Anti Slip Paint for Metal

Anti slip paint for metal surfaces – from stairs to handles

Slipperiness of metal surfaces is a common issue which may lead to accidents such as slips and trips on floors, stairs, ramps or other surfaces. However, accidents can also happen when tools or door handles are slippery, and cannot be got a grip of. Fortunately, applying anti slip coating for metal, significantly reduces the risk for the aforementioned incidents.

In this article we will take a look at the most common anti slip metal paint applications as well as industrial, offshore, commercial and domestic products for different metal surfaces.

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The top anti slip coating for metal products you can buy online

Below are the top three anti slip paint for metal products available online. Follow the links to buy these now, or skip through to the article.

Coo-Var SureGrip Anti Slip Floor Paint
anti slip paint for metal

A ready-mixed aggregated floor coating which provides a rough anti-slip finish to floors when dry.

Blackfriar Anti Slip Floor and Step Paint
anti slip paint for metal

A durable anti slip floor coating with an aggregate finish for indoor and outdoor use.

Armstead Trade Anti Slip Floor Paint
anti slip paint for metal

A textured grip paint for metal and other floors. Suitable for interior and exterior use.

Three methods to make metal anti slip

The slip resistance of metal surfaces can be increased in three ways which include applying  non slip paint for metal surfaces. The methods are convenient depending on the application. In the UK,  the German National Standards apply for surface slip resistance. The two relevant standards are DIN 51097 for wet areas (and bare foot traffic) and DIN 51130 for working places, angled surfaces and other highly slippery areas. The following methods including two types of anti slip metal paint, all result in an approved slip resistance.

1. Two component anti slip paint for metal

Recommended when: when an easy to use solution is sought: the most common non slip paint for metal.

What it is: a 2K anti slip metal paint system contains anti slip grit which results in a rough texture on the surface. Once the two components (resin and hardener) are mixed, the coating is ready to be applied, and the surface to be made anti slip.

2. Mixing anti slip additives with metal paint

Recommended when: the coating is required properties that regular non slip paint for metal does not have. 

What it is: an anti slip additive refers to grit which can be added into a paint, resulting in a rougher surface structure. The additives can be combined with almost any kind of paint, providing one with the freedom of coating choice.

3. Alternatives for non slip coatings

Recommended when: anti slip metal paint is for some reason, not a feasible option. 

What it is: the alternatives for non slip paint for metal consist of sprays, strips, tapes, mats and coverings which can be used depending on the application. For example tools and handles are often treated with an anti slip spray for metal, due to the small size of the objects.

Here below, you will find some alternative products to apply on metal instead of non slip metal paint.

BrandProduct typePrice (RRP)Intended use
Apetape Self adhesive black anti slip tape 50mmx18m £7.30Suitable for metal stairs in working areas, around machinery and vehicles
Rubber Matting CompanyNon slip rubber for metal ramps£15.00 Non slip mat for ramps for both dry and wet areas, all materials
Rubber Matting companyChecker plate non slip rubber flooring. 10mx1.2mx4mm£295.00 A rubber flooring for heavy duty areas.

Special products for making metal stairs, ramps and bridges anti slip

green and yellow anti slip paint for metal applied on metal stairs

A decorative application of anti slip paint for metal

Applying anti slip paint on metal stairs is one of the most common non slip applications, due to the risk of injuries, falling from the stairs brings along.

The usual minimum required rating for stairways and stairs as well as for ramps and bridges is R9 according to DIN 51130. However, bare in mind that the R9 and R10 coatings will never meet the minimum legal requirements when wet or contaminated. Therefore, it is advised to always choose for a product that higher rating than the minimum required.

Here you will find some examples of products that can be applied as anti slip paint for metal stairs, bridges and ramps. These products are given an R-rating accompanied by the corresponding PTV (pendulum test value). We are also happy to provide you with additional information on anti slip paint for metal stairs and steps; all you need to do is contact us.

Anti slip productDescriptionPrice (RRP) per litre
Protectakote Anti slip PU coating A PU anti slip system for metal surfaces such as stairs, steps, ramps and bridges according to DIN 51130 R11 (PTV 34-51)£17.50
Watco StepmarkerMarking paint with anti slip function for metal stair edges in exteriors and well ventilated interiors according to DIN 51130 R10 (PTV18-34)£52.70
Grip AntislipA non slip paint for metal bridges and ramps according to DIN 51130 R11 (PTV 34-51)£33.50
Jotun Jota ArmourAn anti slip paint for metal ramps and bridges according to DIN 51130 R12 (PTV 51-70)£12.00

Safety on board: anti slip coating on ship decks

Ship decks are areas that absolutely require an anti slip coating. These are also often made of metal, thus an anti slip metal paint is the optimal solution. The recommended rating for marine environment is R13.

Coatings and anti slip additives for the marine industry:

  • Sherwin Williams Epidek M339, R13 according to DIN 51130
  • AkzoNobel Intergard 621, R13 according to DIN 51130
  • International Non SLip Aggregate for marine industry, available in grades: 0.3 – 0.5mm Quartz, 0.5 – 1.8mm Bauxite, and 1 – 3mm Flintag

Anti slip paint for metal surfaces at home

If you wish to make a small metal surface anti slip at home, it is possible with sprays, tapes, strips and naturally, anti slip metal paint. The consumer anti slip paint for metal exists as one- and two component coatings. The 1 pot systems are easier to apply, but not as durable as 2K systems.

Here some examples of products that can be applied as non slip paint for metal

Anti slip metal paintPrice (RRP) per litreTheoretical coverage
Blackfriar Professional Anti-Slip Floor Paint£9.008m²
Rust-Oleum SuperGrip Treadsafe£23.005m²

In case you are looking for non slip paint for metal for a specific application, let us know. Our coating specialists are happy to help you find the right product.

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