, garden furniture, or gate, for example – a direct-to-rust primer will greatly reduce the amount of time and elbow grease you need to invest. Rustoleum Rust Reformer seals and stops rust, providing a clean and primed surface for any further paintwork you are planning. It is:

  • Low cost, high coverage, and high quality
  • Easy to use and apply
  • Compatible with most solvent or oil-based paints

Anti corrosion spray
Hammerite Waxoyl

Rustproofing for Cars – Hammerite Waxoyl

For vehicles where small, tight spots are hard to reach with a brush, a spray-applied anti corrosion spray for cars is ideal protection. Hammerite Waxoyl can be used on your car’s bodywork, engines, and underbody, as well as wherever water is likely to collect. Just remember to warm the can to get the full effect and ease of use.

  • Available in black or clear with a thick waxy finish
  • Kills old rust and prevents new rust
  • Forms a flexible weatherproof skin that won’t crack, dry out, or wash off

Anti rust spray
Jenolite Rust Converter

Remove and Repair Rust Spots – Jenolite Rust Converter

Jenolite’s Rust Converter takes rust and breaks it down, removing the problem and giving you a surface read for painting in one. It is also great value for money, with a coverage of 6-8m2 per litre.

  • Simply spray on, wait 15 minutes for the reaction to do its work, then wipe away. The rust is now stable (and will turn black) and the area is protected against future corrosion.
  • Resists moisture, water vapour, oxygen, salt spray, chemical splashes, and bacterial growth.
  • Can be used on cars, bikes, scooters, fences, gardening equipment, sheds – anywhere rust attacks.

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