Grey paint can be warm, cool, tinted, moody, light and so much more
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Where to Buy Powder Coating Powders in the UK

Know before you buy - types, properties, and powder coating powder suppliers Powder coating is not just the coating used to hot-up vehicles. It is a highly protective coating method that is used to protect substrates from corrosion, chemicals,…
Yellow Powder coating sprayed on a metal substrate

The Powder Coating Guide - From Start to Finished

Powder coating: What, why, where Every day you come into contact with powder coating, whether on household appliances, cars, bicycles or electronic products. This reason powder coating is on thousands of products is simple: it is extremely…
powder coating cost
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Powder Coating Prices UK

Find your local powder coaters with our complete interactive map! Here's what you can expect from powder coating prices UK Powder coating is used for projects as far ranging as garden gates and bike frames to pipelines and industrial machinery.…
Clear epoxy resin
Environmentally friendly powder coating

Powder Coating - the Eco-Friendly Option

Learn about the environmental benefits of powder coating and the products and manufacturers working to make powder coating greener still.
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Copper paint
real life powder coating samples - sage Manchester

Order Powder Coating Samples in the UK

Ordering free powder coating samples - finishes & colour charts With such a wide range of possible options, choosing a powder coating finish for a project can seem overwhelming. The information you need before you order your powder coating…
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Cupboard paint
powder coating process step - curing

Powder Coating Process Guide: Application Methods

How it's done - the powder coating process 101 Powder coating is a versatile and high performance coating, not just in durability and protective properties, but also in application methods. Whatever the part that needs to be coated, there is…
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Floorboard paint is the wood floor paint for your home
detecting powder coating defects and causes in black fence

Powder Coating Defects and Causes - Troubleshooting Guide

Recognise powder coating defects and causes to minimise damage Coating failures happen. When they do, it is important to trace the cause of the problem as quickly as possible and to remedy it. Powder coating problems can be caused by issues…
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powder coating warrant on industrial cranes

Powder Coating Warranty and Industry Standards

Understanding the powder coating warranty and industry standards When you specify a powder coating there are several considerations you need to make, and standards that you need to understand, in order to avoid the pitfalls of overconfidence.…
powder coating colours presented in a chart and samples

Powder Coating Colours UK

Welcome to the world of powder coating colours Whether we are conscious of it or not, colour has an enormous effect upon us in our daily lives. The colour you choose for your project can be brand-defining (such as Yves Klein's iconic International…
How to remove antifouling without losing your mind

How to Remove Antifouling

The tips and tricks you need to remove antifouling There is no getting round it; removing antifouling is hard, dirty work. But when you pull your boat out of the water to find the antifouling looking rough as guts with excessive layer buildup,…
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Powder coating special effects

Powder Coating Special Effects

Powder coating special effects make your finish pop Powder coating is known for its durable finish and almost limitless colour choices. Manufacturers have their own selection of stock solid colours and most of them offer the complete RAL colour…
The best interior gloss paint for wood
powder coating quality control needed for a blue fence

Powder Coating Quality Control

Powder coating quality is tested at every step of the process Through powder manufacture, application, and coating performance, testing is an important part of ensuring powder coating quality control. Testing by powder manufacturers is important…
Dulux colour chart
spray application by a coater with powder coating certification

Becoming a Powder Coating Approved Applicator

Quality assured with powder coating certification Powder coating is a growing market, with new businesses appearing every day. New businesses and established businesses alike need to find ways to stand out from the crowd in order to survive.…
Farrow and ball colours
Concrete floor with waterproof paint
purple metallic wall paint on a living room wall
Find the best interior wall paint for your prokject
Glow in the dark paints applied on a wall making it art work
Anti slip paint for wood stairs, decking, or floors increases safety without sacrificing looks
Anti mould paint protects your home and your health
yellow wall in need of damp proof paint
concrete look wall paint makes the wall look as it were of concrete

Concrete Effect Wall Paint UK

Concrete effect wall paint creates an industrial look It is not concrete, but it sure looks like it! It is concrete effect wall paint which creates an industrial concrete look on almost any interior wall. A wall paint is not anymore only about…
polyaspartic coating being applied on a concrete floor

Polyaspartic Coating

Fast, reliable, durable protection with polyaspartic coating Polyaspartic coating is the new kid on the block when it comes to polymeric coatings, but it is rapidly gaining in popularity due to its range of attractive and versatile properties.…
anti climb paint on yellow fence
Industrial floor coatings in a garage

Commercial & Industrial Floor Coatings UK

Optimal protection with the right commercial and industrial floor coatings Floor coating serves as thin protective layers on existing floors and as thicker complete flooring systems. The thin layer commercial and industrial floor coatings are…
akzonobel coatings brands uk

AkzoNobel Coating & Paint Brands

AkzoNobel - A success story that began centuries ago AkzoNobel is a Dutch multinational company which produces paints and coatings for markets ranging from aerospace to whitegoods. The current company was formed through the merger of Akzo NV…
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