The Brightest & Best Glow in the Dark Paint UK

Glow in the dark with luminous paint!

Glow in the dark paint takes the night and makes it neon. Paint the dark with all the bubblegum glowing colours you can imagine and create spectacular nighttime landscapes – coat stones in your garden for a luminous garden path, paint stars across the ceiling of a child’s bedroom, create art, and have fun. The sky is the limit with luminous paint. We have gathered together some of the best glow in the dark paints for you to choose from, as well as providing a guide to just what makes luminous paint glow. These products will make any project shine!

Check out our top 5 glow in the dark paints below, or scan ahead for some fun projects you can make with them!

The top 5 Glow in the Dark Paints for all your projects

Whether you are setting up for Halloween, decorating a child’s bedroom, making art, craft, or just or fun, these paints have what you need!

Glow in the dark paint
Rust-Oleum Glow In The Dark Spray Paint
Glow in the dark paint
Rust-Oleum Glow In The Dark Toy Safe Brush on paint
Luminous paint
Premium Professional Glow in the Dark Paint
Luminous paint
SpaceBeams Glow in the Dark Paint “Aurora”
Luminous glow in the dark paint
Brian Clegg Luminous Glow in the Dark Paint

Whatever you want to make glow, there is a paint and a colour for your needs. The Rustoleum Glow in the Dark Paint, both in spray and brush-on form, is a Halloween and craft staple, lighting up a sickly bright green sure to delight any child. Both of these are “charged” by daylight, releasing the energy they absorb once the lights go down.

The Premium Professional Glow Paint glows brighter and longer than other options, with up to 12 hours of luminance. They can be used for arts, crafts, decorating , and come in blue-green, green, blue, orange, pink, yellow, and yellow-green. The SpaceBeams Paint in Aurora Green also glows all night, and can be applied wood, glass, fabric, metal, plastic and more. SpaceBeams includes a membership to a stencil club, for all your stencil decorating needs.

The Brian Clegg Luminous Paint is for projects in paper, card, or fabric, or for painting the stars across a bedroom ceiling. The sky is the limit!

Glow in the dark paint – charge it up and let it glow

Glow in the dark paint comes in a range of neon colours

Glow in the dark paint is usually white in daylight and starts glowing in colours once the lights are switched off.

The secret of glow luminescent paint is in the glow in the dark powder which usually contains minerals or compounds such as silver activated zinc sulfide and strontium aluminate. These compounds ‘phosphoresce’ – they absorb energy during the day or when lit, then they emit that energy in the form of light. How long these substances glow depends on their concentration, as well as:

  • How long they have been exposed to light – the longer the duration of exposure, the more energy absorbed and so, the longer and brighter the paint will glow
  • The age of the paint – these paints will not last forever, and will slowly wear out as time goes on. The best paints will have a lifespan of up to 10 years.

A fluorescent paint works differently – they are also known as ‘black light’ paints because they glow when exposed to different frequencies of light, caused by reflection not re-emittance. They are often used as body paints, and come in a wider range of colours.

Some glow in the dark project ideas

Glow in the dark paint is not just for Halloween. It can add a fun touch to artworks, jewellery, walls, gardens, wherever you want to make glow. Below are a couple of ideas to get you going.

Glow in the dark wall paint

Turn off the lights, and the ordinary walls turn into spectacular works of art!

Everyone has seen, or has a friend who has a glow in the star starscape on their ceiling. But you do not need to limit yourself to the stars! With the range of colours of luminescent paint you can create murals of just about anything. Write your child’s name in light, write messages or quotes for them to see before they fall asleep, sheep for them to count… Imagination is the only limit.

Glow in the dark outdoor paint

Do you have a balcony, garden, or sign that you want to light up? Why not use luminous paint? A path or scattering of glowing rocks, colourful seating logs,  luminescent plant pots, or even glow in the dark ropes illuminating the path can all bring a touch of spooky joy to an outdoor space. Painting signs in glow in the dark paint means you don’t have to remember to turn the lights on as the sun goes down.

Where to find luminous paint UK

BrandProduct DescriptionPrice (RRP)
Rust-OleumChild safe glow in the dark wall and ceiling paint in green glow£64 per litre
Rust-OleumGlow in the dark spray paint aerosol in aqua blue£38 per litre
Paint FactoryLow glow luminous spray paint aerosol in green£15 per litre
Glowtec; StarglowGlow in the dark paint outdoor in aqua blue£99 per litre
Glow Rebel UKLuminous paint for fabrics available in green and blue colours£89 per litre
The Glow CompanyGlow in the dark body paint available in 7 colours£29 per 100 ml
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