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Defend your kitchen and bathroom with mould resistant paint

British homes have a problem with damp. Damp and mould afflicts an estimated 1 million households in England alone, fully 4% of all homes. It is not just unsightly it is also unhealthy – damp and mould are linked to respiratory problems, allergies, and asthma, costing the NHS hundreds of millions of pounds a year. Mould is a form of fungus, which attaches to a surface and, if there is enough humidity or moisture, will grow into a colony. It requires moisture to exist, which is why mould is common in bathrooms, kitchens, and basements. With an anti mould paint, you can seal off a surface and prevent the growth of mould through the action of fungicides or anti-damp technologies.

As well as preventing unappealing fungal growth, mould resistant paint protects your walls, the people living in your house, decreases maintenance costs, and gives you peace of mind. Whether part of a new build or a renovation, an anti fungal paint is a safe investment. Head to our description of the benefits of anti mould paint, or check out our top products for the home below.

The best anti mould paints for your home

When using an anti mould paint on the walls and ceiling of your home, you do not want a product that is clearly remedial. Paint manufacturers go to great lengths to produce mould preventing coatings that perform exactly like an interior paint. Zinsser’s Perma-White is a leader in the field, providing mould protection for at least 5 years with a brilliant white finish. Ronseal’s Anti Mould Paint is a clear coat that can be used over any emulsion while Dulux Easycare Bathroom is a moisture and steam resistant emulsion. The list is rounded out with the ever-reliable Johnstone’s Anti Mould Acrylic, and HQC Paints is the high quality, low cost option.

Anti mould paint
Ronseal 6 Year Anti Mould Clear Coat
Anti mould paint
Dulux Easycare Bathroom Soft Sheen Paint
Anti mould paint
Zinsser Perma-White Interior Satin
Anti fungal paint
HQC Anti Mould Paint (Light Blue pictured)
Anti fungal paint
Johnstone’s Anti-Mould Acrylic

The top benefits of mould resistant paint

Though removing and protecting against mould may seem like its own reward, there are other benefits that come along with the application of a mould resistant paint. These include:

  1. Wall protection – Mould does not just look ugly, it actually eats away at the surfaces on which it grows. Though it needs moisture to grow, it also needs the organic surface it attaches itself to. Anti mould paint prevents mould deteriorating these structures.
  2. Clean air – As mentioned above, mould is linked with a host of medical conditions, many of them respiratory. Kim and Aggie from “How Clean Is Your House?” were right to be horrified and concerned by the spores in people’s homes, as sinus infections, sore throats, asthma, coughing, rashes, and more have been linked to mould.
  3. Moisture resistance – To prevent mould, these products also prevent the source of their growth – moisture. Humidity and steam resistant chemistries protect against mould for up to 5 years or more, depending on the paint. If the mould is occuring because of a problem with damp, you should look for an anti damp paint and the cause of the dampness.

Added all together, these benefits make a building healthier, cleaner, and less maintenance.

Selecting the best anti mould paint for your needs

Mould proof paint can be applied as precaution and protection in new or repainted buildings, or as a solution in buildings with pre-existing fungus problems. There are several products that can be used as an anti fungal paint, but the best anti mould paint is the one suited to your substrate, room, and conditions. The various anti mould treatments include:

  • Fungicidal wash
    If mould is already a problem, it needs to be removed and treated before any coating can be applied. A fungicidal wash can be used on a wall or ceiling that suffers from mould or mildew to remove the problem.
  • Anti fungal pretreatment
    Suitable for new walls and ceilings before painting them. The pretreatment is a preservative or primer- like product.
  • Anti mould paint
    Usually an opaque wall paint that effectively prevents fungi and bacteria from growing on it. Applicable for new and painted substrates.
  • Mould resistant spray
    As a protection layer on already painted, mould-free walls or ceilings.

Where to find mould proof paint UK

Anti fungal paint is by far the most common mould proof solution in the UK. It can be used alone or in combination with an anti mould pretreatment. There are products for interior and exterior walls, including specialty masonry paints. Below we have compiled a list of some of the anti fungal paints available on the UK market, as well as the products available online which are featured above.

If you require any additional information on mould resistant paints or other anti fungal coating, do not hesitate to contact us. We can find you the best products, suppliers and contractors!

Anti fungal paintPrice (RRP) per litreTheoretical coverage per litre
Zinsser Perma-White Mould Proof paint (self priming)£12.0010 m²
Blackfriar Fungi Shield; anti fungal matt wall coating£16.0012 m²
Rust-Oleum 8700 Mould Resistant wall paint (water based topcoat)£26.0010 m²
Ronseal 6 year anti mould paint (walls and ceilings)£12.0012 m²
Pepagrim Sanitop mould and mildew coating (Mathys wall coatings)£16.008 m²
Crown Trade Steracryl acrylic mould proof paint£12.0014 m²
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