Damp Proof Paint & Anti Condensation Paint

Protect your home from moisture with damp proof paint

Damp is the scourge of hundreds of thousands of houses in the UK. Taking care of damp problems is important for the building and its occupants – when left untouched, damp will lead to deterioration, paint flaking, plaster crumbling, wood rotting, and the growth of unsightly and unhealthy mould. Fortunately, there is a simple and readily available solution in damp proof paint (also called anti damp paint or damp proofing paint). Damp and condensation are often confused, and it is best to make sure you know the source of the moisture.

In this article we outline 5 of the best damp proof paint and anti condensation paint products available on the local market. Further on we’ll take a look at the usefulness of anti damp paints, their application methods for interior and exterior damp proofing, and some more of the products and contractors in the UK – you can go directly to the article.

5 of the best damp proof paints in the UK

Firstly, is your problem an issue with damp or condensation?

If the problem is condensation, it is caused by poor ventilation in high humidity areas like kitchens, bathrooms, or laundries. Products like Rempro’s Thermal Anti Condensation Paint, HQC Anti Damp Paint or the Anti Condensation Paint from Ronseal are perfect for these situations as they insulate the surface to prevent condensation.

If the problem is simply damp, a product such as Ronseal’s Damp Seal or Johnstone’s Paint to Cover Damp both work to prevent the ingress of damp from the substrate, which would cause stains, peeling, and seepage. Always uncover and treat the initial source of damp if you want to treat it effectively.

Damp proof paint
HQC Anti Damp Paint (Magnolia pictured)
Damp proof paint
Rempro Anti Condensation Thermal Paint
anti damp paint
Ronseal One Coat Damp Seal Basecoat
anti damp paint
Johnstone’s Paint to Cover Damp
anti condensation paint
Ronseal Anti Condensation Paint

Damp proof paint: does it work?

When choosing and applying a damp proof paint it is important to know exactly what causes the moisture you are trying to combat. Anti condensation paint is a coating designed to combat condensation, where damp proof paint is for damp. So what is the difference between the two?

  1. Anti condensation paint
    Condensation is a problem in buildings with poor ventilation, where humidity builds and cannot escape. Kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, dining rooms, and other spaces where steam or people gather can be prone to condensation, particularly in the winter months where opening the window becomes deeply unappealing. If installing ventilation is not an option, an anti condensation paint may be the way forward – they prevent condensation, mould, peeling and discolouration.
  2. Damp proof paint
    Also known as anti damp paint, damp seal paint, and damp proofing paint, damp proof paint is used to protect against moisture from the surface, or from the space. Basements, cellars, and garages are all examples of spaces where a damp proof paint is particularly useful. IT is a protective barrier which prevents the penetration of moisture.

The most common reason for a failure with a damp proof paint is because the cause of the damp itself is left untreated. All the paint in the world will not protect your property from rising damp or a leaking roof. If these are identified as the causes of your damp problem, do not simply put a coating on it and consider it fixed. For long-lasting protection, you need to solve the damp problem first.

Damp proofing paint for internal walls

The most common interior spaces for a damp problem are kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, cellars, basements, and garages. Choosing the right paint for these spaces means identifying the source of the damp, and choosing a product accordingly. There are a range of damp proof paints for internal walls and ceilings, and just because it is practical does not mean it is ugly. For basements and cellars a watertight coating may be the best option, and for surfaces damaged by moisture you can cover the damage with stain block coating.

Damp proof paint for internal walls – products

The following products are suitable for damp proofing and anti condensation protection in your house. These are easy to apply systems, and are available throughout the UK.

Coo-VarAnti-Damp PaintDamp interior walls and ceilings; efflorescence resistant.£ 25.009 sq m
BlackfriarInterior Seal DampPlaster, brick and cement (not for wood)£ 18.00 per L12 sq m
Rust-Oleum DurbocemDamp surfaces (inner and outer walls)£ 11.002 sq m
Ever Build Black Jack damp proof membraneInner and outer walls£ 5.006 sq m
Rawlins Paints1902 Anti Damp PaintDamp interior walls and ceilings£ 14.00 per 1 L8 sq m

Tip: If your wall has suffered from damp for a long period of time, you should apply a mould cleaning solution prior to anti damp paint, to make sure no mould or fungi will appear. There are also mould proof paints which contain fungicides to combat mould in moisture-prone areas.

Exterior damp proof paint prevents and protects

Damp proofing exterior walls is a little more complex than interior walls, but the same rule applies: you must carefully choose the product you apply. The most common paints used for exterior damp proofing are masonry paints with special weather proof properties, however they are used to prevent damp rather than fixing damage. Anti condensation paint is not suitable for exterior walls, and you should be careful that the coating you apply is breathable – you do not want trapped moisture to build in pressure and cause further problems.

Damp proofing paint for exterior walls – products

The following products are available for consumers, though of course it is always advised to seek expert help.

WatcoWaterproof Coating against damp£ 4.00 per 1 Kg0.4 sq m (1 Kg)
PermaGardPermaSeal Damp proof paint£ 12.00 per L0.5 sq m (1 L)

Anti damp paint contractors for the best result across the UK

The best exterior damp proof paints are usually not suitable for amateur application, so we have collected a list of contractors in the UK to help you out in your hunt for the damp-free life.

LondonDamcure – Woodcure/ 3041 Merton Road, Watford, Hertfordshire, WD18 OWJ
LondonLondon Damp Company247 Balham high Road London SW17 7BE
LiverpoolPeter Cox209 Century Buildings, Brunswick Business Park, Liverpool, L3 4BL
LiverpoolAbbey Damp Proofing120 Mill Lane, Liverpool, Merseyside, L13 4AH
CardiffCrown Damp Proofing Co43. Victoria Park Road West, Gardiff, South Glamorgan, CF5 1FA
LeadsAvant CoatingsMetro House, Pepper Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS10 2RU

If you are after more information about anti damp paints or contractions in the UK, all you need to do is send us a message. Our paint experts are happy to help you find a product or contractor. 

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