Fungi Shield Anti Bacterial Paint

Blackfriar Fungi Shield anti bacterial paint in a bathroom

Blackfriar Fungi Shield anti bacterial paint keeps interior surfaces mould free

Are you worried about humidity in your house? And the potential fungi problems they may bring along? You can now protect the surfaces at risk of mould and bacteria with Blackfriar Fungi Shield anti bacterial paint. This wall and ceiling paint is water based but contains fungicides which prevent mould, mildew, algae and fungi from growing on the humid surfaces which would otherwise be ideal for them to grow on.

Fungi-Shield anti bacterial paint is an easy and fast way to prevent any mould or fungi from getting a foothold on your walls. The product is an ideal anti bacterial bathroom or kitchen paint. Note however, that it is not suitable for underground areas such as cellars and basements.

Fungi-Shield is the product you have been looking for if…

  • … Your bathroom or kitchen is susceptible for fungi and bacteria as a result of humidity.
  • … You require a quick drying, decorative paint for humid interior surfaces such as wall and ceilings.
  • … You have removed mould and fungi and want to make sure it never comes back.

Applying Fungi Shield anti bacterial paint

If you decide to apply Fungi Shield anti mould paint, make sure you are well prepared and that you prepare the area and surface well. As any anti fungal paint, also Fungi Shield is dependent on thorough surface preparation.

Fungi Shield anti bacterial paint

Blackfriar Fungi Shield Anti Bacterial Paint | £15.00 per litre (RRP)

Surface preparation:
Start preparing the surface sor Fungi-Shield anti mould paint by removing all loose and flaking material such as rust, mould, dirt and grease. If you needed to remove any organic growth (fungi, mould or algae) treat the exposed areas with Blackfriar Fungicidal Wash. Fill any cracks and gaps to achieve a smooth surface. Apply Blackfriar Problem Solving Primer to the surface and let it dry according to label. If any copper pipes could be exposed to the paint, they must be taped.

Paint application:
Use a brush, roller or spray to apply the first coat of Fungi Shield anti bacterial paint. If you are working on an absorbent substrate, you can thin the first coat with water. Let the first coat dry for 4 hours, and apply the second and final coat. One litre of Fungi Shield anti mould paint is enough to cover 11-13m² depending on the smoothness of the substrate. The paint layer is touch dry in 1 to 2 hours and sufficiently hardened in 4 hours.

Related products

The following products are recommended to use before applying Fungi Shield, to optimise its bacteria and fungi preventing function.

  • Concentrated Fungicidal Wash | to protect against fungal and algal growth on the surface
  • Anti-Mould Solution | to protect against fungal and algal growth on the surface
  • Problem Solving Primer | to create a smooth, stain free substrate for Fungi-Shield
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