British Coatings Federation protects the interest of the local coatings market

The British Coatings Federation (BCF) is an organisation based on the UK Trade Association which primarily provides interest protection and promotional activities for its members. It represents a large group of English manufacturers and fabricators of industrial paints and coatings, print ink and powder coatings.

The BCF represents the interests of 300.000 people employed in the painting industry and £ 2,3 billion of annual revenue (just paint and coatings) which represent an unbelievable 675 million litres of paint.

English coatings industry

To this amount we can also add print ink with £364 million of annual revenue, 114.000 tons of finished products and 39 million wallpaper rolls with a total annual revenue of £140 million. Also the coatings job market is benefitial for the economy of the UK. This makes the paints and coatings industry very important for the United Kingdom.

British Coatings Federation (BCF) key activities

Logo of the British coatings federation

British coatings federation

The BCF aims for:

  • minimisation of production costs
  • systematically simplifies complex regulations and rules
  • supports fair competition between manufacturers
  • helps to promote producers on domestic market and foreign (export) market
  • supports continuous research and innovation of products
  • helps to improve and expand the domestic supply chain
  • helps to raise a new generation of experienced employees

Paints and coatings recycling and waste reduction

Last but not least, the British Coatings Federation and its members created a new system, which allows for the recycling of paints and coatings to dramatically reduce waste. The BCF is always looking to help and support the industry.

British Coatings Federation; Experience, opinions and networking

BCF annually awards prizes for the best performance in different parts of the painting industry during the BCF Awards event. Last year, 130 members participated in the celebration dinner. Besides the award ceremony visitors had a chance to talk about experiences and opinions and to network with colleagues working in the coating, paint and printing ink industry. Also see our overview coating manufacturers in the United Kingdom, feel free to contact us to add yours!