anti graffiti coatings london

Anti graffiti coating contractors and removal services in London

If you require an anti graffiti system for a larger service, it may be wise to let the job done by a specialist. In London, an anti graffiti coating job can be let done for example by these two companies.

J Radford Group Ltd1-5 Whitehouse Farm Industrial Units, Serge Hill Lane, Bedmond, Hertfordshire, WD5 0SA
London Office – AGS People and RailJordan House, 47 Brunswick Place, London, N1 6EB United Kingdom
Rentokil Specialist HygieneSB 139-140, Southbank House, Black Prince Road, London, SE1 7SJ

Graffiti – a costly issue in London

In Britain, graffiti causes a lot of unnecessary costs in terms of removal. Even though most of the British people find that some graffiti is acceptable and it can even be a form of art, there simply are places where graffiti does not belong. For example, walls covered in graffiti may make train and tube passengers feel unsafe and it also affects the working environment of those whose work is on the railways.

Therefore, the graffiti should be removed as soon as it is discovered. Nevertheless, this can turn out to be a very expensive procedure. Fortunately, with anti graffiti coatings London ‘s environment can be improved and the costs of graffiti removal reduced.In this article we will take a closer look at anti graffiti coatings in London, their availability and prices as well as anti graffiti applicators.

City of London’s fight against graffiti

logo city of londonThe estimated cost to the UK for cleaning up graffiti is over £1 billion. London Underground alone believes it costs up to £10m a year to replace all the glass etched with graffiti and 70,000 hours of work per year. Also it costs about £2.5m to clean up other forms of graffiti. The local authority is usually responsible for the cost of removing graffiti from public buildings and British Telecom, Adshell or the utility companies are responsible for the cost of removing graffiti from their property.

You can also report unwanted graffiti using the reporting tool Love The Square Mile and the website of the local government of the City of London.

anti graffiti coatings london

Underground tunnels are often attractive places to apply graffiti spray and could use anti graffiti paint.

Protective anti graffiti coating for all materials

Also in London, prevention is better than the cure. Most anti graffiti coatings come in three varieties:

    • Sacrificial – A wax-based solution which washes off with any future graffiti;
    • Semi-permanent – Acrylic-based, resistant to paint so it can be wiped away;
    • Permanent – Longer lasting and resistant to graffiti as well as fly posting.

With a permanent coating you’ll get full protection against graffiti for far longer, making it easy to clean.

Whether you have steel surfaces or brickwork walls to protect, regardless of them being interior or exterior surfaces, with an application of coating you provide protective coating to act as a barrier. This protects the surface from damage and allows you to apply paint and primers.