The Best Interior Gloss Paint for Wood

5 of the best gloss paints for wood

Though they take up far less visual space than the walls and ceiling, wood surfaces in the home such as trim, skirting boards, doors, door frames, windows, and even furniture are the finishing touch. Getting the paint wrong can take a look from fab to drab.

Below we outline some of the best products available for the wood surfaces in your home. Traditionally, interior wood has been painted with gloss. ‘Interior gloss paint for wood’  is the umbrella term for these wood finishes, even though they also come in lower sheen varieties like satin, eggshell, and even matte.

Remember: No matter the quality of your paint, the best possible finish will only happen with the best preparation. Just a little extra time will go a long way. As with any wood finish, sand, keep it clean and clear of dust, and allow coats to cure before applying the next one.

Gloss Paint for Wood
Dulux Non Drip Gloss Paint
Gloss paint for wood
Dulux Quick Dry Gloss Paint

Dulux – From Non Drip to Quick Dry

Dulux have a range of gloss paint for wood that includes Liquid Gloss (the glossiest gloss that ever glossed), Dulux Once Gloss (a one coat formulation), and Mixing Gloss.

Dulux Non Drip Gloss (pictured) is drip free, while Dulux Quick Dry Gloss (pictured) is low odour and quick drying. Both are self-undercoating, hardwearing, wipeable and suitable for interior and exterior wood and metal.

Gloss paint for wood
Johnstone’s Non Drip Gloss Paint

Johnstone’s Gloss – Solutions for wood and metal

Johnstone’s Paint has an extensive range of gloss paint for wood and metal. From All Purpose Undercoat and Quick Dry Primer to mid sheen gloss paints in Eggshell and Quick Dry Satin, they also have the heavy hitters like One Coat Gloss (which is also self-undercoating), Quick Dry Gloss, and Liquid Gloss.

Johnstone’s Non Drip Gloss (pictured) is tough, durable, self-undercoating and, like it says on the tin, it has a Non Drip formulation that makes it quick and easy to apply. This is especially helpful for vertical surfaces like doors and windows where drips are a constant threat.

Gloss paint for wood
Crown Quick Dry Satin

Crown Paints – Gloss and satin for all

The Crown Paints finishes for wood and metal include Non Drip, Aquaflow (water-based),  Solo One Coat, and Quick Dry, which are all available in both gloss and satin. They also have a Liquid Gloss (mirror finish) and Eggshell (low sheen, only available in white) finish.

Crown Quick Dry Gloss (pictured) is touch dry in as little as an hour. It is easy to apply, tough, and durable. The gloss option is available in a range of colours, while the satin is only available in Pure Brilliant White. The satin is non-yellowing, providing long-lasting whiteness for your surfaces.

Gloss paint for wood
Rustins Small Job Gloss Paint

Rustins – For touch ups and small jobs

Rustins is a homegrown business with a focus on wood finishing products, specialty paints, and decorating sundries. Their gloss products include a range for wood and metal such as black gloss, satin black, white satin, brilliant white gloss, primers, and undercoats.

Rustins Small Jobs Gloss Paint (pictured) is produced specifically for those small jobs that don’t require a full litre of paint. Their 250mL tin will cover about 3m2 and is available in 9 different colours. It is perfectly sized for small touch up jobs or projects like updating a piece of furniture.

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