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Protect your home with damp proof paint

Damp is the curse of many houses in the UK; the humid climate is not the least of reasons for it. Taking care of damp problems is crucial due to the fact that when prolonged, it can result in mould in the house, which is a more serious problem. Fortunately, applying damp proof paint helps prevent and overcome the problem. It, nonetheless, is not the only measure to take; there is more to it. Damp proof paint is an option to protect your house from damp only after identifying and eliminating the cause to the best extent possible.

Here we’ll take a look at the usefulness of anti damp paints, and the best products and application methods for interior and exterior damp proofing.

Damp proof paint is worth the money

Anti damp paint is a coating that divides opinion, one says it does the job and another finds it nonsense. So, does damp proof paint really work? The answer is yes, in combination with other damp proofing measures and proper application. The most common reasons for anti damp paint failure are poor preparation and application as well as not eliminating the cause of damp.  

If the surface is prepared and coating applied according to the manufacturer’s instruction the damp proofing effect will come to exist. However, the damp free surface will not last long if the original cause is not identified and taken care of. This counts for both; interior and exterior surfaces.

Seal interior walls with damp proof paint

a damp proof paint from Blackfriar, Interior Seal Damp

Blackfriar Interior Seal Damp

Most commonly the interior anti damp paints are applied in kitchens and bathrooms where the chance for damp is the highest. They however, are also suitable for interior walls (and ceilings) which have had damp damage; given that the cause of the problem no longer exists. If you however, think that the wall does not need an anti damp paint, you can also just cover the damage with stain block coating.

Most interior damp proofing paints are applicable by home decorators; they require some knowledge on painting but nothing too complicated. The job is easy if you stick to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Interior anti damp paint products in the UK

For example the following products are suitable for damp proofing in your house. These are rather easy to apply systems and available throughout the UK.

Coo-VarAnti-Damp PaintDamp interior walls and ceilings; efflorescence resistant.£ 25.009 sq m
BlackfriarInterior Seal DampPlaster, brick and cement (not for wood)£ 18.00 per L12 sq m
Rust-Oleum DurbocemDamp surfaces (inner and outer walls)£ 11.002 sq m
Ever Build Black Jack damp proof membraneInner and outer walls£ 5.006 sq m
Rawlins Paints1902 Anti Damp PaintDamp interior walls and ceilings£ 14.00 per 1 L8 sq m

Tip: If your wall has suffered from damp for a long period of time, you can apply a mould cleaning solution prior to anti damp paint, to make sure no mould or fungi will appear.

Exterior damp proof paint prevents and protects

PermaGard PermaSeal damp proof paint

PermaGard PermaSeal damp proof paint

Damp proofing exterior walls is little more complex than interior walls; you must carefully choose the product you apply.  The most common paints used for exterior damp proofing are masonry paints, however they are more suitable for preventing damp than actually fixing damage.

A word of warning: If the exterior wall has damp damage, and it is not dry when applying waterproof masonry paint, the moisture will either show on your interior walls; or be trapped in the wall structures causing further problems. In case your wall has extensive damp damage, the best is to let an expert take a look at it and determine the best approach to solving the problem.

Exterior damp proofing coating products

The following products are available for consumers; but advised to be let applied by a damp proofing specialist.

WatcoWaterproof Coating against damp£ 4.00 per 1 Kg0.4 sq m (1 Kg)
PermaGardPermaSeal Damp proof paint£ 12.00 per L0.5 sq m (1 L)

Anti damp paint contractors for the best result across the UK

The best exterior damp proof paints are usually not suitable for amateur application, therefore; we have collected a list of contractors in the UK, to help you out.

LondonDamcure – Woodcure/ 3041 Merton Road, Watford, Hertfordshire, WD18 OWJ
LondonLondon Damp Company247 Balham high Road London SW17 7BE
LiverpoolPeter Cox209 Century Buildings, Brunswick Business Park, Liverpool, L3 4BL
LiverpoolAbbey Damp Proofing120 Mill Lane, Liverpool, Merseyside, L13 4AH
CardiffCrown Damp Proofing Co43. Victoria Park Road West, Gardiff, South Glamorgan, CF5 1FA
LeadsAvant CoatingsMetro House, Pepper Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS10 2RU

If you are curious for more anti damp paints or contractions in the UK, all you need to do is send us a message. Our paint experts are happy to help you find a product or contractor. 

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