The Best Clear Epoxy Resin for Any Project

How to Use Clear Epoxy Resin for Your Next Project

Everyone nowadays seems to have a clear epoxy resin project that they are planning. Whether it is a river or penny tabletop, resin jewellery, embedded objects (like insects) and paperweights, or as a glossy clear epoxy for art or photography, do not be put off by the apparent trickiness of epoxy resin crafts. Epoxy casting resin kits take the trouble out of the whole process, providing you with simple step-by-step instructions and advice for the experienced and newbies alike.

Below we look at the top epoxy casting resin kits available in the UK, comparing and describing them so you can make the right choice for your project!

Tips and tricks to make the most of your clear epoxy casting resin

Before we dive in to the products, here are some important things to remember when using clear epoxy coating resin.

  1. Always do a trial run – don’t just dive straight on in unless you are experienced enough with the product to understand exactly how to mix and apply it.
  2. Make sure that all your equipment is clean – dust and other contaminants will muddy your epoxy, damaging that clear shine.
  3. Mix thoroughly without whipping! Introducing air bubbles into the epoxy will make more work later when you have to make sure they are all removed from the final finish.
  4. Do not leave the epoxy in the mixing container while you go to make a cuppa – it sets very quickly and you may come back to a solid unusable lump.

The top 6 products for clear epoxy resin UK

Whether you are look for an easy, non-toxic epoxy resin for tables or a more heavy-duty scratch proof sealant, there is a casting resin below for your needs.

Clear epoxy resin
ArtResin Clear Epoxy Resin

Clear Non-toxic ArtResin Epoxy Resin

A very easy to use clear epoxy for art from ArtResin, designed for craft projects, artworks, woodworking and so much more. This clear, glossy resin is:

  • High gloss and self-leveling – So long as you have a level surface and leave your work flat, in 24 hours the epoxy will cure to form an even, glossy surface.
  • Non-hazardous and non-toxic – When used as directed, ArtResin is considered non-hazardous and non-toxic as it has no VOCs or solvents. It is even food safe once cured!
  • UV stabilised and non-yellowing – ArtResin is treated to protect against cracking, chalking, de-lamination, de-glossing and yellowing.

Clear Epoxy Resin
MasterCast 1-2-1 Clear Resin

MasterCast 1-2-1 Clear Artwork and Casting Resin

A two component epoxy resin particularly suited to resin art, the MasterCast 1-2-1 is a clear, high gloss, and self-leveling product that is:

  • Non-yellowing, high build, and shrink proof – for clear and shiny art protection that won’t distort over time
  • Non-toxic and odour free – Though you’ll still need protective gloves, goggles and work in a ventilated space, MasterCast is solvent free so does not have the overwhelming odour of other epoxies.
  • Suitable for protection and decoration of canvas, wood, MDF, glass, perspex, concrete, and metal

Clear epoxy resin
Gedeo Crystal Resin

Gedeo Crystal Resin – Perfect for Moulding and Casting

Another clear epoxy resin with a multitude of applications, this two component epoxy perfectly imitates glass paste when used in moulding, or can be used as a laminate. It is:

  • Clear and glossy – An incredibly transparent finish perfectly imitates the look of glass
  • Easy to use – The simple 2:1 mixing ratio of resin and hardener takes the calculations out of finding the right consistency. The ratio works whether you are varnishing or casting with the resin!
  • Fast-drying and shrink proof – Drying time of 12 hours for hours for surface and 24 hours to the centre, with no shrinking

Clear epoxy resin
East Coast Resin Crystal Clear

East Coast Resin Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin – Ideal for Sealing

A clear epoxy coating resin for tabletops, wood, veneer, metal, stone, and many other surfaces, East Coast Resin’s Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin is the height of simplicity for those sealing and protective coats. It is:

  • Super gloss and self-leveling – The 100% solids formula provides a glass-like clear finish with a high build
  • Easy 1:1 mixing ratio – Simple to prepare and applied in two coats; a seal coat and flood coat, for the glossiest finish
  • Yellowing resistant and water resistant – Whatever you seal will be protected and preserved. It is not 100% UV resistant however, so avoid applying it to items that see a lot of sun.

Clear epoxy resin
Resin4Decor Epoxy Resin

Resin4Decor Low Viscosity Clear Epoxy Resin – The Perfect Clear Coat

If you are looking for a easy pour resin for adding a glossy coating layer to your artworks, photos, or other creative projects, then Resin4Decor Clear Epoxy Resin is what you are after. It is:

  • Clear, glossy, and self-leveling – Your artworks or photographs will glisten through the years beneath this non-yellowing and shrink proof clear epoxy resin
  • Non-toxic and non flammable – With a low odour and low viscosity, this product is easy, safe, and fun to use
  • Fast-curing with a 12 hour cure time – Specially formulated for providing the perfect clear coat

Clear epoxy resin
Casting King Supaclear

Casting King SUPACLEAR Casting Resin – The Most Heavy Duty

For a bit of a curve ball, our last product is not an epoxy, but a polyester resin. It works just like an epoxy resin in that it involves the mixing of a resin and catalyst, but it is less user friendly. However, it is:

  • Super clear and hard – This resin cures clear as water, hard as glass, only without the latter’s propensity to crack and fracture
  • Perfect for casting – Can be used for ornaments, jewellery, paperweights, embedded objects such as flowers or insects, and more
  • Not for children – This resin has a strong odour and needs to be used in a well-ventilated area like a workshop or garage

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