Anti Slip Paint for Concrete Prevents Slips & Falls

Avoid accidents with non slip paint

Whether your problem is slippery concrete steps, dangerous floors in garages or parking lots, or walkways that lose traction when wet, non slip paint for concrete will provide the safe surface you need. Rather than waiting for an accident to happen, why not protect yourself against them with these coatings that are easy to apply and won’t break the bank.

In this article we outline the top anti slip paint for concrete for different applications, as well as looking at how the different products work and some non slip alternatives.

The Best Non Slip Paints for Concrete in the UK

Below we look at 4 of the top-rated anti slip paints for concrete available in the UK. These each have their own strengths – stairs, walkways, chemical resistance etc. – and so we have described them based on these. For more information about non slip paints and how they work, head to our non slip page.

Anti Slip for Steps and Stairs

Non slip paint for concrete protects you and your employees
Blackfriar Anti Slip Floor Paint

The Blackfriar name is synonymous with top quality specialty coatings. Blackfriar Anti Slip Floor Paint provides outstanding slip resistance on a range of surfaces including concrete, masonry, tiles, wood and metal. It is tough, durable, grease and oil resistant, and specially formulated for foot and light traffic. It is:

  • Slate grey aggregate finish – the surface will be textured but not uncomfortably rough
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Especially good for steps or stairs

Anti Slip for Light to Medium Traffic Areas

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Leyland Trade Anti Slip Floor Paint

For an interior surface all rounder, it is hard to go past Leyland Trade Anti Slip Floor Paint. Though it can be used outside to highlight walkways or car park spaces, it is best suited to interior application and not recommended for large exterior areas. It is:

  • Suitable for concrete, steel, and wooden floors
  • Suitable for light to medium traffic
  • Semi-gloss, light aggregate finish
  • Quick drying and low odour – perfect for interior application

Anti Slip for Access Ramps and Walkways

Non slip paint for concrete
Armstead Trade Anti Slip Floor Paint

A hard working anti slip that will provide slip resistance to concrete, metal, and wood. The surface profile is sufficient for making ramps and staircases anti slip, and it is available in bright colours for visibility and safety.

  • Consistent textured finish available in Black, Green, Grey, Red, and Yellow
  • Particularly suited for access ramps, staircases, walkways, etc.
  • Resistance to pedestrian foot traffic and light rubber wheeled vehicular traffic
  • Resistant to mild cleaning and chemicals

Anti Slip for Garage and Factory Floors

Anti Slip Paint for concrete
Flag Anti Slip PU Floor Paint

Polyurethane is one of the heavy duty resins, and floor coatings incorporating polyurethane provide added protection against spills. This is the least slip resistant of the anti slip paints for concrete, but it trades that with heightened resistance to chemicals, water, and oils. These properties and more make it:

  • A very fine textured, semi gloss finish available in Red, Green, Grey, Blue, and Black
  • Ideal for walkways, and factory and garage floors
  • Water, oil, solvent and chemical resistant

The 2 main applications of anti slip concrete paint

Floors and stairs are by far the most common surfaces where slip resistance is required. Therefore, non slip paint for concrete is usually suitable for both surfaces. There are however, some points to keep in mind.

1. Anti slip paint for concrete floors

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Anti slip coating reduces slippery surfaces at home, work & in public places.

Industrial and commercial concrete floors are the substrates most often in need of a non slip paint. Anti slip concrete floor paint can be applied on new concrete floors and as refurbishment to existing floors that need a slip resistance update. The coating can be realised in three ways with two types of products:

  • Anti slip aggregate and floor coating: adding grit to the coating prior to application;
  • Anti slip aggregate and floor coating: sprinkling grit on a wet layer of floor coating;
  • 2K anti slip concrete paint: applying floor coating that contains anti slip grit.

The most suitable method is dependent on the location, condition and size of the floor surface. The coating is additionally affected by the need for slip resistance: some areas require higher profile coatings to meet the standards set for slip resistance.

2. Non slip paint for concrete steps and stairs

Also concrete stairs and steps must be made anti slip, for the severest injuries during working hours are caused by falling from stairs.

The non slip paint for concrete steps can be a floor coating due to the fact that often the same products are suitable for floors, steps and stairs. However, keep in mind that the anti slip paint for concrete steps must be extremely abrasion resistant due to high foot traffic on the surface.

In addition to non slip coatings, stairs and steps can also be made safe by alternative methods including strips and tape. You’ll find more information on the alternatives on the bottom of the page.

Get in touch with a contractor to apply anti slip concrete paint

When an industrial or commercial floor does not meet the safety standards, the risks of a fine or injuries and getting sued increase. Often the looks are wished to be retained or investing in a safety floor is not on top of the list because installing it would mean downtime. Anti slip concrete paint can solve your problems!

Here are several UK companies that can solve the problem for you by applying anti slip concrete coating on unsealed, sealed or painted concrete floors and stairs.

Countrywide (commercial and industrial coatings)Hollingbourne Avenue, Bexleyheath, Kent, DA7 5EU
Anglia Decor York Road, Rayleigh, SS6 8SB
Floor SafeWhite Hill Road, Barton le Clay, Bedfordshire, MK45 4PF

Tailored advice on anti slip coatings for concrete steps and floors

As concrete can be a difficult surface to treat and the product range is wide, our coating specialists are here to help you! Do not hesitate to contact us for advice on choosing or applying the product. We are also happy to provide you with a quotation on an anti slip coating for concrete products and application.

Alternatives to anti slip coatings for concrete

Anti slip coatings are not the only non slip solution for concrete. Sometimes, anti slip strips or mats might be more suitable options for creating an anti slip concrete surface. When small areas (such as ramps) are dangerously slippery, strips or mats may be useful and more cost efficient than coating. However, coatings often create a more durable, chemical resistant surface which endures heavy mechanical loads and abrasion better than other anti slip solutions. Here are some examples of alternatives for anti slip coating accompanied by price indications.

BrandProduct typePrice (RRP)Intended use
Apetape Self adhesive black anti slip tape 50mmx18m£7.30Suitable for stairs (wooden, metal concrete etc.), work areas, machinery, bathrooms etc.
Rubber Matting CompanyNon slip rubber for decking£15.00 Non slip mat for decking for both dry and wet areas, all materials
Rubber Matting companyChecker plate non slip rubber flooring. 10mx1.2mx4mm£210.00A rubber flooring for heavy duty areas.
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