DPBR coating protects against beer spills

Adidas has the answer for Oktoberfest: DPBR coating

The weather is chilling and so is the beer; Oktoberfest is on its way, and just in time Adidas has released the perfect shoe to go with your stein. The new München “Oktoberfest” sneaker comes with a secret weapon, a special DPBR coating (durable puke and beer repellent) to protect the shoe from every liquid it might encounter in a beer hall, all for € 199.95 (about £180). And Adidas does not stop there, the sneaker also:

  • has red and white micro-check inner lining to match the Oktoberfest tablecloths
  • is made of high quality leather with decorative embroidery (like lederhosen!)
  • Prost (cheers) is lettered down the side

The shoe is not just beer- and puke-proof, it is waterproof too. But what is the coating Adidas has used to create this beer-lover’s dream?

How DPBR coating and nanotechnology save the day

Adidas is being understandably tight-lipped about the exact composition of their DPBR coating. However, we have enough information to make an educated guess about what coating is protecting the sneakers from beer and festival shenanigans. What we know points to the coating being a type of nano coating

Nano coatings are coatings which work at the nanoscopic scale to provide an impenetrable barrier over a surface. If the Adidas sneaker is using nano coating, it’s likely a formula with one of the following ingredients:

  • Silicon dioxide: this is actually the compound found in glass, but when used at a nanoscopic level it bonds perfectly to the surface it is coating, becoming an incredibly powerful waterproofing agent. A nano coating with this property is called  hydrophobic (water repelling).
  • Titanium dioxide: used in products described as “self-cleaning”, this material is not just waterproof but also durable. It can suffer far more wear and tear than other nano coatings and still perform. It repels not only water but also oil, so is called oleophobic (oil repelling).

Whatever nano coating the DPBR coating is, it is a relief that we can finally enjoy Oktoberfest without having to bring home puke on our shoes at the end of the night.