Three lamps with copper coating

Copper Coating for protection, conductivity & decoration

Copper coating is done by electroplating and therefore also known as copper plating. It is widely used in industrial application for example in the offshore, electronics and general manufacturing industries. More specifically, copper coatings are applied on threaded connections, couplings, risers, and alloy drill pipes.

In this article you will learn the advantages of copper coating, get to know industrial copper plating companies and discover a couple of products for copper electroplating at home.

3 uses of copper coating

Copper plating is good for three purposes; it can be applied as:

  1. Electrical conductor;
  2. Base metal for nickel, chrome, acid copper, zinc and tin plating;
  3. Corrosion inhibitor
  4. Decorative finish.

Advantages of copper coating

The popularity of copper electroplating is easily explained by its many beneficial properties; copper as a metal is very ductile and extremely conductive; it additionally provides protection from corrosion on ferrous metals. The advantages for industrial applications include:

patina on roof where copper plating has been applied

When copper oxidises, its appearance changes completely.

  • Throwing powder
  • Electrical conductivity
  • High efficiency (cost and application)

Copper also fills imperfections on other metals and well accepts other coatings and platings. Therefore, it is also suitable as under-plating.

Copper is also a very decorative metal with its reddish colour. Copper plating can be applied as a bright, shiny finish or as a matt coat depending on the preferences. Therefore, copper plating is also common in architecture and design sectors. The copper coating should, however, always be sealed if the looks are wished to be retained. Copper tends to tarnish and form greenish patina on the surface when oxidising.

Copper coating services in the UK

The following companies provide decorative and industrial copper plating services throughout the UK. Note that these companies do not specialise in coating small items in small volumes (such as jewelry) but rather focus on large objects and small items in large volumes (such as fasteners).

E.C. Williams Specialist Electroplater; industrial copper coatingSpencer Street Birmingham B 18 6DN
Jackson Plating Ltd; industrial copper platingFairfields Road, Hounslow, Middlesex TW3 1UZ
NiTEC; industrial copper coatingHardwick View Road, Holmewood, Chesterfield S42 5SA
Premier Plating Works Ltd; industrial and decorative copper coatingShernhall Street, Walthamstow, London E17 9HP
Coppertec; decorative copper platingHardwick View Road, Chesterfield S42 5SA

Please contact us if you have any further requests regarding industrial copper coating. We are happy to help you out!

For the DIY copper coating

Copper plating is usually an industrial process, however, it is also possible to do it yourself. If you wish to create a copper coating at home, you can either purchase all the equipment yourself or simply get a copper plating kit which include all you need for copper plating at home. No matter if you are a restorer or just wish to try out copper plating, always read the safety instructions provided in the copper plating kit. The process involves hazardous chemicals!

Here you will find several copper coating kits that are available in the UK.

Classic Plating; Alkaline/Flash Copper Brush Plating Kit£40.00
Gateros Plating; Bright Copper Plating Kit£60.00