The Best Metallic Copper Paint for All Your Project Needs

Copper is finally having its time in the sun, pushing the traditional gold and silver aside to take over in the design and interior world. Copper is warm, glamorous, and can be matched with any scheme. But rather than racing to your nearest homewares store to pick out the latest copper accessories, you can take a copper paint and turn something old and tired into something cheery and fashionable.

Below we look at easy-to-use copper spray paints from a range of brands and further down we look at copper paint for metal only projects. Whatever you want to give a spruce, these paints have you covered. For a look at how to use a copper paint for walls, head to our metallic paint guide.

The top Copper Spray Paints in the UK

Copper paint
Plasti-kote Metallic Spray – Copper
copper spray paint
Rustoleum Metallic Brilliant Finish – Copper
Copper paint
Kobra Aerosol Spray Paint – Copper
Copper spray paint
Plasti-Kote Brilliant Metallic Spray – Copper
Copper paint
Rust-Oleum Spray Paint Copper

Giving an old piece of furniture or an accessory a makeover with copper spray paint could not be easier. Make sure the surface is clean of grease, dust, and dirt, clap on a protective face mask, and away you go. So simple, and yet so effective.

In no time a sad old garden set can become renewed, that ugly vase you have kept out of habit can become something you actually enjoy, or you can update planters, light fittings, or wall decorations to a warm, cheery new colour.

Copper paint
Hammerite Metal Paint – Hammered Copper

Copper paint for metal – The Hammerite Range

If you have a metal fence, fire grate, or other metal surface that you want to transform, a copper paint for metal is the way to go. Hammerite is the name in metal finishes, and has a range of coatings in a copper colour.

‘Hammered Copper’ (pictured) provides a finish with a hammered appearance that is smooth to the touch, or there is the Smooth Copper finish which is glossy and even. One of the benefits of the Hammerite is their ‘Direct to Rust’ formulation, but also the fact that it can be used for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics, and wood.