Painting Basement Walls – Find the best Basement Paint

Painting the walls of the basement with the right basement paint

Are you, like us, somebody who does not go visit your basement? Well, there are reasons for it: Maybe you don’t look at the basement as part of the linving sapce, simply because the basement is rather dark, moisty and a bit cold. But there is a good reason to think of the basement as well when it comes to painting walls in the house, because its moist and cold walls need to be taken care of. Painting your basement with special basement paint matters a lot, so go ahead and do it, we show you how.

Because of the damp conditions, it is worth the effort to make the basement’s walls waterproof in order to keep out moisture and avoid growth of mould and mildew. There are obviously many ways to tackle damp conditions in cellars and basements; one of it is to paint the basement with moisture-resistant, damp proof paint or sealers for masonry.

The best basement waterproofing paint is a suitable one

There are several types of coatings that can build up an effective barrier against moisture migration through the walls from the outside in. They can be called impragnation, basement wall sealer, waterproofing paint, damp proof paint, and all serve slightly different purposes. If you want to be sure to get the best treatment for cellar walls and therefore the best concrete paint for basement and cellar, you should read the Technical Data Sheet of the basement paint , and if that does not help you should ask a waterproofing expert.

The coating or paint you use to paint the basement walls often has additives to prevent growth of mould and mildew – a common problem in rooms belowground in damp conditions.

Best basement waterproofing paint – Buy basement and cellar paint

Epoxy paint and coating are types of cellar paint for concrete and masonry as they are tougher than most of the other options, providing good adhesion to porous substrates, and are highly water resistant. It is important to use a breathable paint for cellar walls but best is to ask a professional for proper waterproofing systems. Find below a selection of often used basement paint:

Zinsser Watertite White Waterproofing Paint
Zinsser Watertite Waterproofing Paint
Rempro Damp Proof Paint
Damp Proof Paint
Perma-Seal Damp Proof Paint
Perma-Seal Damp Proof Paint
Technoseal DPM Waterproofing Paint
Technoseal DPM Waterproofing Paint
Drybase Liquid Damp Proof Membrane
Drybase Liquid Damp Proof Membrane

Tips for the construction outside the basement

Please, let a professional contractor look at serious damp problems in your basement, should you have them. Keeping water away from the outside is vital, too, and can be construcionally solved by professionals that know all about hydrostatic pressure, tension force and more. A few tips on constructions though that might help you prevent damp conditions in your cellar:

  • Ground outside must be sloped away from the house to let precipitation flow away from the house.
  • Make shure gutters and downspouts are working, clean and unclogged.

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