graffiti removal will follow shortly after applying graffiti

Fast graffiti removal returns the value of your property

Graffiti is a nuisance which decreases the value of real estate and may affect the environment negatively. Even though graffiti removal is rather expensive, it is a necessary means to maintain pleasant and safe feeling in city centres and neighbourhoods.

Property owners and councils suffer the most from graffiti, which decreases the value, and the costs caused by graffiti removal. On the other hand graffiti has been proven to have a negative influence on the general atmosphere: graffiti may reduce the perception of safety and it encourages other vandalism. Fortunately, graffiti removal can be carried out on short notice, without damaging the substrate.

Report and remove graffiti as soon as you notice it

The longer the graffiti stays on the surface, the deeper it adheres into it, and the more difficult it becomes to remove it. One piece of graffiti can also work as a magnet for more “art” and soon the surface might be covered in tags and other artistic statements.  Therefore, it is crucial to remove graffiti as soon as it appears. Also remember to report graffiti on your property to the local authorities.

Graffiti removal with one of the 4 efficient ways

As graffiti is an increasing issue in the UK, also the demand for graffiti removal products has experienced growth. Therefore, there are many different product that remove graffiti in the market. These products are suitable for various methods; mainly there are 4 methods that efficiently remove graffiti.

  1. Anti graffiti remover – an organic cleaning substance that gently removes graffiti and traces of other smudges.
    Graffiti removers are usually not allowed to come in contact with water.
    Recommended use: on stone, concrete, timber, limestone and metal (steel) surfaces
  2. Solvents – turpentine and other paint thinner that dissolve the graffiti.
    Be careful using solvents, for they may dissolve the underlying paint as well.
    Recommended use: on hard surfaces
  3. High temperature steam blasting & sodablasting – graffiti removal methods that do not require water.
    These methods should be carried out by a professional graffiti removal company.
    Recommended use: on sensitive surfaces such as stone and glass 
  4. Painting on graffiti – an inexpensive way to get graffiti out of sight.
    Be sure to use good quality paint which covers the graffiti properly for long time.
    Recommended use: on any paintable surface 

You can also let the graffiti damage evaluated by a professional graffiti removal company to be sure the right method is chosen and good work is guaranteed. Many of the removal companies also apply anti graffiti coatings to make the next removal from the same surface easier. In the Uk the most graffiti removal companies and anti graffiti paint applicators are located in London area, although the services are available throughout the country.

Find a graffiti removal company in the UK

Graffiti cleaning is a job that when not done right, may damage the surface and lead to unexpected renovation costs. Therefore, to play it safe, hiring a specialist graffiti cleaning service is a smart move; especially when the surface in question is either large or of sensitive material; or both.

Here below, you can see a small selection of UK companies that remove graffiti and clean facades. Many of these provide services throughout the country.

Graffiti removal companyAddress
Fitz2Kleen George Street Ringway, Coventry, CV12 8EB
UK Graffiti RemovalWildmoor La, Hook RG27 0HL
JJ UK LimitedManston Business Park, Ramsgate, Kent CT12 5FN
Apest EnvironmentalLondon Area