anti fungal paint is essential in hospitals

Reduce long term maintenance costs with anti fungal paint

Fungi such as mould and mildew are a blight of many British buildings: 1 in 18 buildings suffer from damp problems of some sort in the UK. Therefore, anti fungal paint is a very good idea: it is suitable for new buildings to make sure they’ll never see mould, and for older buildings that have, or have had mildew to guarantee many fungi-free years. As a result of those years  the building’s interior walls and ceilings do not need maintenance that often, which means lower maintenance costs!

Mould and mildew not only decrease the value of the property, and look (and smell) unpleasant but also create a great hazard to health of the people who are exposed to the presence of these fungi.

Anti fungal coatings should be considered especially when…

  • … there is an increased risk of damp problems (parking garages);
  • … when possible fungi would create a hazard for the health of many (hospitals, schools, working places).

The benefits that come along mould resistant paint

Anti mould paint is:

  • Damp proof
    Prevents problems caused by rising damp, especially important in underground spaces such as parking garages, cellars and storages.
  • Air purifying
    Improves and maintains air quality in spaces where clean air is critical such as hospitals, schools and working places.
  • Anti bacterial
    Contains silver additives, which not only prevent fungus growth but also make it impossible for bacteria to survive on the surface.

These benefits together also reduce the need for maintenance. Thus, investing in a high quality anti fungal paint, can save you maintenance costs.

Selecting the right anti fungal coating product

Anti fungal coatings are applicable as precaution in new and old buildings, as well as as a solution for fungus problems. There are several products that can be used to create an anti fungal surface, were no fungus will grow. The following products are applicable depending on the situation.

  • Fungicidal wash
    To be applied on a wall or ceiling that suffers from mould or mildew. Fungicidal wash works as a mould remover.
  • Anti fungal pretreatment
    Suitable for new walls and ceilings before painting them. The pretreatment is a preservative or primer- like product on
  • Anti fungal paint
    Usually an opaque wall paint that effectively prevents fungi and bacteria from growing on it. Applicable on new and painted substrates. Note that, if there already is mould on the substrate, it must be cleaned before painting.

    Zinsser perma-white antifungal paint tin

    Zinsser Perma White Anti Fungal Paint

  • Mould resistant spray
    As a protection layer on existing painted, mould free walls or ceilings.

 Architectural anti fungal coatings for spaces where there’s no space for mould

Anti fungal paint is by far the most common mould proof solution in the UK. It can be used alone or in combination with an anti mould pretreatment. We have compiled a list of some of the anti fungal paints.

In case you require any additional information on mould resistant paints or other anti fungal coating, do not hesitate to contact us. We can find you the best products, suppliers and contractors!

Anti fungal paintPrice (RRP) per litreTheoretical coverage per litre
Zinsser Perma-White Mould Proof paint (self priming)£12.0010 m²
Blackfriar Fungi Shield; anti fungal matt wall coating£16.0012 m²
Rust-Oleum 8700 Mould Resistant wall paint (water based topcoat)£26.0010 m²
Ronseal 6 year anti mould paint (walls and ceilings)£12.0012 m²
Pepagrim Sanitop mould and mildew coating (Mathys wall coatings)£16.008 m²
Crown Trade Steracryl acrylic mould proof paint£12.0014 m²

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