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AkzoNobel Coating & Paint Brands

AkzoNobel – A success story that began centuries ago AkzoNobel is a Dutch multinational company which produces paints and coatings for markets ranging from aerospace to whitegoods. The current company was formed through the merger of Akzo NV and Swedish company Nobel Industries AB in 1994, though the history of the company can be traced […]

How damp resistant paint works

Combating damp with paint Damp is a well known, but less welcome, visitor in many British homes; it sneaks in from cracks in the exterior masonry or unnoticeably rises from the ground. When the damp starts doing visible damage, we often try to combat the problem with the easiest solution we can think of: paint. […]

Protect Your Property With Anti Vandal Paint

Use anti vandal paint to prevent intruders Anti vandal paint (or anti vandal grease) does exactly what it says on the tin: this paint is designed to prevent vandals or intruders accessing a property, scaling fences, roofs, or shimmying up drainpipes. The way it works is by providing a finish that is permanently slippery, stopping […]

Sealants & Adhesives

Fill gaps and cracks with sealants Sealants are essential in construction and reparation in filling gaps, voids, joints and cracks. Different types of sealants are available depending on the type of construction; they may be flexible or rigid; non-sagging or self-levelling. Sealants form seal gaskets, strips or glands between panels or tiles.  They are used […]

Graphene anti-corrosion coating

The future of revolutionary Graphene anti-corrosion coating Graphene, the wonder material of the 21st century, has been predicted to be the next breakthrough in the sector of corrosion protection. This most conductive, thinnest and lightest coating the world has ever seen is now being researched for making graphene anti-corrosion coating for steel structures. The prototypes of […]


Commercial & Industrial Floor Coatings UK

Optimal protection with the right commercial and industrial floor coatings Floor coating serves as thin protective layers on existing floors and as thicker complete flooring systems. The thin layer commercial and industrial floor coatings are usually not thicker than a millimetre, but the complete flooring systems may reach up to one centimetre in thickness. The […]

Powder coating offshore

Protecting offshore structures with high quality powder coating Extreme durability and corrosion resistance are the benefits of powder coating. Therefore, powder is also suitable for coating structures that end up in the offshore environment. Powder coating offshore structures is usually done before assembling the structures due to the fact that the process is not really […]

Coating inspection tools and equipment

Toolkits and equipment you need for coating inspection Every stage of the coating process requires absolute control and inspection to make sure the coating eventually complies to given specifications. It all starts with inspecting the substrate and monitoring climate conditions, and ends with testing the coating film thickness (wet and dry) and surface properties.  The […]

Antibacterial Coatings

The difference between anti-microbial and antibacterial coatings Anti-microbial coatings are very common across many industries. These coatings prevent forming and growth of any microorganisms such as algae, fungi and bacteria. Hygienic antibacterial coating for its part, is a form of antimicrobial paints but it is immune only to bacteria, not other microorganisms. Antibacterial coatings thus, eliminate […]

Superhydrophobic coating UK

Afraid of water – Hydrophobic coating Nanotechnology allows development of hydrophobic and superhydrophobic coating. These are always waterproof and often also water repellent. Often the superhydrophobic coatings also have oleophobic properties meaning that they do not only repel water but also grease and oils. Superhydrophobic spray is suitable for many different applications. You can apply them […]

Self healing coating

Self healing coatings now & in the future No coating is a 100% immune to damage. The damage can be visible scratches, gaps or flaking on the layer or invisible corrosion between metal and the coating. To insure maximum protection and retain the looks, the damage must be repaired which costs time and money. Sometimes […]

Fireproof Paint for Steel

Why you need fireproof paint for steel Strength is one of the main reasons we use steel in building construction. Steel is a tough construction material, used in buildings across the country from the Birmingham Bullring to Canary Wharf. However, this strength is challenged by the severe heat of a fire. In a fire, it […]

Medical Coatings

Medical coatings improve performance and protect patients The medical industry continues to grow and introduce new technologies to the healthcare sector – including medical coatings. In particular, the increased use of medical devices (surface devices, external communicating devices, and implantable devices) means that there is a burgeoning market for medical device coatings, designed to improve […]


Automotive Powder Coating

Automotive powder coating: versatile durability for the whole vehicle A vehicle presents a wide range of substrates to be protected and decorated with coatings. From bodywork and bumpers to wheels and suspension components, automotive powder coating is becoming more and more the coating of choice for the industry. It is durable, efficient, environmentally friendly, and […]

Non VOC Paint

Hypoallergenic paint Paints and coatings are chemical products which often contain formaldehyde, heavy metals or other Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) which may contribute to allergic reactions. Therefore, especially people who suffer from asthma or allergies or are sensitive to chemicals should carefully consider which coating products to apply in their homes. The consideration is also […]

Roof coatings London

Increase durability with roof coatings in London In London there are common types of roofs being flat roofs and inverted pitched roofs, also know as the London roofs. These roofs require maintenance and roof coatings every now and then; leaking is the most common problem, but what causes it is: Too flat roof and inconvenient […]

Fungi Shield anti bacterial paint

Blackfriar Fungi Shield anti bacterial paint keeps interior surfaces mould free Are you worried about humidity in your house? And the potential fungi problems they may bring along? You can now protect the surfaces at risk of mould and bacteria with Blackfriar Fungi Shield anti bacterial paint. This wall and ceiling paint is water based […]

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Kashima Coating UK

Protect your bike by kashima coating fork tubes and rear shocks Mountain bike and motorcycle lovers are always looking for the best coating for their bikes to improve their performance. Kashima coating provides that searched-for thing: it combines all the qualities and characteristics you most desire for fitting out the bike you love, with a […]

Anti Corrosion Spray

Protect metal with anti corrosion spray Metal or thermal spraying is a technology, which protects and greatly extends the life of a wide variety of products in the most hostile environments. Anti corrosion spray works great in situations where coatings are vital for longevity. The variety of metallised coatings is vast but can be broken […]

Non stick coating for metal

Non stick metal coating comes with unique properties Non stick is a property needed in many applications from moulds and other fasteners to pots and pans. A non stick coating for metal is usually a fluoropolymer compound which provides the substrate with the following properties: Low coefficient of friction: range of 0.05 to 0.20 Temperature […]


Wood cladding paint

Wood cladding paint increases durability Cladding refers to wall or roof panels which protect the material underneath it. Cladding is available in many materials of which wood is the most popular in residential buildings. Wood as a material is visually appealing, strong and long-lasting. Moreover, it is considerably sustainable comparing to some of its alternatives. However, […]

Primers, sealers and finishes

A paint job from start to finish As many know, a perfect finish often requires several layers of different products. The first layer applied on untreated surface is often a sealer or a primer paint. If one is applied, the other one is not needed. A finish is the top layer which is “finishing” the […]


Anti Slip Paint for Metal

Anti slip paint for metal – from stairs to handles Slipperiness of metal surfaces is a common issue which may lead to accidents such as slips and trips on floors, stairs, ramps or other surfaces. However accidents can also happen when tools or door handles are slippery, and cannot be got a grip of. Fortunately, […]

Paints and Coatings jobs

Become part of the fast moving coating industry The paints and coatings industry is one the most important industries of the United Kingdom. That is why it always offers many interesting paints and coatings jobs and opportunities for people with an interest in paints, coatings and chemicals. Many coating companies are looking for new talented […]

Hygiene coatings

Hygiene coatings approved for the food & beverage industry The food and beverage industry is one of the most regulated businesses in the UK. It must obey strict quality, safety and sanitary regulations for employees, processes, and environments. Food & beverage hygiene coatings are especially designed for applications where hygiene is of key importance; they […]

Anti Graffiti Coatings

Combat vandalism & protect the value of your property with anti graffiti coatings Graffiti can be seen as a form of modern street art, but it can also be a nuisance for councils and property owners. Graffiti decreases the value of buildings and may create an unpleasant environment. Unwanted graffiti should be removed as soon […]

Yacht paint UK

Protective yacht paint for the British waters As a British boat owner you probably are continuously seeking the best coating solution to protect your vessel, and to achieve or retain the wished looks. In an ideal situation, all the maintenance is done before the new season starts; however, in practice it often does not go […]

Instant paintable caulk

Innovative instant paintable caulk Sealants and fillers are most often silicone sealants which unfortunately are not successfully paintable. Therefore, an acrylic filler is a wiser choice when you want to paint over it; these fillers however have a rather long drying time and they must absolutely be completely dry before painting on them. If you […]

Electroluminescent Paint | EL paint

Make any object function as light with paint Electroluminescent paint (EL paint) is a type of light emitting paint which allows any object to function as light. Electroluminescent refers to the ability of a substrate or substance to emit light when an electrical current passes through it. It’s easy to make electroluminescent coating yourself with […]


UV resistant coating

2 definitions of UV coating UV coating can either refer to coatings which protect surfaces from ultra violet light by blocking it, or to coatings which cure under UV radiation. This article focuses on the first one; UV resistant coating. Industrial UV resistant exterior paint Ultra violet (UV) radiation is one of the main causes […]

Conversion coating

Conversion coatings form a basis for durable coating systems Conversion coating is a chemical substance which reacts with metal substrates converting the surfaces into coating layers. In general, these coatings are suitable for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, yet the solutions differ from each other. There are two main reasons to use conversion coatings; Protecting the […]


Nano Coating UK

Make use of the water- and oil- repelling properties of nano coating From automotive to food processing, from interiors to textile: a nano coating is useful in almost any sector. Nano coating can be used to provide a protective sealing coat for a wall and also to make the windows of a skyscraper self-cleaning. In […]

Antimicrobial Coating

Fight infection and disease with antimicrobial coating In a world of touch screens and over-crowded hospitals, the demand for antimicrobial coating has never been higher. In the UK, 300,000 people acquire a healthcare associated infection every year. These include respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, and surgical site infections. Infections occur outside the hospital too; aged […]

Antifouling Paint

Antifouling paint protects your vessel and improves efficiency By volume, 80% of global trade is conducted on our oceans. On top of that, 2016 saw 20 million international short sea passenger journeys to and from the UK, with 2,000,000 passenger on cruise liners alone. Our maritime industry continues to grow, as does our dependence on […]

Dip coating metal

Dip coating metal is more common than you might think Dip coating is an efficient method of applying plastic coatings on metal surfaces. Dip coating metal is most often realised with thermoplastic powders which are molten in a fluidised bed, where the objects are dipped and receive a seamless thick film coating. Dip coating metal […]

Outdoor paint | Exterior paint

Quick guide to buying outdoor paint You wish to change the colour of your masonry facade or give a fresh look to you garden furniture. For that you will need outdoor paint which is strong enough to endure exposure to rain, heat, UV rays and other natural phenomena. However, choosing the best outdoor paint is […]

Anti Corrosion Coating UK

Protect steel from rust with anti corrosion coating Anti corrosion coating acts as a barrier between a metal and its environment, increasing its durability and lifespan. The estimated global cost of metal corrosion damage is billions of pounds. The good news is, a lot of this loss can be prevented by being proactive, and choosing the […]

Industrial Pipe Coating

Industrial pipe coating protects products and assets There are thousands of miles of pipelines criss-crossing the UK, carrying products like oil, gas, water, and refined petroleum from their sources to their delivery points. Some of these pipelines are still considered state secrets, hidden beneath the ground when they were constructed to fuel the nation and […]

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Tesla Roof Tiles UK

Tesla Solar Roof UK has arrived In 2016, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced his company’s newest energy innovation: the Solar Roof. Where traditional solar panels can detract from the beauty of a house, the Tesla Solar Roof tiles integrate the solar cell with the roof tile itself, doing away with the need for clunky solar […]

Graphene coating

The miracle material of the 21st century – Graphene Graphene is a two dimensional carbon atom layer which is extremely strong, light, flexible as well as thermally and electrically conductive. Graphene coating naturally has similar properties. As a matter of fact, graphene is the strongest, lightest and most conductive substance ever discovered. Naturally, the material […]

Polyurethane paint for metal

Reduce costs and increase efficiency with polyurethane paint for metal Polyurethane coatings (PU paints) are one of the most common types of industrial paint for metal due to their versatility and numerous benefits. Applying polyurethane paint for metal can save costs and remarkably increase efficiency as follows. Applicable direct-to-metal: saves in labour and material costs […]


Powder Coating Manufacturers

Powder coating manufacturers in the UK As the powder coating market is enormous and ever growing, there are also many powder coating manufacturers who aim at producing the most durable powders for different sectors such as automotive industry, agriculture, wood processing and many more. If you are you looking for powder coating suppliers, this is […]

Fluoropolymer Coating

Make any surface non-stick with a fluoropolymer coating The modern non-stick surface was invented entirely by accident. In 1938, Roy Plunkett was busy working on a new chlorofluorocarbon refrigerant for DuPont when an experiment yielded some unexpected slippery results. Plunkett had just invented what we now call Teflon, the first fluoropolymer coating. A fluoropolymer coating […]

Stain block coating

Stain block coating prevents migration The main purpose of any stain block coating is to prevent stains from migrating from the existing surface to the new coating layer. Stain blocking coatings exist as different products which are applicable on different stages of the paint job. These coatings are: Block primer (application before topcoat) Stain sealer (first […]

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Polyurethane Paint UK

Polyurethane paint for a durable and high-gloss finish A polyurethane paint  (PU paint) is a hard-wearing, highly-resistant coating used in industrial and architectural coating systems for steelwork, concrete, wood, and other substrates. It is a reaction polymer, a combination of a polyol resin and an isocyanate hardener or curing agent. Essentially, a polyurethane coating is […]


Abrasive Blasting – Sandblasting

Sandblasting – the most common form of abrasive blasting Surface preparation is paramount for an effective and successful coating application. A substrate that is dirty, greasy, insufficiently textured, or still has old paint can mean the difference between a valuable coating investment and a failure. One of the most effective methods of substrate preparation is […]

Waterproofing wall coating

Fight external deterioration and moisture with waterproofing wall coating Applying waterproofing wall coating on your brick or masonry wall is an ideal solution for protecting the wall from external wear and tear. The main purpose of a waterproofing wall coating is to make porous external walls impervious to water without drastically changing its appearance. The […]

Coil Coating

Save time and money with coil coating – Finish first, fabricate later! Coil coating is an immensely efficient method of coating metal. It is a continuous and highly automated process which takes a coil of metal through every step of finishing, from cleaning to curing, before being packaged for shipment. The metal arrives entirely finished […]

Powder coating equipment UK

Powder coating equipment for the complete process If your company has its own powder coating line, or if you are planning to set up one, you need professional powder coating equipment. Powder coating equipment covers all machinery needed for powder painting process from start to finish: Pretreatment Powder application (guns, spray booths, fluid beds) Curing […]