Get Creative with Blackboard Paint

No longer just the domain of classrooms and the punishment of writing lines, blackboards are now everywhere and everything. Blackboard paint can turn any surface into a blackboard, ready for lists, artworks, labels, or anything – the only limit is your imagination. Get creative with your surfaces, jars, planters, fridge, memo boards, and so much more!

The best Blackboard Paints UK – For any project!

Whatever the project you are planning, you need the best blackboard paint for the best result. Below we look at the top chalkboard paints available in the UK (not to be mistaken with the ever-popular chalk paints). Find the right one for your project here!

Blackboard paint
Johnstone’s Magnetic Paint for Blackboards

Johnstone’s Magnetic Paint for Blackboards

This blackboard paint is also magnetic, meaning not only can you use it for making lists, you can use it as a magnet board. It is perfect for creating or restoring blackboards and is also:

  • Suitable for interior wood, plaster, or metal
  • Has a matt black finish
  • Is hard wearing and wipeable

Blackboard paint
Dulux Made By Me Blackboard Paint

Dulux Made by Me Blackboard Paint

A traditional blackboard paint designed with personalisation in mind, Dulux Blackboard Paint is ‘Made for Me’, or rather, you. It is suitable for wood, metal, or interior walls and is:

  • A smooth, non-reflective black finish
  • Tough, durable, and easy to clean
  • Perfect for playrooms or shopping lists

Blackboard paint
Ronseal Blackboard Paint

Ronseal Blackboard Paint – One Coat

A one coating application with no need for primer, Ronseal Blackboard Paint does exactly what it says on the tin. It is good for creating new blackboards or rejuvenating old ones, and is:

  • Suitable for wood, MDF and interior walls
  • Tough and durable and easy to wipe clean
  • Matt black finish

chalkboard paint
Rustoleum Chalkboard Paint

Rustoleum Chalkboard Paint

A quick drying formulation, Rustoleum Chalkboard Paint is perfect for chalks and liquid chalk markers and is uniquely suitable for interior and exterior use. It is also:

  • Suitable for metal, wood, plastic, hardboard, glass or paperboard
  • A tough, scratch resistant finish
  • Touch dry in in 30-60 minutes

Blackboard paint
Rustin’s Blackboard Paint

Rustin’s Quick Dry Blackboard Black

Rustin’s has long been a DIY go-to, and their Blackboard Black is a high-rated product suitable for interior and exterior use. It is:

  • Quick-drying, low odour acrylic formulation
  • A dense matt black
  • Non reflective for blackboards and photographic work