Find the Right Colour with the Dulux Colour Chart

Thousands of colours and counting – the Dulux colour chart UK

Dulux and their dog have been beloved in the UK for decades. And it isn’t all because of the fluffy paintwork nightmare – Dulux provides quality paints for every surface, interior and exterior. Another reason for their popularity is the extensiveness of the Dulux colour chart. With thousands of colours in their portfolio, Dulux can guarantee that they will have the colour you are after.

5 of the top-selling Dulux paint colours

Thousands of colours is a lot to choose from, so here’s a look at what others are buying. These subtle shades are suited for any space, with gentle tones of green, cream, and pebble as well as the brighter Berry Smoothie and Baby Blue. All the colours needed, maybe, for a nursery.

Explore the colour range further by following the links, or read on below for a look at Dulux colour range palettes and how to use them.

Dulux colour chart
Dulux ‘Berry Smoothie’
Dulux colour chart
Dulux ‘Polished Pebble’
Dulux colour chart
Dulux ‘Willow Tree’
Dulux colour chart
Dulux ‘Summer Linen’
Dulux colour chart
Dulux ‘Blue Babe’

Explore the Dulux paint colour range

With so many colours available, the Dulux paint catalogue can be overwhelming. To make selection easier, Dulux has a number of visualising apps for download that allow you to peruse the colour range in the comfort of the home you are planning to paint. The Dulux Visualizer is an app which uses augmented reality to apply the Dulux colour range, live, to your very own walls. You simply choose from the 1200 colours in the catalogue and go – you can even save it as a photo or video if you find the right one.

Below is the Dulux Visualizer App demonstration – see how easy it can be!

The importance of paint testers – Know the light

Even with the visualisation app, testing paint colours will give you a far clearer vision for how the paint will behave on your walls. It will also allow you to see how it responds to light across the day, how your own lighting will affect it, how it looks dry, and how it interacts with the other colours you might be thinking about choosing. Dulux sells handy 30mL roller testers, perfectly sized for wall swatches.

Light in north-facing rooms is cooler and flatter than other rooms, and this will make them appear colder and darker. South facing rooms are light-filled and can take any colour you throw at them, but rooms with morning light work well with green and blue tones. Take a look at our guide to grey for more ideas based on room light.

Dulux colour palettes for 2019

Dulux’s Colour of the Year 2019 is the delightfully warm and golden Spiced Honey.  The theme of their colour palettes is “Let the light in” – calming, nourishing, stimulating, and energizing colours to “create a space which reflects a sense of awakening and embraces our new spirit of positivity”. The four palettes are Think, Dream, Love and Act, each with the suitable colour collection to inspire those effects. Each palette has the Colour of Year at its heart, then builds upon that foundation with a different collection of colours.

The colour palettes provide a theme for every room. The Think palette is filled with gentle, earthy honeys and cinnamons, inspiring calm and quiet warmth. Dream spaces are soothing, with neutral pastels to encourage imagination and focus, perfect for workspaces. Love is for shared spaces, bringing people together with deep reds and rich earthy hues of green and blue. The final palette, Act, is a dynamic palette to energise, with vibrant tones of yellow, orange, blue and red.

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