Glow in the dark paints applied on a wall making it art work

Give it a glow with luminous paint!

Glow in the dark paint helps you create spectacular effects on almost any surface. Make your home decoration glow, or let light emitting stones lead the way through your garden; the sky’s the limit when it comes to creative uses of glow in the dark paint! To make sure your project will be a success, we gathered all the need-to-know information and some product suggestions for different glow projects.

Glow in the dark paint – charge it up and let it glow

Comparison glow in the dark paint in daylight and in the dark

Glow in the dark paint is usually white in daylight and starts glowing in colours once the lights are switched off.

The secret of glow luminescent paint is in the glow in the dark powder which usually contains phosphors such as silver activated zinc and strontium aluminate. The powder reacts on light by absorbing energy from it. It again releases the energy by emitting light in the dark. Most glow in the dark paints charge up from both natural and artificial light.

The duration of the glow is dependent on factors such as:

  • Type of luminous paint; phosphorescent or fluorescent
  • Duration of exposure to light; longer exposure usually means longer glow
  • Age of the painted surface; the glow fades and duration decreases as the surface gets older.

Many glow in the dark paint manufacturers however, guarantee glow at least for 10 years.

Glow in the dark paint UK availability

BrandProduct DescriptionPrice (RRP)
Rust-OleumChild safe glow in the dark wall and ceiling paint in green glow£64 per litre
Rust-OleumGlow in the dark spray paint aerosol in aqua blue£38 per litre
Paint FactoryLow glow luminous spray paint aerosol in green£15 per litre
Glowtec; StarglowGlow in the dark paint outdoor in aqua blue£99 per litre
Glow Rebel UKLuminous paint for fabrics available in green and blue colours£89 per litre
The Glow CompanyGlow in the dark body paint available in 7 colours£29 per 100 ml

Phosphorescent glow in the dark paints

Originally, glow in the dark paint is phosphorescent, meaning that the glow comes from phosphor powder. It is applicable as decoration and special effect coating but it can also have an important function for example in illuminating exit routes and signs. Some of these coatings can also be used as glow in the dark body paint. The effect certainly makes you stand out!

In daylight the coating appears semi transparent dark white but lights up in the dark. Phosphorescent paint is the longest glowing luminescent coating; it can glow even 12 hours after the exposure has ended. However, the downside is that it is available in a limited range of colours: often only pale green and aqua blue glows are available. Fluorescent glow paints are available in a wider range of glow colours. You can also get them in colours showing in daylight and strengthening in the dark due to the glow.

glow in the dark paint for wall decoration

Rust-Oleum glow in the dark paint for walls; child safe!

Here, you can take a closer look at the fluorescent paint solutions.

Make your walls glow in the dark

Turn off the lights, and the ordinary walls turn into spectacular works of art!

Glow effect on walls is also possible with glow in the dark paints. The two types suitable for such applications are phosphorescent and fluorescent products. There are special wall paints and more general multi-use glow in the dark coatings which are also suitable for walls and ceilings. The glow in the dark wall paint is widely available online.

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