Garage Floor Paint for Concrete & Stone

Garage floor paint – looks and protection

You garage floor cops a lot of abuse – hot tyres, oil, grease spills, abrasion, solvents, heavy mechanical loads and neglect all add up to affect the surface durability. The aging of the floor can be slowed down and maintenance postponed by applying garage floor paint, which not only protects the surface but also improves its appearance.

In this article you will find the best reviewed garage floor paints, prices and a list of contractors in the UK who apply industrial garage floor coatings.

5 of the best garage floor paints in the UK

For a look at our overview of garage floor paints, skip on ahead. Below are 5 of the top garage floor paints available in the UK. The Everbuild Floor Paint is an alkyd based formula designed to give a clean, hardwearing finish, while Blackfriar Anti Slip is an aggregate finish that is for light industrial and domestic floors. Ronseal Diamond Hard Garage Floor Paint does exactly what is says on the tin – a water-based acrylic which is tough, durable and chemical resistant. Leyland Trade Heavy Duty Floor Paint gives a satin polyurethane alkyd finish, and Johnstone’s Paint for Garage Floors is available in a range of colours and resists hot tyre pick up.

Garage floor paint
Everbuild Floor Paint – Polyurethane
Garage floor paint
Blackfriar Anti Slip Floor Paint – Aggregate
Garage floor paint
Ronseal Hard Garage Floor Paint
Garage floor paint
Leyland Trade Heavy Duty Floor Paint
Garage floor paint
Johnstone’s Paint for Garage Floors

5 benefits of garage floor paint

A rear tire of a red car on garage floor coating.

Garage floor paint results in a smooth finish and is suitable for low to medium traffic areas.

Your garage floor is usually made of either concrete or stone. Despite their apparent impermeability, the surface still needs protection. Coating your garage floor has been proven to be the most durable and cost effective protection method.

The top 5 benefits of coating your garage floor are:

  1. Easy to clean – the coating makes the surface less porous and prevents absorption of oil, petrol and grease
  2. Hides imperfections on the floor
  3. Increases safety by making the floor less slippery
  4. Positively contributes to the atmosphere in the garage
  5. Has a smaller effect on your wallet than other garage floor finishing options

How to choose the right garage floor paint

Straight off the bat, you should never go for a regular interior wall or floor paint. They simply are not durable enough in such a demanding environment as garage. So how do you choose the best garage floor paint? Answer the following questions to set the parameters for your choice:

  1. In what condition is your floor? New, painted, damaged etc.
  2. What is the level of protection needed and from what?
  3. How big is you budget for the complete coating job?

Garage floor paint for home application is commonly either epoxy or polyurethane, though acrylic and alkyd formulations are also available. We’ve divided the floor paint into epoxy/polyurethane and other.

Option #1 | Epoxy or polyurethane

Polyurethane or epoxy garage floor paint is the most durable product that can be applied as DIY job; it is often waterborne and exists as 1 and 2 part systems. The high quality is expressed in the price, with these products usually being at the higher end of the price range. Polyurethane is often used as a topcoat for an epoxy basecoat but can be used on its own.

Tip: Epoxy or polyurethane garage floor coating is for you if you are looking to coat an often used vehicle garage floor and expect high durability from the coating.

Option #2 | Inexpensive garage floor paint for at home

Latex garage floor paints have the best price/quality ratio. Acrylic or alkyd options are durable, and definitely affordable, but they do not have the heavy duty protection of the epoxy or polyurethane options. They are also suitable for garages with high traffic. After proper surface preparation they are applicable on new, damaged and painted concrete garage floors.

Tip: If you wish to paint your low traffic garage floor at the lowest possible cost, masonry paint is an option. For example the products from Albany Quality Paints. Note that it will still require a primer and non-slip additives to be optimal.

Best garage floor paint products in the UK

In the following overview you will find some of the best garage floor paints, including epoxy, for you to apply to your garage floor.

Coo-Var Profloor Heavy Duty2K garage floor paint£110.00 / 5 Kg
Leyland Heavy Duty Floor PaintPolyurethane alkyd resin garage floor coating with satin finish. Reviewed 5/5 at Screwfix£36.00 / 5 L
PPG Nu-Klad SL3 component, solvent free self levelling epoxy industrial garage floor paint£230.00 / 15.24 Kg
Ronseal Diamond Hard Garage Floor PaintFor concrete and stone floors£9.00 / 1 L
Rust-Oleum EpoxyShield Garage Floor Coating Kit2K epoxy garage floor coating, cleaning solution, decoration chips, paint paddle and instruction DVD£78.00 (Kit)
Rust-Oleum EpoxyShield Ultra 5200Waterborne epoxy floor paint for garage floors£55.00 / 5 L
Rust-Oleum Pegakote Floor Paint2K epoxy garage floor coating£44.00 / 4 Kg
Sika Sikafloor Garage2K heavy duty garage floor paint.£83.00 / 6 Kg
Wilko Garage Floor Paint Reviewed 5/5 at Wilko.£25.00 / 2.5 L

If you are seeking any further information regarding the garage floor coating products, share your question with us. Our coating specialists’ expertise is at your disposal.

Garage floor painting contractors in the UK

When the plan is to coat a larger garage, it is wise to let the job done by a garage floor contractor. Here we introduce few. If you would like to be put in touch with a contractor near to you, get in touch! Our coating experts are happy to help. Remember, contractors will need to know:

  • The state of the floor; need for initial preparation
  • The garage floor paint  or coating
  • The size of the area 

This is also the information you should provide the contractor with, prior to receiving a quote. This information helps the contractor to give you an accurate price estimate! In addition, providing the contractor with drawings or photos of your project, further helps them tailor a close to precise quote.

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