Colour of the Year 2018

subtle hues for colour of the year 2018

Colour of the year 2018 – from Gentle hues to shades of black

It is time to take a look at the colour of the year 2018: what are the shades and the hues the trend-aware home decorators would die for? There is never just one colour of the year, but many interior paint brands announce their choices for the most wanted, trendiest colour for the coming year. In 2018 all the manufacturers’ picks have something in common: the colours are bold and bright, saturated and strong.

In 2017 the colours of the year resembled each other and clearly belonged to the same blueish category; the best picks included Denim Drift (AkzoNobel), Violet Verbena (PPG) and Shadow (Benjamin Moore). Looking at the best interior paint colours for 2018, they divide into three categories; playfully vibrant tones, beautiful shades of black and gentle hues of strong colours.

Caliente & Oceanside – Bold and Beautiful yet Playful

In 2018 the trend is to use colour in its boldest form: Benjamin Moore has chosen for a vibrant shade of red which fills the space with its charisma and energy. This colour is called Caliente (hot) which perfectly describes its unapologetic appearance and playful feel it creates. The Caliente colour palette includes colours from light but deep shades of red to Elk Horn and Black Beauty.

colours of the year 2018 next to each other

Colour of the year 2018: Caliente (left) and Oceanside (right)

Next to Benjamin Moore’s Caliente, Sherwin Williams’ pick for colour of the year 2018 represents the bold, beautiful and playful feel. Oceanside is strong and energetic like Caliente, but in blue- greenish colour. It is a combination of rich blue and emerald green resulting in welcoming and calming colour which can be used in almost any interior style: it brings the ocean to a mediterranean inspired design but also creates a lively look in more traditional interior design styles. The Oceanside colour palette includes In the Navy and Adrift as blueish colours and surprisingly bold Exuberant Pink and Honey Bees suggesting yellow and red shades being combined with Oceanside.

PPG Black Flame – Black is the new white for walls

Black Flame colour of the year 2018

PPG colour of the year 2018: Black Flame

Black is usually described by the absence of colour but if you look close enough you can see undertones which bring the black paint to life. The colour of the year 2018 by PPG is Black Flame which makes use of deep indigo undertones. The Black flame is a sequel to PPG’s colour of the year 2017, Violet Verbena. Only the 2018 colour goes further to the dark side.

 This statement-making black, infused with an undertone of the deepest indigo, evokes the privacy, hope and classic modernism that many consumers crave today. – PPG Color Experts

The Black Flame can be combined with whites, golden and light red tones to create a luxurious look in any space. It also goes well with leather and velvet interior materials.

AkzoNobel Dulux Heart Wood – Soft in Colour, Strong in Tone

Heart Wood colour of the year 2018 from Dulux

Dulux  Heart Wood

As a total opposite to PPG’s pick, AkzoNobel has announced the Dulux colour of the year Heart Wood, which is a soft but saturated warm tone to be combined with soft shades from blue and purple to brown, grey and whites. Heart Wood is ideal for creating an effect wall that glows cozyness and home-feeling. It is also applicable on ceilings to bring warmth to interiors. You can also cover all the walls in heartwood and let the cozy colour emphasize the furniture and other element

A sneak peek into what’s coming in 2019

As 2018 is all about bold and saturated colours, 2019 is projected to go a step further with even brighter colours in even bolder combinations from the interior paint manufacturers. The predictions for colour of the year 2019 outline five possible themes; fantasia, tropical, jungle and technology combined with core colours resembling the vibrant colour schemes of 2018. The forecasts for 2019 are motivated by the life and expectations of today: technology has an ever growing role in our lives, the nature and its versatility are inspiring the human kind and fantasia brings the dreams and the unknown into our livingrooms. We at are already awaiting and curious for the years and colours to come.

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