How to Choose the Right Grey Wall Paint

Warm grey paint on a wall

The Best Grey Paint is the Right One for Your Room

Move over white, there is a new neutral in town. Grey is the perfect neutral for any space because it is a versatile tone that varies from subtle and calm to warm and strong. The range of tones and shades means the right one is out there, but it also makes it a bit like finding the steely grey needle in a haystack. Luckily there are some guidelines to follow regarding exactly which tones and shades work best in a space, and we have broken them down for you here.

Whether you have already picked out your favourite dove grey paint and are ready to go, or searched for ‘light grey paint’ and saw all the greys from every brand, we will help you learn how to use grey wall paint in your home.

How to Navigate All the Shades of Grey – Know Your Light

Describing grey as a neutral is a bit misleading – with so many tones available, it has a character of its own that does not just fade into the background. Which is why we have divided all the shades of grey into tone and temperature, and combined these factors with the best light for each. Light or dark grey, warm or cool grey, the actual light of the room you are painting will have a big effect on the look and feel of the final finish.

Below we look at how light affects a room, and some of the best grey wall paint products for each space from top brands. Whether you choose a Dulux grey wall paint or opt for Farrow & Ball, there is a grey paint for every room.

North-Facing Rooms Work Best With Warm and Light Grey Wall Paint

Light in north-facing rooms is cooler and flatter than other rooms, and this will make them appear colder and darker. To combat this, choose a light and warm grey paint. It will give the room a cosiness and will fight the flatness of the light to make an inviting space, especially in a large room.

Dulux – Pebble Shore

Pebble Shore from Dulux is one of the brand’s more popular warm greys, and you can see why. Teamed with natural tones of wood, leather, stone, and autumnal hues, this grey will make you want to curl up and forget the world. Accented with white trim, or even with matching walls and trim, this will provide a classy modern look.

A rich and warm grey paint for your walls

Farrow & Ball – Mole’s Breath

With the popularity of ‘Elephant’s Breath’, Farrow & Ball turned their attention to a far smaller creature. Mole’s Breath is a strong, sophisticated grey that works well as an accent for trim and walls, or to create a room with depth and warmth.

Pair this rich, warm grey with complementary neutrals or whites for heightened drama and elegance.

Crown Paints – Smoked Glass

This earthy light grey paint is a subtle shade which will suit any space. In north-facing rooms the earthiness combats the cool light, providing comforting warmth. If you want a grey for your walls but are also looking for something more truly neutral, a light grey paint such as Smoked Glass is the colour for you.

Cool Greys for South-Facing Rooms With Lots of Light

If you are lucky enough to have south-facing rooms with plenty of natural light, pairing it with a cool grey paint will work to enhance the space. Though it may seem counter-intuitive, using a cool colour here will make the room crisper, brighter, and contrast the natural warmth of the light.

Farrow & Ball – Manor House Gray

Tinged with a hint of soft blue, Manor House Gray feels cool, calm, and clean, perfect for contemporary homes or minimal themes. It will bring dimension to your walls and maximise your space, while also being soothing. The paint equivalent of diving into the sea on a warm summer’s day.

Dulux – Goose Down

One of the newer offerings in the Dulux grey paint range, Goose Down is a soft and cool grey paint designed to give your home a cosy feel. It really pops when contrasted with pale warm materials like natural woods, limestone, and plywood, or with bright whites. It allows the beauty of the pieces and colours around it to shine through.

Dramatic True Greys Make a Statement

The colours above get their warmth or coolness through tinges and hints of other colours like pinks or blues. A true grey is just that – a grey that is just grey. But being ‘just grey’ does not mean these colours are boring. In fact, true greys are some of the most dramatic of the grey wall paint options, and some of the most sophisticated. And don’t be scared of dark grey wall paint – done right they are cosy and dramatic, not at all like living in a cave.

Dulux – Chic Shadow

A light grey but nonetheless a sophisticated and clean colour, Chic Shadow is a light grey wall paint with style. The true grey works well when accented with bright and zesty pops of accent colour.

A cool and elegant alternative to other neutrals for spaces like bathrooms.

A smoky dark grey paint for your walls

Farrow & Ball – Down Pipe

A favourite among designers and homeowners alike, this Farrow & Ball grey paint is the perfect strong and striking dark grey paint to make a statement. Fabulous when used for trim, the smoky leadness is dark but not depressing and for those who dare it can create true drama in your home, hallway, kitchen, bedroom, or just about anywhere.

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