trains with graffiti and anti graffiti coatings for easy removal

Combat vandalism & protect the value of your property with anti graffiti coatings

Graffiti can be seen as a form of modern street art, but it can also be a nuisance for councils and property owners. Graffiti decreases the value of buildings and may create an unpleasant environment. Unwanted graffiti should be removed as soon as it is noticed while it is freshest, but graffiti cleaning is not an easy job, nor is it cheap. Fortunately, anti graffiti coatings make removing graffiti easier and more affordable.

This article will provide you with what you need to know to determine whether anti graffiti paint is the solution you are looking for, and which product best solves your problem.

Choose from 2 types of anti graffiti coatings

Anti graffiti coatings are substances which form a protective layer on a substrate where graffiti is likely to appear. Thanks to the coating, the graffiti never reaches the substrate but remains on the coating layer instead. Anti graffiti coatings have properties which make it easy to wash the graffiti off with high pressure, hot water and soap.

Anti graffiti coating comes in two forms which are suitable for almost any substrate. Which form you choose depends upon the likelihood of your property suffering with graffiti vandalism.

1. Permanent anti graffiti coating

Recommended when the surface is likely to experience graffiti frequently.

washing off graffiti from a surface coated with permanent anti graffiti coatings

Anti graffiti coatings make it possible to wash off graffiti with high pressure, hot water and mild chemicals.

Permanent anti graffiti coatings (non-sacrificial) make use of nanotechnology, which allows the coating to become one with the substrate. These coatings form a water repellent surface where the graffiti spray paint, permanent markers, or ink cannot properly adhere.  The permanent anti graffiti paint remains functional for 5 to 8 years and endures some 70 graffiti removals.

2. Sacrificial anti graffiti paint

Recommended when the surface is at low to middle risk of graffiti.

Sacrificial or temporary anti graffiti paint is usually a silicone wax which washes off together with the graffiti. It forms a protective film to which the graffiti can adhere without reaching the underlying substrate. As the coating is sacrificial, it needs to be reapplied after removing graffiti.

No matter the surface, anti graffiti paint makes removing graffiti easy

Graffiti artists are not particular as to substrate, so anti graffiti coatings have been developed for multiple materials. There are transparent and opaque systems, and suitability for substrates varies per coating – always check the specific instructions. There are, however, some general guidelines for choosing the anti graffiti paint based on the substrate:

  • Wood
    There are waxes and permanent systems for hard and soft wood. A clear system is chosen when the appearance of the wood must not be affected by the coating. However, anti graffiti paint for wood does not prevent natural greying. When the greying should not be visible, an opaque system is a better choice.
    Surfaces: doors, facades, street furniture, fences and gates 
  • Metal
    Metal surfaces are most often coated with a permanent opaque or transparent system. Some waxes are also possible, but often not convenient.
    Surfaces: exteriors of trains, tubes and buses as well as metal doors and sidings
  • Concrete (masonry, stucco, bricks etc.)
    The most common choice of anti graffiti paint for concrete is clear permanent system. However, clear and sacrificial systems are also applicable.
    Surfaces: bridges, facades, walls, fences and underground tunnels and stations

Anti graffiti coatings in the UK – products, prices, services and more

Protecting small surfaces from graffiti is often a DIY-job, but as the surface area gets larger, the application requires more expertise. Therefore, we have compiled a list of best anti graffiti coating products in the UK, accompanied by a table of graffiti removal and coating surfaces.

A sneak peek into anti graffiti paint prices

To help you form an image of the availability of anti graffiti coatings in the UK, here is a peek into the most popular anti graffiti coatings. Note that you should always follow the  manufacturer’s advice when it comes to the compatibility of the substrate and the coating.

Blackfriar Professional Anti Graffiti Lacquer Permanent systemAll: external surfaces10-12 m²£27.00
Coo-Var GP1001 Graffiti & Flyposting Protection SystemPermanent systemAll: rough and smooth surfaces8-10 m² £28.50
Dulux Trade Anti Graffiti Paint Primer and ActivatorPermanent system Previously painted surfaces, bare concrete or after a sealerUp to 10 m²£30.00
Graffiti Magic Anti Graffiti CoatingPermanent systemConcrete, stone, brick, render, metal, timber and cladding8 m²£22.00
Rust-Oleum GraffitiShield WaxSacrificial systemAll surfaces7 m²£16.50
Rust-Oleum GraffitiShield HydroPermanent systemInterior and exterior porous mineral surfaces (Concrete, brick, stone etc.)5-10 m²£27.50
Rust-Oleum Graffitishield PolycoatPermanent systemAll surfaces10 m²£36.50
Thermoguard VandalguardPermanent systemExterior surfaces: bare and painted brick, concrete, metal and wood 10 m²£42.00

A small selection of anti graffiti coatings services in the UK

In case you have a bigger anti graffiti project, you’d better leave the job for a professional. Fortunately there are plenty of specialists who would be happy to carry out the job for you; no matter whether you are in need of services in London or elsewhere.

Anti Graffiti ServiceAddress
Graffiti-BustersArgyle Road, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN13 1HJ
AGS Graffiti
MPM Graffiti-Solutions Brighton Road, Shoreham by Sea,West Sussex, BN43 6RE